VARLA Eagle one! AMAZING Ride 40+ mph and 40+ Miles

What an amazing ride! The Varla Eagle One has it all. Its Fast, SCARY FAST we hit over 33 miles before I chickened out. Yup I had to slow down.

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00:28 Varla Eagle One Specs
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I am super excited this is the Eagle One Pro by Varla and you know I’ve had the Eagle one before love that one I’ve had The Pegasus before Varla sent this one Up to me Um they did send it to me free of charge But that doesn’t influence me at all I Am going to give you as always an Unbiased review of The Eagle One Pro now Let’s start things off with some of the Technical stuff two by one thousand watt Motors front and rear Motors we’ve got Hydraulic brakes those Motors are Powered by a 27 amp hour battery 60 volt System Two 30 amp hour controllers is going to Give you some amazing amounts of power I Noticed it right away it’s really really Torquey up front here we’ve got a really Nice cockpit it’s got a three and a half Inch LCD display which shows everything This is a super bright day it’s showing You it’s got three different gear levels And I can change that by pressing a one Two three so pass one two and three I Haven’t even tried past three yet two Was crazy fast odometer wattage how much Battery power you’ve got left love it I’m gonna put it through the paces They’re gonna be some things today that I don’t like I already know right off The bat there are a couple things I Don’t like but there are a whole bunch Of things I absolutely love with this

Thing I’m going to go around for you’re Probably a little bit of ride around Victoria here go down to the beach go Along the ocean side I’ve got my trusty Cameraman here Jamie riding along with His electric skateboard we’re gonna have Some fun Thank you Make sure you see the car Thanks Captain Obvious [Applause] The pro has dual hydraulic brakes which Is terrific plus it has abs so the Stopping power on this thing is Phenomenal it also has dual really Powerful shocks let me just show you Which is amazing like super super super Really good shocks love these shocks and It’s got 11 inch tires so you know any Bumps in the road this thing just eats Them right up it also has a 10 watt Headlight which is actually really Bright let’s take a look And on the back a really cool rear light Which is going to come on every time I Hit the brakes and Flash One of the things I really love about The pro is that it’s got a thumb Throttle love thrum throttles ever since I started riding around on the wolf King GT Pro I’ve really found them delightful Super less fatiguing lots and lots of Control love that Comes with a lovely little bell super

High super expensive Bell I joke but Actually that actually works out really Really well one of the things I really Like though it’s got NFC tags so for Turning it on and off all you do is let Me show you I’m going to power it off so When I turn it on If I was left left this outside Somewhere it flashes on the screen and Then You put your NFC tag on it and Away you Go love this the other thing I’m going To show you is the deck itself silicone Deck Now I love silicone decks because they’re so Grippy but I also they they absorb dirt So this is brand new first ride today And it’s already gross looking but it Does clean up really easily so I’ll be Able to clean it up tonight Brother This is One of the cool things is the stem is so Stable not only is the stem itself quite Robust it feels super super sturdy but The locking mechanism it’s kind of like A faucet just kind of unscrews like this And then Epic fail you fold it down oh and I Can’t fold it down there’s a pin in here As well Safety pin just for people like me People

People now that doesn’t lock at all But you put your hand behind here and Pick it up and pick it up at the front It’s not overly complicated but it’s not Very comfortable and it weighs about 90 Pounds so you know what this is not an Easy one to get around but at least you Could pick it up and pop it in the trunk Of your car Foreign [Music] If you happen to be a big guy yeah a big Guy on a bike this scooter has a maximum Weight of 330 pounds it’s really quite Robust so if you’re a bigger guy like Myself this scooters could be a really Really good fit for you So what you probably want to know is What don’t I like about the Eagle One Pro Well there’s really only one thing that I don’t like and that happens to be the Steering the steering of this is very Very stiff it’s a little bit reminiscent Of the eagle sorry the uh the varlet Pegasus it also had a really stiff Steering but On the plus side when you’re really Moving along having a stiff steering is Actually really quite comfortable it Keeps a little bit of peace of mind that You’re not going to have any speed Wobble so you know that’s a pope I guess That’s a positive

The last thing I don’t like is it’s just A little bit too Punchy just a little Bit too aggressive Um I’m used to the sine wave control on The wolf King and it’s quite smooth this One’s not quite as smooth but you know What bang for buck this thing is crazy Powerful super great brakes terrific Range massive massive battery so that Range is not going to be an issue 11 Inch tires as I said I’m absolutely Tickled by this I think this thing is an Amazing machine very robust and if you Happen to be a heavier guy like me This thing is going fine for you as well The pro has dual hydraulic suspension no It doesn’t

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