This Is The Sports Car of SCOOTERS | Varla Eagle One Electric Scooter

Today we will be taking a look at the sports car of scooters, the Varla Eagle One electric scooter. This scooter has dual 1000w motors on each wheel leaving immense options for electronic and mechanical breaking. Additionally this electric scooter has one of the strongest pulls I have ever experienced. Good thing scooters have handles because this scooter pulls like a sports car, standing up may not have been the best idea. This Varla Eagle One is one of the most impressive scooters we have looked at to date. Make sure to check out the Varla Eagle One below:

Check it out here:

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This is the varla eagle one not only is It fast but it brings smiles to faces of All ages and sizes with dual thousand Watt motors 40 miles per charge 40 plus Miles per hour advertised speed look at The suspension right here Absolutely incredible i’m 220 plus Pounds and i’m able to ride on this Thing with ease We were able to hit a top speed of 37 Miles per hour at my size And us big guys get to ride too is 330 Pound weight limit i got the off-roading Abilities here absolutely amazing And it can climb a hill with ease get About 27 miles per hour going up that Hill check out varla eagle one highly Recommended

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