They don’t call it a GHOST for nothing Apollo Ghost 22′ Electric Scooter

The Ghost 22′ received some updates to the frame and rims making this very comfy and long range scooter even better

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I have one of my favorite scooters in This price range this is the Apollo Ghost this is the updated version of the Ghost but with this one they have Reinforced it a little bit so let me Break it all down for you all right so As far as power it's got two thousand Watt Motors one on each wheel that's Powered by a 52 volt 18.2 amp hour Lithium battery takes 12 hours to charge With one charger and 6 hours with two Chargers there's a finger throttle three Speed modes and a top speed of 34 miles Per hour single motor speed mode one Full battery one is 23 2 is 28 3 is 28.29 now I'm gonna do dual motors on Eco Speed mode 3. Eco tops out at 18 miles An hour all right now this is dual Motors turbo and speed mode one that Tops out at 23 miles per hour two is 31 Speed mode 3 has 34 35. come on is that It 35 36 There we go 36 miles an hour oh that is A very very smooth and comfortable 36 Miles an hour all right guys I want to Take a Timeout on the video and talk About a shirt company called into the am I got plentys v-necks short sleeves long Sleeves print tees tank tops hoodies Jackets bottoms underwear and headwear Got a lot of stuff if you like to wear Clothes to cover up your body in some Way shape or form these are the five

Shirts that they sent me a little bit Wild for my taste but you know when I'm Feeling a little frisky want to try Something new I'll slap on these shirts On Some of the shirts even glow in the dark That's it that's into the am check them Out I'll have the link in the Description if you want to pick some of These shirts up also on November 18th to The 25th there is a Black Friday sale Happening where you can enjoy 30 off Site wide plus an additional 10 off Using your coupon link which I'll have In the description and now back to the Review now the scooter does weigh 64 Pounds can carry a ride up to 300 pounds I'm 185 pound Rider get to see how long It takes to hit 20 miles per hour uh Full battery speed mode 3 Turbo on dual Motors slow start first here we go Oh yeah no spinning up the tires first Like couple seconds it's you know barely Gets going and then it takes off There's 30. so still pretty Poppy and Fast for uh slow start level five here We go A little spin in the front wheel and That is taking off man That is nice and fast There's 30. got a lot of power with a Lightweight frame that is a good Combination the ghost can climb a hill Up to a 25 grade hi this is a hill

Climate time got about 85 battery life Speed mode 3 dual motors turbo turned on This is a 15 grade Hill coming up to it Here we go with some momentum Starting to climb 20 miles per hour Doing good so far this next 100 feet is The trickiest parts down to 17 16. Motors sounding really good Holding a 16. that's about as I think as Low as it's going to go so yeah back up To 17th coming over the top and now it's Time to test out the Dual hydraulic Brakes you can pick this up in Mechanical brakes for 150 less okay a Brake test uh first thing on the right Controls the front left controls the Rear and the regen is set to zero out of Five for this test it's going 26 miles An hour three two one Hmm stops in about 30 40 feet no Skidding of the tires so it was really Smooth nice and controlled braking the Ghost has a range rating of up to 37 Miles gonna do two range tests one with Easy riding at 20 miles per hour one With harder riding top of the scooter Out around 30 to 33 miles per hour All right guys I'm on the race test so Let me tell you all about the scooter They're just very stable and smooth from All the scooters I've tested in this Price range it's in my top three for Comfort stability going 20 miles per

Hour I can take my hand off the Handlebars just fine I mean there's no Shaking or wobbling in the stem just Light enough to where it's very easy to Manage control I really like the Handling on this and there's zero noise Coming from the motor I'm climbing about A 10 grade Hill and I can hear the tires Hitting the Pavements but motor noise Nothing the stability and balance of Like 30 miles an hour there's 34 35 no Speed wobble 37. It is just beautifully smooth that is Fantastic there's 38s 39 just incredibly Well balanced all right buddy updates I've lost one battery bar I've gone 6.86 Miles 1511's most you guys know so as Far as geometry and posture standing Straight up there's about uh seven eight Inches between the top of the stem to my Stomach there's no Rider size rating for It but I've had to guess I would say I Could fit a rider from five four five Five up to six four six five you can Adjust the handlebars the whole Handlebar system if you're tall you can Rotate them down maybe a little bit Shorter push them back up okay down two Battery bars have gone 11.65 miles Averaging about 22 miles per hour diving Into the cockpits handlebar length Actually a little bit shorter than what I like for something this powerful it's Not like too bad but they would extend

That another two inches that would be Perfect that's just my personal Preference and you can see I'm reaching My arms straight out I can reach past The grips about seven eight inches as I Mentioned before your position towards The front of the scooter and I wish that Wasn't the case I wish I was positioned A little bit further back now the Handlebars do fold down and half there's The place where you unscrew it they Break in half fold down to the side of The stem and again it has that new Folding mechanism which I quite like and That holds the stem nice and sturdy There's no stem wobble no no movement in The stem moving on to the grips these Are classic Apollo style grips they're Wingtips with the vent hole there's a Bolt on the end so if they do move you Can just tighten that up and move it Down to the deck I like the width of it You know it's plenty wide I can fit both My feet and they don't overhang the Length however I'm not a big fan of I Wish there was another four or five Inches now if I put my feet one in front Of the other my rear foot goes up on That fin about four or five inches below The deck you got 10 inch Airfield road Tires if you're looking for a nice Smooth comfortable commuter scooter it Doesn't get too much better than this I've been on some chip Still Road 25 30

Miles an hour and there's zero smaller Vibrations my eyes are just nice and Stable and you got dual spring Suspension you know just bouncing on This I'm moving around got about two Three inches of play it's some of the Best suspension in this price range like Apollo's done a fantastic job in that Department I've lost three battery power Have gone 18.84 miles coming down the Canyon so my average speed is about 25 26 miles per hour That wraps up the first range test my App recorded over 27 miles with over 2 300 feet elevation gain range test Number two coming up Out Second race test is done my app recorded 17.67 miles with 1594 feet of elevation Gain so overall roughly for about 2000 Feet elevation gain with around a top Speed of 25 to 28 miles per hour you'll Get around 20 to 23 miles the ghost has An ip54 waterproof rating a one-year Warranty and free shipping in the lower 48. all right so my favorite feature With the ghost is how smooth and Comfortable the ride is I mentioned that In the range test I'm going to mention It again because it is just silky smooth Hey guys welcome back to the channel uh I am at strawberry get the Freak Out of My earbug Oh don't you love when the bug Flies right in your ear

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