VMAX VX5 E-Scooter Review: Impressive Quality at a Great Price!

it's so relieving when an electric scooter brand sends me a product that is actually impressive and well thought out I love being able to wholeheartedly recommend an electric scooter to you and the Vmax vx5 is a model that makes it easy to do exactly that you may have never heard of Vmax but they aren't new in the electric scooter scene they're Swiss brand that sold their scooters in Europe since 2015 and this year they brought their products over to North America Vmax manufactures their own scooters and has direct control over the quality and features of their product and by cutting out the distributor middleman they can offer high quality scooters at a really great price the vx5 is V Max's 18 mph entry-level model coming in at a fantastic price point especially considering the quality and features of the scooter the LT Edition the smallest battery version starts under $600 Vmax sent me the GT model of the vx5 for review which is the largest battery version and that doubles the LT version's range for just $100 more its design is clean and simple but it's not lacking in small touches that makes the scooter feel high quality the matte black paint finish the pattern deck mat and the neatly routed brake lines it's excellently proportioned for an adult Rider and it feels like it's really made for someone my size with a long spacious riding platform and 40-in Tall handlebars I don't have to crouch or position myself in any weird ways to get comfortable on this scooter the width of the handlebars is also excellent at 21 in which is above average for this class of scooter wider handlebars help with stability and control the simple rigid design means that this thing feels bulletproof and I have no problem taking it off of curbs or hopping it over raised sidewalk sections there's no stem Flex wiggle or wobble in the scooter at all the design also keeps the scooter deceptively light at just under 37 lb the low weight plus simple folding operation makes this incredibly portable especially relative to the quality and performance of the scooter you can fold it up and down in just a few seconds and carry it one-handed when needed it has 8 and 1/2 in air filled tires which are a good balance between comfort and portability with no suspension having the pneumatic tires to help with bumps and impacts is exactly what I like to see these are tubed tires which I was a little disappointed to see because tubless tires are much more flat resistant and punctures can often be fixed with tire sealant rather than swapping the tubes changing a tube on a solid Rim scooter like this can be timec consuming and frustrating so I would have preferred to see tubless tires here make sure to keep your tires inflated properly and that will help a lot with pinch Flats moving up to the cockpit the color Center display is big and bright and easy to read in direct sunlight with a cool little circle battery bar plus your current speed odometer and riding mode this is everything you would expect to see in a display the grips are comfortable and have a nice palmrest but they do spin around the bars a bit you can lock them in place by spraying the inside with some hairspray or you can just swap them out for some locking grips really easily I'm a big fan of the throttle it's one of the smoothest thumb throttles I've used and it has a bit more spring tension than other throttles making it feel really tight and precise as a result you get a lot of control over acceleration the two buttons next to the throttle control the light and turn the scooter on and off the power button also changes the riding mode between Eco and Sport with just a single click triple clicking turns cruise control capabilities on and off four clicks switches the scooter from kickart to zero start and five clicks unlocks the top speed mode and changes the outof the-box top speed of 15.5 mph up to to the 18 mph top speed these settings can also all be changed via vax's phone app first off I love that all the main settings can be changed on the scooter itself and I don't have to use the app if I don't want to I typically dislike using apps to change the settings for an electric scooter for the first time ever I had a seamless actually pleasant experience with this app I literally downloaded the app connected the scooter changed all the settings I wanted and was ready to ride in less than a minute no logging in no complicated setup or tutorial literally literally just connect the scooter and you're in you can change the riding mode turn the light on and off swap from kilometer to miles and turn on zero start I love having zero start as an option as it eliminates the need to kick off from a standstill this is my favorite mode to Ride Scooters in and I'm super glad that it's an option and can be turned on so easily having zero also suits the scooter because it's surprisingly Zippy for the price it has a single rear 400 wat Hub motor that offers that bit of oomph if you want an adult electric scooter it has no problem getting up to its top speed of 18 mph quickly with it having a rear motor rather than a front motor you get a bit of extra hill climbing power as well I slowed down to 10 or 11 mph on the steeper Hills I rode but it still handles them well for a single motor scooter for breaking you get two levers that are slotted into grooves in The Handlebar so they don't move around they also give the cockpit a Sleek integrated look it does mean that moving the location or angle of the brake levers is tricky and it's probably better to just leave them as is luckily the brakes are in a comfortable position so I didn't feel the need to move them around anyway Vmax also does another unique thing with the brakes with the right lever offering dedicated regen braking I've seen regen braking on dedicated thumb levers before but never as a standard brake lever I really like this idea because with dedicated regen levers in thumb style I often forget I have it and in sudden breaking scenarios my reflexes caused me to just grab the regular levers at my fingers the left brake lever is more standard with a mix of mechanical and regen braking both the drum brake at the front and the regen motor braking at the back do a great job of bringing the scooter to a stop quickly the drum brake also helps prevent aggressive lockup if you grab the brakes too hard it also keeps brake maintenance to a minimum as it can be adjusted with just the twist of a knob the vx5 has a top speed of 18 mph with it maintaining a constant 16 or 17 mph on flat ground the above average acceleration also has an effect on commute times in situations when you are constantly having to stop and start start the little improvements in performance over most of the competition give the vx5 an edge when it comes to looking for a great commuter scooter and speaking of commuting let's talk about how far you can go on this scooter the GT version I tested has a 36v 10.4 aamp hour battery and a claimed range of 22 Mi based on the battery size and my experience with other scooters I guessed it would get about 15 m per charge for my range test I rode in just sport mode the fastest riding mode though you will be able to get more range in eco mode which limits your speed to about 12 mph riding as fast as I could on mostly flat ground I got 15.6 M of range which met my expectations I saw a small 1 to 2 mph drop off in top speed about halfway through the battery which is typical for 36v scooters I'm 6'1 205 lb but lighter smaller Riders will be able to get more range riding in eco mode I imagine I would have been able to stretch the range out to the advertised number based on the range test with the GT version of the scooter I would guess that in sport mode the base LT version would get around 8 m of range and the Middle St version would get around 12 Mi so choose the version you get based on how far you plann to be riding regularly it's ipx6 water resistant which means it's fully waterproof and can be ridden through puddles and in the rain with no fear of water damage I'm super happy to see this as it's one of the first scooters I really like at this price that also carries such a high IP rating it's also UL certified meaning that the battery has been safety tested and approved UL certification is required for scooter in New York and will probably soon be universally required to help prevent battery fires it's good to see Vmax ahead of the curve here and offering the Peace of Mind of being able to charge your scooter indoors safely for other features you get a front headlight and rear brake light for an included scooter light the headlight is pretty decent and will be enough to get you home if you get caught in the dark but I would recommend an additional helmet light for nighttime commuters overall the vx5 is impressive and a serious contender in the highquality entry-level adult scooter Market this is one of my new favorite scooters at this price and gets a strong recommendation from me go check out the vx5 and Vmax is full lineup of scooters down at the link in the description also let me know if you want to see more reviews of V-Max scooters thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one

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