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These guys are one of my favorite ebike companies. They make a nice feeling bike without a hefty price tag

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Hey guys uh hopefully you're having a Good day today things are going well Your life is good work is good Play is good all the stuff is good [Music] [Applause] Today I got the Radix fan 5 from rad Power bikes there's the PowerHouse Company in the electric bike world so This is the first step through bike of Theirs that I reviewed it's pretty Exciting to see what it can do it's Gonna break everything down for you First starting with the speed test As far as power goes it's got a 750 watt Brushless gear Hub motor and that's Powered by a 750 watt hour battery you Can remove it there's also four pedal Assist levels a half twist throttle and A 20 mile per hour top speed okay this Is the no power test first riding this Without any power on gear one is very Easy let's kick it up to gear three I've Actually done the two range tests and on Both those tests the battery did die About a mile from my truck so you can Ride this without any power it's not too Bad on pedal assist one tops out at 10 Miles per hour two is twelve three is Twenty and four is also 20. I can feel The motor happen up to 1920 as soon as It hit 20 it just cuts off so again they Have put a dampener on this so what if I Really start cranking pedals

I can get that up to 22. and then on Gear 7 on pedal assist four Just casually pedaling if I stop Pedaling This cuts out immediately A little bit of a delay there I've been Going around 15 miles per hour if I Start to Pedal there's One just over one revolution before the Power comes back on So pretty reactive system then also on The highest pedal assist level on gear Seven Just on my on my regular Cadence of 70 Rpm the bike's doing all the work I Don't feel I don't feel any resistance In the cranks I've got to step that up To around 75 77 RPM and then I can feel Some resistance Well this is the type of bike where you Just keep the pedals turning The bike does 100 of the work a rap Power bikes are known for their gentle Acceleration gonna test that out this is The acceleration test now the bike does Weigh quite a bit for the size 62 pounds But can carry a rider up to 275 pounds I'm 185 pound Rider I'm gonna see how Long it takes to hit that 20 mile per Hour mark for this test I got a full Battery pedal assist 4 gear one see how Reactive this is here we go there's Oh half a revolution and it's off so From a standstill very much more

Reactive than if the bike's already Going And there's 20. that's not bad hit 20 Miles per hour at about three-fourths of A block and now with straight throttle Oh definitely slower than pedal assist Now it's starting to ramp up Definitely not as quick you guys pedal Assists Now there's 19 20. so that was about a Full block to hit 20 miles per hour so If you want a gentle acceleration use The throttle if you want more poppy hit That pedal assist It's time to test out the range of the Expand five it's got a range rating of 25 to 45 miles gonna do two range tests But first with easy riding the second With harder riding and more elevation Gain Foreign [Music] Guys well first off this is a step Through bike so easy to mount Dismounts The handlebars fold down the frame pulls In half makes it easy to transport it Comes in black and white has a rear rack That can hold 55 pounds and mounts for a Front rack there's two full coverage Fenders the rear one is already Installed the front one is not there's a Bunch of accessories these guys have Phone mounts bags for the racks baskets For the racks okay first battery bar

Gone and I've hit 8.02 miles maybe about Six stops Full Throttle averaging 19 to 20 miles per hour as far as balance goes Take my hands off the handlebars very Well balanced if I saw pedaling Car cuts off still stable begin pedaling Comes on nice and easy nice and gentle So very stable for a step through bike See how stable this is going a little Bit faster got a good size heel handling It 30 miles an hour it feels like a Dream That is nice and stable oh I could Easily go faster it's about as steep as These Hills are though 32 33 hair pin Turn Nice you know these types of bikes give You a little bit higher center of Gravity but coming down the canyon 32-33 Doesn't feel like you're high up so Handling balance at higher speeds is Awesome motor noise isn't that bad I'm Climbing six percent grade I'm on the High speed mode I'll just be quite late Listen to it As far as like popping cracking noises Things like that very quiet the front Brake does squeak a little bit so it Doesn't need to be adjusted overall fill The bike is nice and solid it feels Sturdy it feels well built that's the Same thing I've experienced with the Other couple models I review from these Guys it feels like a higher end bike two

Battery bars gone and I've hit 12.94 Miles it's going to be a little bit Tricky for me to talk about the geometry Because I am over the rider size rating Of 410 to 510 I'm 511. if you've got a Smaller frame it's a very approachable And friendly bike there's not a lot to It in fact it's got a 68 inch length a 45 inch wheelbase a 16 inch standover Height and a 16 inch reach even though I'm over the router size rating it's Pretty comfortable for my frame all Right down three battery bars I've got 19.82 miles Full Throttle still Averaging 19 to 20 miles per hour as far As a cockpit there's 27 inch BMX style Handlebars you can't adjust those you Can push them out bring them back Towards you to extend or shorten the Cockpit length next it got ergonomic Soft durable rubber grips on the right Side there's a set of speed thumb for Shifter going down with the thumb I can Go about three gears one push coming Back up with the thumb is one at a time Rag power makes our own saddle I like The size and I've got some good padding In there this is the type of bike where You can put the miles on and not have to Stand up and then you got CST bft 20 by Four inch all-terrain tires a lot of Bikes that have these same tires in this Price range it's a little bit higher end And they do have a puncher resistant

Liner in them down to my last battery Bar and I've hit 23.46 miles Okay they're after the first range test My app recorded 25.60 miles with about a 500 foot elevation gain the bike did die On me and those last two battery bars go Pretty quick the first battery bar I got Like eight and a half miles that last Battery bar I got maybe a mile so just Keep that in mind overall 25 miles is Pretty awesome [Music] Oh let's go [Music] Okay guys a recap the first range I got 25.60 miles with 546 feet elevation gain With this one I got 22.40 miles with 3 339 feet elevation gain overall I went 3 000 feet more elevation and I only lost Three miles that's that's pretty awesome That's a lot of elevation I couldn't Find a hill rating or interpreting but I Did find a 50 great Hill it's time to See how well this can climb all right It's hill climbing time already climbing This is a 15 grade I've got 80 battery Life I'm on speed mode 4 on the first Gear I'm feeling some resistance It locks a little bit for power for Climbing now it's starting to get steep Next 100 feet is the 15 grade parts Down to seven oh yeah I'm starting to Get a burn now down to six and uh I mean

It's doable it's not the point where Like my legs are getting exhausted but I'm starting to feel a little bit of a Burn Putting in some efforts bike's doing Probably 70 of the work And coming up over the top the trickiest Part of that hail I was going down to Six miles per hour get you to the top it Just doesn't get you there that fast It's got dual 180 millimeter disc brakes Time to test those out okay with the Brakes uh right side controls the rear Brake left side the front and when you Do hit either lever it does cut the Motor off so light braking here Fairly smooth there's no pulsating which Is nice coming down the steepest part of The hill at 25 miles an hour three two One That was pretty steep and pretty fast Took me about 30 40 feet to stop that Back wheel was kind of Fishtown a little Bit So not the most stable but you know Decent okay let me walk you through the LCD screen everything on the handlebars So it's just a one piece system power Button plus a minus for the pedal assist Level zero through four If you hold down that minus button that Is the walk assist mode the bike just Goes about three miles per hour and as Soon as you release it it cuts power

Headlight here so easy access for the Headlights nice looking headlights in The front tail lights connected to the Bottom of the rack and they also have This reflector piece on the fender and When the brake lever is pressed that Does light up then you got a flip Bell And that's it the expanded five is water Resistant has a one year warranty and Free shipping in the lower 48. okay guys Well overall I thought the expand 5 did Pretty well for my tests especially in The Range region the range area it's a Lot of miles for a lot of elevation gain If you want to pick it up I've got the Link in the description also check out My website electric there you can find All my reviews sorted by pricing Capability hit that like button before You go and please subscribe for latest And electric bike board and scooter Reviews thanks for watching and I'll see You next time [Music]

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