Ausom Gallop Review: Power & Performance on a Budget!

this is the awesome Gallup a scooter riding the wave of new Sleek good-looking Fast Fun electric scooters at affordable prices at $1,400 it hits The Sweet Spot between budget and performance with dual 1200 wat Motors a claim top speed of 40 mph and a plethora of useful features longtime scooter experts Titan manufacture this scooter and that's a really good thing they're one of the most reliable manufactures on the planet and have had great experiences with their scooters in typical Titan fashion they've made a solid well built electric scooter with plenty of power Awesome's branding complements this scooter well and I like the orange yellow accent color Choice it's flashy without going over the top so many things that used to be considered special features at this price are just standard on this scooter things like the big Center display key ignition switch xod hydraulic disc brakes twist lock stem latch and removable battery the dimensions and design are well thought out as well with good geometry tall wide handlebars a sizable riding platform and a flat rear tail allowing for a comfortable and natural riding position I was also impressed with the suspension normally scooters at this price have small or overly bouncy suspension but with the gallop you get a good amount of travel without the usual springy Rebound with the off-road pneumatic tires you get a ride that is comfortable and capable on a lot of different terrain I was a little disappointed to see that they went with tubed tires since a pinched tube is the most common way to get a flat tire on a scooter but it does look like it has split rims so a tube chain should be quite a bit easier than it would be with solid r rims looking closer at the cockpit you'll get 25.5 in wide handlebars which aren't the widest I've seen but they offer plenty of control and stability at the highest speeds the grips are also pretty good with a palm rest and some texture they don't rotate around the bars hardly at all despite not locking in place the display is large and easy to read I like that it also shows when you're in dual or single motor mode while having a dedicated button to switch between those modes the buttons are plastic and have a bit of a last gen feel to them but they get the job done the ignition switch is in a unique place it's centered which avoids having to run another wire to the handlebars and it keeps things nice and neat the ignition cover kind of sticks up in front of the display just a bit when you put the key in but it's not overly annoying and you could always cut the cover off if it gets in the way too much my only big complaint with the cockpit is the throttle which is probably my least favorite style it's a vertical thumb throttle which I really don't like on faster scooters my preference is for a horizontal thumb throttle or a trigger throttle this particular style is a bit plasticky and cheap feeling and it flexes when it's fully pressed down I found that after riding for a while I didn't mind it or notice it as much but it is something I'd love to see changed in future versions of the gallop the stem latch is extra beefy and keeps the stem Rock Solid the twist style is simple easy to use and effective just be sure to check it occasionally and retighten it as it will sometimes slowly loosen over time it has a safety pin so you don't have to worry about it ever folding fully down while you're r riding you also get a deck latch to keep the handlebars in place when it's folded takes a second to get used to how it latches but having it hidden under the tail is nice for Aesthetics at about 90 lb you really don't want to be picking up the scooter by the stem when it's folded but with this latch you don't have to worry about the handlebars flopping around while carrying it a removable battery on a dual motor electric scooter that's inexpensive is almost unheard of and it adds the same convenience feature that you get in most electric bikes you can leave your scooter in one place and charge it somewhere else you can buy an extra battery and instantly double your range the three-digit combination lock twists and the deck lid pops up to reveal the battery that can be quickly disconnected and pulled out this is a 52volt 23.2 amp battery which is a really good size it gave me 19.2 Mi of range in my full speed range test meaning that with less aggressive riding you can easily extend your range to 25 or 30 Mi or even more out of the box the Gallup has a smooth manageable acceleration curve that pulls consistently up to the top speeds but you can go into the P settings and crank up the acceleration if you want it to be more aggressive let's jump on the scooter now and dive a little bit deeper into performance now this has a claim top speed of 40 m an hour looks like it's settling in pretty nicely around 35 or 36 and if we ass a couple miles an hour higher than the actual GPS speed like usual it's about a 34 to 35 mph scooter when you know you're cruising in conditions like this I imagine you probably could get it up close to 40 m an hour if you crouched down and you know reduced reduced your profile became as aerodynamic as possible but this is more realistic like cruising speed and the highest uh in the highest mode all right let's see if I can get up to uh up to the 40 mph top speed okay so 37 was the fastest I saw on that straight Crouch down we did have some headwind so I think going the other direction it would probably go faster but as is usually the case with these scooters that are advertised as 40 mph scooters they don't actually go 40 m an hour except with like a Tailwind Crouch down you're usually going to get top speeds of like 35 or 36 with a quote unquote 40 mph scooter you're obviously going to have no issues with uh with hill climbing with a big dual motor scooter like this just riding this thing around you just you're not worried about it at all it just feels so solid and stable feels good quality you know you get decent components on it you get really good speed the suspension feels nice keeps you nice and planted it's not overly bouncy I really like everything about this and I especially like the price point I think 1,400 is a fantastic price for this scooter you know it has the features of like a $5 or $1,600 scooter and you get to save a couple hundred the gallop also handles really well like it was really stable up at the highest speeds but even in these lower speed sections where I'm carving and cruising through the paths it feels quite nimble the hydraulic disc brakes are a great addition to the gallop allowing both small precise speed adjustment and quick full lockup breaking I feel very safe on this scooter also took this for a spin off-road and was quite impressed with it it's not the best suspension ever for off-road riding but it definitely gets the job done it definitely is very very manageable and I don't necessarily feel like I'm like beating the scooter off like it feels very much like it's handling it and I can maintain a pretty consistent 25 to 30 on this dirt without feeling like I'm going to slide out or break loose or anything like that yeah that hled that just fine all that offroading nothing feels loose or wobbly the suspension didn't feel like I was bottoming it out constantly or you know doing any damage to it so yeah overall impressed like most dirt riding you'll be totally fine with this scooter for a quick Roundup of the remaining features you get a low mounted front headlight a rear brake light on the tail and some really decent ambient lighting with yellow accent lights on the sides they illuminate when the headlight is on and they also flash with the turn signals the Gallup has a horn and a set of really solid fenders that offer good Splash protection the scooter is ip54 water resistance rated so you should be fine for at a minimum riding through puddles and riding in light rain overall I think it's really hard to go wrong with this scooter I mean you get everything you'd want and more at the price and I think this model is going to be one that makes a lot of people happy and gives them something to both commute on and also have something to you know zip around on for fun thanks for watching you can check out the awesome Gallup Down Below in the description be sure to get subbed on your way down there for more videos like this and I'll see you in the next one

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