Two VERY GOOD Scooters but which is better? | OKAI Neon Pro vs Segway Max

This was fun video to make and I was surprised with the results. I may have a new favorite scooter less than $1,000

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The last three years since I've been Reviewing electric scooters the Segway Max has been my favorite scooter less Than a thousand dollars but that has Changed with the okai pro it is Outperformed in each one of my tests and It's cheaper has a better LCD screen and Some really cool ambient lighting so let Me show you how it compares to the max Starting off with a speed test Okay so both scooters have three speed Modes the Max has a speed rating of 18.5 The pro 20 miles per hour walking system Of three miles an hour medium is nine And high is 19. Eco Mode is four miles An hour medium is 11 and sport mode is 18. as far as the speed okai wins by Just one mile per hour faster than the Max now it's time to see which is faster Off the line Foreign Just a little bit faster off the line And gets to 50 miles per hour about a Half a second faster than the Max Max Has a rating up to a 20 grade the pro Has it up to 25 percent got a full Charge on the scooter this is going to Be around a 50 grade very long hill I'm Not going to go up all the way starting To climb now down to 14. Okay this is where it starts to get Pretty steep Nine eights dropping pretty good now Down to four

And there we go most of that was tackled To five miles per hour I went down to Four for just a few seconds got a full Charge on the scooter I'm in sport mode Starting to climb here down to 12 11 Dropping pretty quick All right this is where it gets pretty Tricky down to seven Five miles per hour is the speed that I Tackled most of the hill with the Yokai Holding a four it's down to three oh I Don't know if it's gonna do it it's not Gonna do it Down to two back up to three oh that's Pretty much done so I was 50 feet shy of Where the okay got me too so you got Better climbing power with the okay the Max has a front drum and a rear Mechanical where the pro has a front Electric and a rear disc let's find out Which one stops the fastest As far as the range the Max has a range Rating up to 40 miles the pro up to 50. Now we did the range test on the same Trail the video that you're gonna see For the max is filmed in California I Reviewed this scooter about six months Ago so I'm just gonna use that video Foreign Takes the Cake again 18.39 miles where The max had is 16.25 as far as the looks Designed specs all of that very similar Layout the biggest difference has got to Be the handlebar setup but everything

From like this part down to the scooter Everything else looks pretty much Identical both have two full coverage Fenders very similar folding mechanism With the max just pull that lever folds Down and that connects The spot on the handlebars and what's Connected just lift that up same thing With the pro just a one click folding Sort of a deal once that goes down You'll hear it lock into place there's No Connecting Point in the back and then You just lift that up with the stem and Then put them back up again just lift up The flap here you have to unconnect from The rear part of the scooter as far as Just an easier way to fold and unfold I Like the pro better now the Max's weight Is 42 pounds the pro is 43 pounds but They can both carry the same weight at 220 pounds as far as geometry and Positioning you can see the stem on the Max is angled back towards the rear of The scooter a little bit more than the Pro but the height of the max is about Two inches higher than the pro I can Reach past the grips about seven eight Inches so if you're a taller Rider You're gonna like something like this And it does position you in the center Of the scooter so you have a nice Balance okay for stability and balance We're riding with one hand super easy I Mean this is just one of the best

Balanced scooters in this price range Hitting these bumps cracks and it Handles that very well with just one Hands hard to beat the bounce with the Segway Max I like the positioning on the Pro better than the max I like The Handlebar height I like the angle it Just feels more comfortable more natural Feeling this also positions you in the Center of the scooter so you have nice Balance there top of the scooter out Easily take my hand off handlebars are Kind of moving around a little bit but Definitely one of the more stable Scooters in this price range so overall They're both very stable have a similar Ride hard to tell the difference between The two as far as the handlebar length a Little bit narrow with the okay the max Is about two inches wider so I do like The handlebar length on the max more Than the pro so with the Yokai the deck Is about six seven inches wide and then About a little less than two feet long I've got a size 10 and a half shoes it Does go back up on the wheel five six Inches the max is a little bit skinnier About an inch less than the pro and Pretty much the same distance lengthwise Well the motor positioning is different In the okay there's a 350 watt motor in The front wheel with a Segway Max it's The same size motor but it's in the rear The Yokai has a bigger battery 48 volts

The Segway is 42 volts takes six hours To recharge on both scooters they both Have 10 inch Airfield tires the Segway Has self-hilling tires where the pro Does not these are the types of scooters That you're not going to have any Shaking in the eyeballs when you hit Ships still or if you're going on Sidewalks all right so then uh just Cruise along the sidewalk I can feel the Lines but eyes are stationary no Rattling no vibrating as far as the Sidewalk lines I can barely fail them no Vibrating in the eyes Super comfortable let's see how coming Off a six inch curb feels Actually handled that really well no Suspension on this one either so I'm Gonna hit the same curb as before Oh man solid both these scooters can Handle some drops be just fine I will Say it did feel a little bit more Comfortable on the Segway than with the Okay LCD screen is quite a bit different With the max power button is here single Press to hit the lights on headlight Here in the fronts rear tail lights and That does flash when you hit the lever With the okay the power buttons on the Left side and just like the max just Single press it to hit the lights on Pretty bright headlight right by the Handlebars and then when you hit the Lever that taillight does Flash the

Biggest difference with the okai Compared to the Segway that you can Change the LCD screen look in the app Which is pretty cool the Yokai has an Ipx55 waterproof rating the Segway has An ipx5 rating the pro is a little bit Cheaper 849 dollars the Segway is 879 Dollars both have a one year warranty And also offer free shipping that is the Okai Pro versus the Segway Max hopefully You enjoyed the video thanks for Watching and I'll see you next time

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