Very Good Entry Level Scooter! | Wheelspeed WS1 Scooter

The ride quality and durable feel were just a few things I liked about this affordable beginner scooter

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Foreign Cool thing that I just did I got the Wheel speed ws1 this is a kick butt Entry level scooter [Music] All right so let's just tap the power Button to change between the speed modes There's three modes this is the walk Mode just walking along the scooter About three miles an hour I do have a Full battery for this test as well speed Mode one is 15 oh two is eighteen Seventeen eighteen so two and a half Miles faster than what it's rated for as Far as the throttle sensitivity about a Half an inch of play before it engages And cruising at around 10 miles an hour If I release it instantly cuts off if I Re-engage oh instantly comes back on I Like the sensitivity very reactive and Then if you hold the throttle down for About seven eight seconds and release Throttle got cruise control Okay Got a full charge on the scooter speed Mode too you do have to kick start it a Little bit for it to go And uh it's actually not a bad Acceleration for uh the price range It's fairly poppy there's 15. I have Definitely been on slower scooters so That is not bad at all It's a hill climbing time got a eight Percent grade Hill as soon as I turn

Left gonna hit it with some momentum Climb baby climb down to seven Might be a little Well actually it's holding a five I Thought I was gonna have to get off and Push it it's bogging down but it's it's Getting me to the top briefly hit four Miles per hour but most of that hill was Tackled to five All right now testing the brakes out Just one lever on the left side light Braking Not fairly smooth a little bit of Pulsating and then heartbreaking here Three two one Oh the back wheel let's get about 10 Feet actually fairly smooth and Powerful Brakes Foreign [Music] Test scooter still had one battery bar Left but the power was starting to Dwindle a little bit so maybe I could Have got another mile but my app Recorded 13.95 miles with 371 feet Elevation gain pretty good for a scooter Less than 500 bucks You know [Music] Process number two is complete and this Time the battery bar the last bar was Blinking so the scooter was just about Dead the nice thing about the scooter Though is that it was I was still

Hitting 17 miles an hour as the battery Bar was blinking so it's got great power Consistency now my app recorded 11.96 Miles with 440 feet elevation gain Overall that is two miles less than the First range test with 70 feet more of Elevation gain so anyway if you're on my Weights my size you'll hit about 12 Miles with around three to four hundred Feet elevation gain as far as the specs Starting with the top of the scooter got Some big and beefy grips it's kind of a Nicer filling Rubber and they are Stationary I like the stem height Setting straight up I can reach plastic Grips about seven eight inches Positioning is really nice positions you On the center of the scooter and so Balance is just fantastic with something That's cheap as you can see there's a Little bit of shaking in the handlebars But other than that it actually rides Really well with just one hand the Handle is just light and easy just Responds very easy and fast to the Slightest movement off the center and Then as far as the overall feel no Vibrating no loose screws no creaking or Cracking when I'm turning feels nice and Well built which I do not say for most Scooters underneath 500 it's got a cool Way to collapse this whole levers just Pull that up and then once the stem Folds all the way to the back it locks

In place and you can carry it by the Stem there's a 350 watt motor in the Front wheel battery is internal it's a 37 volt 14.5 amp hour lithium takes six Hours to recharge through the pour on The side no suspension up front but There is rear spring 10 inch air filled Tires I like the size of the deck I've Got size 10 and a half shoes can easily Put my feet one in front of the other Scooter's not that heavy weighs 43 Pounds pretty lightweight and can carry A rider up to 220 pounds all right so Overall my favorite feature with the ws1 Is how smooth of a ride it is just a Well put together scooter and it's all Less than 500 if you want to pick it up I've got the link in the description hit That like button before you go and Please subscribe for latest an electric Bike board and scooter reviews thanks For watching and I'll see you next time

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