Top 10 Halloween Scooter Sales

Here’s 10 companies having some discounts, anything from free accessories up to $700 off!

In order of appearance:

1 – Apollo:
2 – Cyberbot: CODE: “7WroatFl”
3 – Kaabo:
4 – Nanrobot:
5 – RevRides:
6 – Varla:
7 – Voro Motors:
8 – Hiboy:
9 – Gotrax:
10 – Zoomers: with code: “ER199”

Hey guys hopefully you're having a good Day things are going well uh life is Just just doing good things for you I Want to make a quick video and talk About some cells some Halloween sales That are going on I've chosen 10 Companies 10 scooter companies some of The deals are pretty minimal you know if You buy a scooter you get a free Accessory others you can save up to 700 So let me turn around and show you what They are all right first off is Apollo Scooters get two free accessories with The purchase of any scooter these are All the accessories they have hollow bag Phone holder headlight next up is Cyberbot three of their scooters are on Sale this is usually 2 000 it's 1 399. I Have reviewed this one this is the mini Usually for fifteen hundred dollars it's Only 1100 now and then the Titan 1600 Down to 1300 so 300 savings heading over To Cabo Halloween deals are here save a Hundred dollars on the Mantis 8 and wolf 11. Nan robots got a bunch of cells so You got 100 bucks off of the D6 400 off On the LS7 plus I have reviewed this one So you can check the review out if you Like and then 700 off on the LS7 so Going over to rev rides say 50 bucks off The vset 9 plus 50 bucks off the 8 plus And then 100 bucks off the 11 plus Varla's got some pretty good sales going On 250 off the eagle one if you buy two

Of them that's 500 bucks 100 bucks off The Pegasus and Eagle One Pro and if you Buy two of those you get 250 off heading Over to voro Motors the Emu Cruiser 52 Volt is 100 off a big old sell on the Maxis Pro gold that's 500 off the wolf Warrior X pro is 300 bucks off not a lot Of you guys know this one the wolf King GT Pro is 400 bucks off all right so Headed over to High boy now Halloween Cell get a 10 off with trick 10 and then Go tracks the G3 is 100 off 50 bucks off In the Apex around like 70 bucks off on The XR elite 20 bucks off on the XR Ultra and then last is Zoomers I Reviewed this guy here and it is on sale Usually twenty three hundred dollars It's down to Seventeen hundred dollars Okay well I've got the links in the Description for all 10 companies so if You do want to pick these up you can Find them there thanks for watching and See out on the trails

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