Why the Nami Klima is the Best Scooter of the Year So Far!

I thought that was a kind of like the siren of a cop car so I'm out with what is so far my scooter of the year the Nami Klima um if you're not aware my full review for this scooter is actually up on writer guide's channel the the channel that used to be electric scooter guide I work for them full time but everything I do over here on Arcanine rides is my own independent content isn't affiliated with them at all but they have allowed me to borrow models from the office and review the ones or at least do quick reviews on the ones that I want I will link the original review down in the comments so you can see a deep dive into all the features and everything but I just I really really wanted to show you guys the scooter because it is absolutely mind-blowing how fun this scooter is to ride so there are two things that I think this scooter does better than anything else at the price or in this class of scooter the first is acceleration so I'm not I'm in the highest X mode but there's an additional turbo mode that you turn on by holding this plus button but you have to be moving to to like legitimately turn it on so I'm gonna turn that on now and this has a zero to Thirty time of under five seconds um which puts it on par with scooters two times its price not not even exaggerating I mean there's four four to six thousand dollar scooters that don't accelerate as fast as the scooter it just pulls so hard right like you it's Instant Power it feels like driving an electric car like electric scooters generally kind of have that no lag acceleration but they don't pull the same way cars do except this one does this it's just instant boom you look down and all of a sudden you're at 40 miles an hour surge pulp thing that this does better than any other scooter at the price is the suspension the the cushy flow rebound of this suspension just keeps it so planted on the ground and makes it so comfortable to ride I know scooter manufacturers they like to talk about you know Automotive grade materials and stuff but this has an automotive grade feel it's so confidence inspiring it's so it's just ah it's just pure I don't even have the words to describe how pure it is just it's just pure raw speed and pull and it's got the the the brakes to back it up these Logan brakes feel so good they you know you get a little bit of adjustment when you need it and if you need to lock the wheels up and come Screech into a hall in an emergency like you can do that the other big upside of this clima is that relatively speaking it's it's nice and compact like you can stick this in a car really reasonably I stick it on the back the back seat of my of my Volkswagen Jetta with with no issues and that's the one thing that this does better than the Bernie 2 max which is probably my favorite scooter ever with the clima being a close second as far as like how it actually feels to ride the clima overall as a daily scooter ride and like having the flexibility of the the you know the portability and the ability to fold it up small I think I would pick this over the Bernie 2 max as a scooter to to own and daily the Bernie 2 maxo has the acceleration of the clima but a higher top speed and an even better ride feel go the opposite direction foreign I think a good parallel for this scooter like in the automotive world would be like a Ford GT or or a McLaren where it's like they're not doing anything super luxury uh they're not focused on you know having top of the line technology and an entertainment system and the most amazing sound system and like super uh you know luxury leather seats and that kind of thing they're focused on like this is a sports car this is made to be driven fast this is made to be driven on a track and the claima has that feel this is like what you ride if you're a pure true scooter rider like all you care about is that you have a scooter that is as addicting as possible to ride that makes you want to spend every single second of the day out on it [Music] it's actually comical how fast the scooter is I want to try and get alongside some cars or whatever to to like show you how hard this pulls every time I wrote this when I was testing it and I was I thought that a soft light like this there wasn't a car that could keep up with it like I know people aren't like you know flooring the accelerator they're trying to conserve their gas or whatever but it still is extremely fun to see I think it baffles people a little bit how fast it is I mean I was parked next to a car at the light and it's a good 200 feet behind me already be even better if it wasn't so windy the wind's so bad it can like almost Slow Me Down enough for this corner without having to break oh I also wanted to talk about the geometry and like the the sizing of this scooter because you know it fits in a car but the handlebars are nice and tall like it's very like they thought about taller riders with this you don't have to crouch over the top of these bars at all you can tell it's been made by a by a scooter enthusiast the scooter is made by someone who rides scooters and uh Michael Shaw I believe his name is the uh I believe he's the owner of Nami or like the lead designer or whatever he clearly knows what he's doing it's so refreshing I love that it can also be a really gentle Pleasant scooter when it wants to too you know this throttle style the sine wave controllers that you can in this do you mind this is in the maximum turbo mode I can just ah I can just putt along nicely a nice 10 miles an hour if I need to and then I can you know send it all the way to the floor if I need to the sine wave controller also makes it actually really uh optimal for like racing and stuff the square wave controllers are either on or off and so like getting on the power early in a in a turn like might cause you to spin out with the square wave controller whereas with the sine wave you got control over how much power you're putting down there's definitely like is a really really good scooter for uh kind of track conditions I thought that was a I feel like the siren of a cop car [Music] let's see if we can beat this Audi off the line this is the one that just screamed at us [Music] thank you all right he actually tried cheating I beat him the first 10 feet we're always trying to act all casual about it dude look at me yeah he was inching up I'm not gonna get beat by some electric scooter I mean I I feel like I'd barely been riding everything's already done like 12 and a half miles still two-thirds of the battery remaining [Applause] thank you [Music] foreign trails nah you know like when you have a fast car and the suspension's so nice and it's a nice new modern car and you kind of forget like you lose track of how fast it's going like on the highway if you look down you're like oh crap I'm doing 90 you know that's how this scooter feels I always look down I'm always like what the heck I'm doing 30 miles an hour [Applause] [Music] I don't know desensitized to the to the speed you can get it's a brilliant scooter I've been watching too much British TV who says brilliant thank you

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