Varla – We Ride All Three, Pegasus, Eagle One & Eagle One Pro

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Foreign Here and we’re gonna go over the Pegasus The Eagle One and the Eagle One Pro all From Varla back here we just went on a Little ride Ron has been on the Pegasus Mostly and somewhat the eagle one right And now today finally the Eagles are on The pro yeah right Jeff you’ve been on The eagle one for a while right but Today’s your first time with the Pegasus And the pro yeah so and I’ve been on all Three so we’re going to kind of go over Some of the things that we like and Maybe don’t like okay so I’m going to Start off with the Pegasus and we’re Going to go over some quick specs on That two one Yeah the Pegasus comes with dual Hub Motors at 500 watts each with 800 watts Of peak power and 25 Newton meters of Torque Has a high speed of 28 miles per hour Although I did kind of get about 25 Miles per hour as the power went down And I was able to sustain 25 miles per Hours a lot more than I could the 28 but Still a lot of power plenty fast Has solid Fat Tire airless tires which I Really appreciate they feel like they Have air in them but they don’t it has Dual disc brakes and look at those Beautiful suspension arms which brings Us to The Dual spring suspension it has A front spring and a rear spring now the

Rear spring looks adjustable but I Haven’t made any adjustments because I’m Happy with it the way it rides right out Of the box The Pegasus comes equipped with a 48 Volt 15.6 lithium Eon battery with a Charge time of about seven to eight Hours now Varla claims that you should Get about 28 miles per charge For me it’s going to be less I am going To really use that power assist level All the way out I’m going to use both Motors all the time I’m probably going To be speeding around so but if you if You’re a little bit more on the other Side where you’re not using it maximum Throttle all the time maybe switching Between one motor and two Motors not Going uphill all the time you might get Up to the 28 I think for myself I’ll Probably get about 20 miles per hour uh 20 miles per charge maybe 25 at the most But that would be a good day for me And finally we get to the deck pad which Is made of silicone for a good grip okay So now I’m going to go over some likes And dislikes on the Pegasus originally On the Pegasus I thought that those Airless tires I thought that was the way To go I thought all of them should come That way because who wants to get a flat When you’re out riding around and you Know you’re the things are heavy you Know so even if you can fold it it’s not

Like you’re going to fold it and carry It a mile away right so Um but now that I’ve been on the Eagle One and the Eagle One Pro those both Have air in the tires pneumatic tires And they feel great the Eagle One it Felt really good the Eagle One Pro I Thought the tires were really good Because they’re wider and I just thought Those felt really great the Pegasus Now I find to be kind of Rocky and I got Flat feet really flat feet and by the Time I’m done riding it my feet can kind Of hurt so yeah but the I’m not so happy About the um pegasus with the hard Airless tires now they do make a new Pegasus that does have air in the tires But I don’t have that one so far away if You’re listening send me that so anyway What did you guys think about the uh Pegasus tires let’s start with the tires Uh you can definitely feel a noticeable Change uh between the solids and the and The air tires especially going over the Bumps and any kind of bump you you know You feel every little every little thing Right but I guess that’s your trade-off You know you you’re not worried about Ever getting a flat but Um it is a little bit more rough on the Feet I think because because of how Rough they or how solid they are I think They’re good for like really City street Riding a to B nothing too rough right

You know I know you were mentioning when You because Ron actually took it off Road a little bit I did I went right Across open ground in the Hills gopher Holes and bumps and soft sand and and I Couldn’t believe it the thing kept going Yeah going but uh one thing I could Relate to is you you mentioned that at One point it was so Rocky get your Head’s going like this that you almost Couldn’t see because your head was Shaking around in your head right yeah Yeah so that’s something to consider if You’re gonna want to go off-road at all The Pegasus might not be for you but Otherwise it’s really great Um one of the other things that I notice About the Pegasus right away when we Started riding them is the steering Dampening it’s got this yeah love it It’s tight yeah it really helps when You’re at high speeds right it helps you Stay in control yeah so Um scooters that you’ve ridden in the Past did they have besides not talking About the uh Eagle one but anything else You and did they have any dampening in The steering the Segways had a little Bit of it yes where it wasn’t it the the First one I got the zombies those were Stiff as a board okay and every little Turn you could feel there’s there was no Smooth motion but with the the Segways It it started to get a little bit more

Uh you get a little bit more control With it and same thing with the Pegasus Is that when you’re going at roughly High speeds you’re able to still kind of Cut the road a little bit and not feel Kind of just stuck on this on the Straight straight and narrow but it Feels secure it does feel very secure Yeah I know that even though that’s the Baby of the line I feel like it has all The speed I need I mean yeah I rarely Ever top it out right I gotta admit when I stay like within the neighborhood and I just want to go for a quick ride up And down the street it’s the go-to one For me yeah and then if you come up if You see a bump coming up I’ll just lift A little on the handlebars ease over it It’s a little easy to pop it up yeah Yeah it’s definitely um I would call it Like a beginner uh scooter it’s Definitely like a like a neighborhood Cruiser you know there’s a neighborhood Right a desk where it’s nice and cool You take it out just for a little ride Around the neighborhood right smooth Ride I think and I even said it uh while I was writing I’m like you can Definitely tell how smooth the Transition is from from going from dead Stop to getting up to speed and it’s It’s very smooth I think for most people That’s probably all the scooter they’ll Ever need right I agree ready Ron I am

So that one has no air in the tires Oh these are solid tires yeah okay so You feel everything yeah definitely on Those rocks I was like When I was riding that one it was like Going through like butter no I know Oh this one’s nice and smooth This one kind of has like that uh like The Segway feel The nine bot Not too much torque But it does Have a nice get up and go here I can Feel it Wants to go oh there it is This is like a Cadillac man it’s like so Smooth It’s so comfy that’s gonna go around the Block yeah I’ve noticed this thing has a lot less Torque in it than those do but it’s Made like one of the Segway ones where You kind of it gets up when it it gets Up where it gets moving yeah now which Mode you’re only in mode one yeah I hit Three on the way back oh yeah I just Leave it in three on that one yeah All right here we go Oh yeah steering is really nice on this Getting up to about 23 miles an hour right now almost 24. Feeling smooth Going over a few bumps nothing crazy Now as far as the upgrades go on these

Scooters a lot of times you don’t really Upgrade them much but on the Pegasus The Handlebar you know one thing I would Like to upgrade on all three of these Would probably be the handlebars Eventually but and change the stem you Can’t really change the stem on the Pegasus but you can on the other two so And that brings up another point I Talked with Varla a little bit about it And they said if you change anything on The scooters that you’re avoiding the Warranty and you know they’re not going To help you if anything happens so I did Change something on the eagle one I Changed the clamp at the bottom because I felt the clamp for the downpole to Beautiful that that clamp was a little Too thin and a little too low so I went With a much thicker one and taller one And it does feel more secure but um but So upgrade wise I was a little Disappointed in seeing that the only Thing I might be able to change is The Handlebar on this but it’s not that big Of a deal because overall the way the Scooter comes out of the box it’s fun if You don’t change it it’s fine well I Feel that the wider handlebars are more Stable but then they’re you lose the Fold ability right and the out of the Three the only one I would ever really Fold would be the Pegasus yeah the other Two I wouldn’t really fall yeah I don’t

See carrying them around in the yeah in The trunk of your car do you think that Um It would be a a good idea to suggest That I mean we live in an era right now Where scooters and e-bikes are kind of Like the the norm right now and we all Know what we’re expecting wouldn’t you Feel that Um a company would allow you to Customize your own yeah to your to your Personal preferences it would be nice Especially if on their site they could Add like options yeah where you could With some good name stuff maybe have Some uh contracts with some other Companies so that they could add people Are always trying to modify stuff right And that’s the thing too is that you Know when you when you buy these these Scooters they come out of the box you Know yeah pretty uh stock you know you Always have to buy aftermarket stuff Like phone cell phone holders right Right flashlights Um Um camera mounts stuff like that so you Think that you know maybe they would Offer some kind of like a customizable Scooter well and one of the good things With Barla is that they asked me with Each video that I did To make any recommendations I had and Say anything I didn’t like because they

Wanted to know right so that was good That was a plus that they want to listen To the goods and bads and suggestions so If you guys have any throw them out There so well I love the brakes I love The color displays You know that’s a good point the the Brakes on the Pegasus I believe are Mechanical I always love hydraulic right but for The don’t miss it I don’t miss it on on The Pegasus the mechanical is just fine So okay we’re going to move over to the Um to the eagle one now okay and I’m Gonna go over some quick specs on that One right now [Music] Both the front and rear tires are ten by Three with inner tubes I’m going to swap Them out for a better off-road Experience with knobbier tires that Clamp I’m also going to swap out for a Taller clamp for better grip Okay so shoving the down pull out of the Way is our friendly handlebar which has The grip The Bell the brakes the Eco Button turbo button single dual motor Buttons the ignition switch the voltage Meter and the display Here we’re taking a look at the zoom Hydraulic disc brake along with the Front red suspension arm Now we’re taking a look at one of the Two Springs as part of the dual

Suspension system on the Varla Eagle One To drive the 2000 watt dual Hub Motors It comes with a 52 volt 18.2 amp hour Lithium battery now the reason there’s Two ports on there is that it comes with One charger but you can buy a second Charger now charging time depends on how Many Chargers you’re using if you if You’re using a single charge then it’s Going to take eight to nine hours and if You have two Chargers you’re going to Cut that in half to four to five hours So here’s a shot of the front of the Scooter with the lights on and I’m going To also show you a rear shot with the Lights on that are in red it looks great Even during the day you can see them but I’m going to post another picture in a Minute that’s going to show you the Scooter at night with both lights on so Stick around for that So here’s a visual for the display and Voltage meter both at day and night And here we go with the day and night Shot of the Barla Eagle One All right so let’s now talk about the Eagle one you’ve already had experience On it you’ve gotten a little bit on it Um me I gotta admit I didn’t think I Needed the extra speed but I love the Extra speed the extra speed is torquier I was scared the first time I got on it It took me a little while to work myself Up to turbo mode and mode 3 full power

The torque kind of scared me because it Pulled me back every time so I’ve Learned to kind of lean forward but um That’s something you should watch for if You’re riding right your first time Riding it it’s a it is very torquey so What do you guys think about all that Power on that scooter The eagle one so I gotta tell you when I First because I was like I said I was Used to the Segways and all that where They don’t have torque yeah I mean it Has a little bit you know especially for A bigger guy like me Um you need that torque to get up and go And the Pegasus that’s why recommended It’s like a beginner one because it has A slow start but you can really get up To speed but it doesn’t have that that Jump that comfortable yeah it’s Comfortable but you move to the eagle One and right off the gate you’re you’re Shooting out of there you kind of have To feather the throttle a little bit Otherwise you’re yeah back and forth but Once you get that feel that that that Zone you find the Zone it you’re Cruising on that thing right Um so I do notice that yeah it does have A lot a lot more torque and even when You break Um you kind of have you have to kind of Like move with it yeah yeah well being a Motorcycle rider and growing up riding

Dirt bikes I cannot have enough torque So I love it Um you know if I could rooster tail that Thing in the dirt More the better all right right and the One thing I’ve noticed too is that this Is what it’s built for it’s built to be Jumped off the line aggressive riding Yeah so it is a little bit of a a shock To you at first but once you get the Feel for it You kind of accept the fact that this is Why they made it this is why they made It so torquey is that it’s supposed to Be that way so you kind of just embrace It and just say let’s do this I’m on Board yeah and you just yeah throw Caution to the wind and just gun it Okay so another thing That I’ve noticed about the eagle one That to me is a little bit of a Disappointment though is there’s no Steering dampening it’s loose right you Know so it’s good for cutting around and Stuff I guess but Um for me At a high speed it might get a little Wobbly a little bit Um that’s one thing I think they could Improve on add some dampening to that Steering right because the Pegasus has It yeah especially with the narrow Little tires you’re right but then again I love the air tires yeah now I mean

Out of the box without the dampening Still great I enjoyed it I’ve had a lot Of fun with it up until I got the Eagle One Pro I was riding it a lot I didn’t Really think too much about the Dampening that much but I have to Mention it yeah it is a little bit loose Feeling it is and you know especially When they’re able to reach these these Top speeds it’s like you know you want To feel in control yeah of the scooter While it’s reaching the top speed Because otherwise there’s no point in Reaching top speed yeah if you feel out Of control right so the dampening on This is yeah very very uh loose very Loose but you know if you’re if you’re Topping out around 24 25 maybe 30 tops It is a smooth comfortable ride yeah You’re able to still able to cut but as Soon as you pass that threshold you Start getting a little bit of speed Wobbles you start getting a little bit Yeah yeah if you get too much wobble It’s not going to go away it’s going to Take you down right so if you start to Feel it you need to back off yeah yeah The the Downpole Out of the three I also notice it seems To be the worst of all three yeah the Pegasus look how thick that pole is yeah Yeah look how thin the eagle one is and Then when you get to the Eagle One Pro

It’s got that triangular shape it’s Really very solid so I think they could Improve the pull on the Eagle One Including the clamping system like I Said I changed it to a thicker one Um I just think they could overall do a Better job with it they did a great job On the eagle one pro and uh the the Pegasus it’s just it works great just as It is too so I remember about a year ago When all the scooters were coming out And uh And they were all pretty cheap and then This farla showed up and it was like oh My God right this is what we want right And I’m sure it’s going through a few Growing Pains as they develop it but uh Yeah and then when I was when I was Mentioning the clamp to earlier on my on My old uh xiaomi one Um you go over a few bumps and I and I Had the the airless tires on it so you Hit a lot of bumps and those screws Start to come loose oh not good and Before you know it I feel a rattling While I was riding and I gave it like a Little kick to kind of knock that that Clamp back on and the whole thing just Buckled and collapsed and I he ate it Raspberries all over man oh man that Must have hurt it it was yeah it was it Was terrible but um that was one of the Things I noticed with other models is That if the thing is going to collapse

To to store and to move into all that You better make sure that that when it’s Fully extended and ready to ride that It’s not going to come loose it’s it’s Almost like it needs to be fixed and Some of the some of the Segways do have Them where they are fixed but it’s a Little bit hard to transport them when They’re fixed yeah Yeah so I’d say if you have a if you Have the clamp on there it it should be You know rattle proof almost rattle Proof and you can’t loosen a lot of Testing on that one to get it right you Know Um One of the other things about the eagle One that again I mean don’t get me wrong I love the scooter but I do have some Issues with it the um the mode control One two and three the other two you can Go from one to two back down to one but On the eagle one you have to go one two Three one you can’t go like you know From two back down to one right because It’s a one button thing yeah it’s just One up one up one up back down you know So I would like it if it was a little Bit better than that so that that kind Of bugs me is like an easy change though Yeah Um there’s a lot of controllers out There they could put a different one on There too the other thing is

Um what do we have we have a on here we Have a thumb controller for the Pegasus We have the kind of brake control type For the eagle one then a thumb again for The pro right and you know I I’ve gotten Used to it either oh I just looked back and I saw the fender That Fender rattles and I’ve seen people Complain about that online I don’t know If there’s actually a fix for it other Than to just remove it maybe put another Aftermarket one on or just leave it off Completely which is what I’m thinking About doing that rattle It gets on my nerves after a while so Does yours rattle no so maybe I just Need to replace it or tighten the screws Because we never got them all the way in Yeah maybe just re-tighten them or Something like that so Um last thing I have on the eagle one is That I did notice a a definite change in Absorption Um especially going around corners tight Corners and going over bumps is that it Kind of like moves with you you know It’s not fighting you so it’s got a Little bit more absorption in the in the Suspension so You know it’s not like if you you get Nervous going over a bump you know it’s Like oh yeah it’s that you know it’s it Kind of cushions everything I don’t know If if it feels any different than the

One you’ve been riding on but I didn’t Tell you this Me and my buddy Euro we tightened the Springs on that one a little bit not a Lot just a little bit but I don’t know If it’s enough that you could notice or Not between the two the one that you Have in this one oh I definitely noticed You did oh definitely okay that’s why I Had to mention it because it had did you Like it better this way or you okay it Does feel a little because that the one I have right now um he hasn’t really Done much to it so uh It it is he did a little a little bit of Stuff to it but it still has yours yours Seems a little bit more dialed in okay Right so right now my buddy is borrowing My tools I will send you a link to the Tool that I use because it wasn’t easy To find okay I’ll send you a link to it So that you can get and I’ll put a link Below in case anybody wants to tighten Their suspension up also on the Eagle One okay that’s that’s so yeah don’t be Afraid to to make it your own you know Right tune it to your feel because Otherwise it feels like you’re writing Something for it right you know right So you got nothing else to make the one So we’re going to move over to the eagle One pro and we’ll go over some specs on That now [Music]

[Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Let’s take a good look at that Varla Eagle One Pro it’s just a gorgeous piece Of engineering to me I think it just Looks great So on the Eagle One Pro the deck has a Silicone surface on the top it works Great shoes stick to it really well it’s Not changeable as far as I can tell I Might be wrong on that but it works it Works it does the job and it handles Perfectly So the brakes I cannot find a name on Them anywhere but they are hydraulic Brakes and on the site it says that it Has abs I can say that they do work well You do have to be a little careful at Lower speeds you have to squeeze the Brakes in a little tighter than when you Are going fast when you’re going fast You don’t want to squeeze them too tight Because it will I mean it seems to break Really well at high speeds but just be Careful with that there is an adjustment In the settings area but um I’ve just Left mine at the default setting The Eagle One Pro also has front and Rear suspension the Springs they’re just Right Um I don’t feel the need to make any Changes of course that’s just me but I

Think I think they’re perfect as is It comes with 11 inch pneumatic air Tires and I used to think airless tires Was the way to go but now that I’ve been Riding on two scooters that have air in The tires I can tell you it’s way more Comfortable I wanted to put a warning here because I Know some people may be sensitive to Lights and I’m going to show some day Shots and night shots with the lights Off and on on the scooter and I just Wanted to give people a warning in case They were light sensitive Foreign So we’re back and we’re going to talk About the Eagle One Pro the last scooter That Barla set to me to record or to Review Um still hoping they’ll send me the new Pegasus but we’ll have to wait and see Anyway on the Eagle One Pro That’s the fastest one at 45 miles per Hour it’s got the largest tires Um I like the hydraulic brakes on it the Down Pull is one of the things I really Really like to put emphasis on because It’s so strong and sturdy and I don’t Know if the steering has dampening on it But it feels nice and tight so that it Doesn’t get wobbly at all at any speed That I ride it so and that one was the Most fun for me For me to take off-road I liked it so

Um I don’t know if you guys can tell Differences I think you mentioned it a Little bit with the polls on on the Other two scooters but Um it is it makes a big difference that Shape and that Locking System that it Has Yeah there’s there’s definitely Um Many differences between the both of Them they both have their own specific Uh Style in which I mean it’s almost it’s almost as if you You kind of want to have a blend of both Of them because the Eagle One Pro like You said you know reaching top speeds And you’re not you’re not losing control You’re not because I was out there Hitting 40 miles an hour and uh the Second time around I was hitting 40 and It and it felt way smoother because like I said you get nervous the first time Going right but once you do it you you Feel that that stiffness in it to where It’s it’s not going all over the place Right where the eagle one does that But also You’re not able to like I said before You know cut the road as much as you Want so this is kind of like a straight Shot yeah like go fast get get to where You need to go kind of a thing whereas The the eagle one is more of like a

Uh like a cruiser you know like like you Know you’re going around cutting through Roads and stuff like that and the The Wider you can definitely notice the Difference between the wider and the Thinner tires yeah I noticed like on the Streets when I need to make a u-turn at The end of the block or something it’s a Little easier with the Eagle One than it Is the pro Um because the pro being a little Stiffer I appreciate the the pro though Just for safety wise yeah but yeah you Might want to slow down a little bit More on a turn a sharp turn yeah yeah Um the biggest thing I can say the Difference between the one the eagle one And the Eagle One Pro is the stopping You can definitely tell when you’re Stopping on the eagle one because it has That slight that slight jerk forward When Eagle one has it but not as Significant Um so I feel that the eagle one pro has A little bit more of like a Steady steadiness to it gradual stop Gradual stop yeah where you know when When you’re stopping on the Eagle One it The whole thing is going back and forth And they’re both hydraulic brakes yeah Yeah so but they’re tuned a little Different I guess yeah it could be an Adjustment thing or is it maybe maybe It’s something you can look into Maybe

Uh now we’re getting up there whoo 28 29 30 31 32 Let me see if I can hit 33. You know we have big guys we don’t uh We don’t have the luxury of moving that Fast so these scooters really Make us feel like we’re floating Okay we’re 30. whoa 33 32 34 35 36 37 . come on baby 38 . that’s what I’m talking about 39. 40. Even at 40 miles an hour I still feel Complete control I mean you gotta be cruising Oh yeah 35 That’s a smooth little medium right There Got a car behind me I’m probably gonna Beat them out And I’m smoking them I just got hit in the face with a bug No big deal I got hit in the forehead with a bug But I was I was going so fast A bug hit me in the forehead I mean when I got on that Pro it was Like riding my Harley Davidson it felt Like I was on a motorcycle yeah you Haven’t had a lot of experience on the Pro yet but you wrote it this time today

And it blew me away because it’s so Stable and so soft and smooth you don’t Feel anything yeah and when I kicked That uh dual motor in WoW Turbo on Whoa Yeah man That was fun Which by the way it always starts on Dual motors right which I recommend if You’re first riding it if it’s your First time writing it take off turn that Off And then when you get some speed going Maybe turn it back on at a nice yeah Spot where you’re not accelerating but I Was probably around 20 miles an hour When I kicked it in now I just jump on It doesn’t matter to me anymore I’m you Know I know the feel of it but when you First start it might be a good safety Thing yeah that’s the one thing my when My brother purchased his is that he put It in dual motor mode right off the bat Yeah and he compared it he said here’s Here’s single Go ahead and go for it and he’s like all Right here’s a dual and go for it right Off the line and it it scared the crap Out of you yeah because you’re not ready For it but if like you said if you Gradually ease into it saying you know You’re in single and then while you’re While you’re going switching into turbo

Dual motor mode and it it shoots off Like I’m right yeah yeah and yeah I’m Telling you every time you’re ready to Take off it’s good to lean forward Because it’s going to pull you back a Little bit yeah and if you’re already Back like this and you don’t have a good Grip you might just you know I love it On the street I can’t wait to try it in The dirt yeah I want to try it okay so Let’s let’s talk a little bit about that Real quick Um I took all three off-road well Actually mostly the Eagle One Eagle One Pro really didn’t do just a little bit With the with the Pegasus because it’s You know it’s not really made the same As the other two it can do it but um it Can’t keep up with the Eagle One and the Eagle One Pro 27 miles compared to 40 And 45 again you can’t do it but um so The Eagle One and the Eagle One Pro Those went off-road and the skinnier Tires on the Eagle One With the different different suspension It’s a little bit smaller a little bit Less As tight I guess the compared to the Eagle and pro the Eagle One Pro with the Wider tires the better suspension it Felt so good going off-road with it now It’s probably better made for the street Riding all three of them but knowing That you can go off-road and have fun

It’s great and the thing is is I didn’t Get any flat tires on any of them have You ever experienced a flat tire yet not On the varlas now no because I’ve seen I’ve seen some reviews where people have Commented that they got Flats as soon as They went out haven’t gotten a flat We’ve taken this off-road pretty hard Yeah and got a new set of tires on Standby yeah I bought tires because I Thought I was gonna have to put them on But I haven’t had to put them on yet and You know like I said the tires that it Comes with are not knobby on the eagle And Pro or the Eagle One But um The eagleland pro are wider and they Feel great and you went over some bumps Today we went had to do a little Off-road to get here a little bit and You thought it was pretty good right it Was very good you were on the pro I was On the pro yeah and uh you can Definitely tell the difference with the Wider tires Um going through the Rocks especially is That it’s like going through butter it’s It’s it’s very smooth there’s no Like your feet don’t hurt you’re kind of Just riding riding it as you’re going They were big they were big rocks it Wasn’t like gravel no no these are Pretty substantial rocks yeah and uh Yeah going through them it that it kind

Of makes me eager to go on a dirt track Now because yeah if it can handle Something like that smooth I can’t even Imagine what it would be like Off-roading it with it right I’m gonna Toss some footage up uh some off-roading That me and my other friend did Foreign [Applause] Not doing that one [Music] But uh I definitely would like to get You guys out there one day because I think you need to experience it it’s a Lot of fun like I said maybe these are Made a little more geared towards the Street but they handled the off-road Just fine and it was very exciting it Was a lot of fun it handled rocks gravel We were in some sand areas where it once In a while if you accelerated you could Feel it kind of spin a little bit on There because it’s kind of loose where Maybe the knob your tires would have Been a little bit better but Um it was still fine and we did get Pretty good speeds out there but most of The time we weren’t it wasn’t about Going top speed it was just climbing Over the rocks and coming back down and Having the power to do it right and we Did do some hops so that was pretty cool Too and he my friend he he did some Really good hops he did some just

Straight over he banked on one and I Told him I wasn’t going to try that Thanks one because that looks scary to Me but um no Flats no problems Everything handled you’re gonna have fun We need to get you guys out there and do That yeah yeah and I know that they’re You know they’re built for street but They can also handle off-roading but Um it seems as if you were able to kind Of have Best of Both Worlds you’re Opening up a whole new world of Opportunity for Riders like us because You can go see newer things and not just Look at your same old houses every now And then you know go anywhere you want Yeah you can go anywhere you want so the Option of going from Street to off-road Is I think a major Plus for the we’ve Already been in places in our own Neighborhood that we never would have Seen right right in our cars yeah we’ve Seen things that we’ve never would have Seen yeah because some of the some of These scooters can’t even begin to start To handle these these dirt tracks or Rocky roads so you never Get to experience it but now that we’ve Tried these out it kind of makes me Eager to to try these new tracks out Yeah So I gotta says if I’m gonna line this Up You know my favorite or my least

Favorite favorite Um I’m it’s actually almost a tie for me Between the Eagle One and the Pegasus Because the Pegasus is sort of my go-to Around the neighborhood But I love the speed and excitement I Get out of the eagle one right but I feel maybe a slight bit safer on the Pegasus than the Eagle One But then it takes me to the Eagle One Pro where I feel really safe it’s the Best of all three worlds yeah it’s Really safe it’s really fast it gets me Anywhere I want to go the tires are wide Which also feels really smooth it helps To make it feel really good it makes the Road really comfortable yeah so but um Everything about it I can’t really find Fault with it I like everything about it everything The display is nice there’s the extra Settings that you can do the P settings Where you could change the speed and Stuff on it Um I like just everything about it we’re Lucky that we live in an area where There’s every kind of terrain to ride And we can ride right out of our front Door right if I was to take my scooter Uh in my car or truck The Pegasus is the go-to yeah it’s the Most portable yeah because even though The other two fold they they don’t hook

The eagle one you can buy a hook so that You can hook it I did have one and I was Able wasn’t able to actually make it Work right I don’t know maybe if I took a little More time I could but it’s so heavy that It’s not something I really want to haul Around and carry around as a commuter Yeah the commuter the Pegasus is really Easy and it’s light enough to carry yep So that’s that’s a lot of good things to Say about the Pegasus you know and if You want to just get from A to B so you Use it for work it’s a Quality quality Built scooter no doubt about it and it’s Beautiful all three of them are yeah That’s actually one thing I noticed Coming over here because I went to my Brother’s house and the way he had me Loaded up is almost like loading up a Motorcycle right yeah strapping it down Strapping it down making sure that Um and then I’ve also noticed too that With some of other models of scooters That when you break that that down tube Um the scooter is able to lock into Something down below so you’re able to Carry it like a like a briefcase yeah You could do that with the Pegasus right The other two you can buy a part an Extra part for the Eagle One to do it But you got to kind of make it fit it Doesn’t fit right out of the box and uh Eagle One Pro there is I haven’t seen

Anything to do that one right so yeah I Mean you can fold it down and maybe Makes it easier to store somewhere yeah Not have the top hanging out but but to Carry it it doesn’t have any yeah the Eagle One and the Eagle One Pro are Definitely more important much much well They’re yeah they’re also heavier than The than the Pegasus oh yeah yeah right Right yeah so it’s kind of like a thing Where you want to keep around the house And if you go on like like a camping Trip or something with the family you Can load it up easily yeah but um with The Pegasus you know it’s way easier to Transport yeah especially for quick Quick things here and there but like It’s almost like an eagle one Eagle One Pro it’s It’s like a a thing like you’re gonna go Out on the other one so you guys this is What we’re doing we’re gonna prep Yourself the Pegasus is good like if you Need to ride it to work you can bring it In stick it in a closet at work or Whatever you know I’ve actually put the Eagle not the eagle I put the Pegasus in My trunk before yeah and I’ve taken it With me before the other two I can’t fit In my trunk you know so But yeah so you kind of if you want to Transport those you’re going to need Like a truck or something like that but I love all three I hope uh Varla sends

Me the Pegasus the new Pegasus and so I Can try it out if there’s Changes upgrades in it other than the Tires I don’t know if the tires aren’t The only thing that’s the upgrade then It’s probably not worth it you know to Review but if there’s other changes on It then I would like to try that out too But on their site the only thing I saw Was the bigger tires it could be more So anything else you guys want to add About those three I my favorite is the Eagle One Pro but I love all three I do Ride this one a lot the Eagle at the Pegasus the eagle one I I take that out Occasionally also but the my go-to for The street around the neighborhood is The Pegasus the one for off-road is and Long distance is my eagle and pro the Eagle one it’s fun like if I’m riding With somebody we’ll trade off we’ll ride Different scooters I’ll hop on that one Too so it’s good to have around because It can at least keep up with the Eagle One Pro it may not be as fast but it can Keep up Yeah you guys I like them all I like all Three of them equally they all have Their purpose they all are designed for A different use Only thing I think we could do to Improve it is to buy three more get Three more yeah yeah so my thoughts on All three of them is they’re all they’re

All well-made suitors and um I’m kind of 50 50 on the Eagle One and the pro Because they both offer Specific things that if if it’s almost Like if if they made one that was kind Of a blend of both of them that would be The ultimate because there there are Certain things I love about the eagle One and there’s certain things I love About the eagle and pro yeah where Um If you were to kind of merge some of Those ideas you’d have a really uh top Of the line scooter and as far as the Pegasus goes that That is a all-around just good Cruiser Yeah it’s it’s nothing too crazy it’s It’s just fun to be on I kind of like Keeping that one around I kind of like Keeping that one around the Pegasus also For like if we have guests that aren’t Used to these right that’s the one that I put them on yeah right yeah it’s the Safest one yeah yeah that’s it that’s Right yeah so if people aren’t Um People that are kind of entering the Scooter world you know it’s a great Starter it’s a great place to start Someone like that because They’re not ready for that no because Because if I didn’t have any kind of Scooter experience that they would scare Me too yeah yeah right but um yeah the

Pegasus I think is a great starter Scooter for somebody and uh yeah for Beginners All right well That’s gonna be it for today I think we all like all three so we’ll Uh we’ll just end it right there and I’ll see if I get a little bit more Footage on here for people to look at And great job Varla yeah great job Arlo Yeah keep sending scooters we love them

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