The Kaabo Wolf King GT is Trying to Kill Me & I Love it!

there's 63. I am super super stoked to be able to show you guys this scooter today this is the Cabo wolf King GT and this is what many would consider the the Pinnacle of electric scooter performance you know if you roll out uh Ryan and weep head which are just absurd hyper scooters that aren't really widely available if you roll those out this this is it this is this is the scooter you want to get if you care about mind-boggling performance as with the other mini reviews I've done like this this is on loan from Rider guide where I work full time and they've graciously allowed me to borrow any of the scooters I want from their huge scooter collection and in exchange I just point you guys towards uh their full review of the wolf King GT uh it's done by Paul who is absolute expert and it's a fantastic review so go check that out as always I'm not going to dilly dally and show you every single component and every little feature that's what that full review is for instead we're going to talk writing Impressions and I will get a full speed uh running if this is supposed to do over 60 miles an hour so we'll be doing that too A Few Scooters I can really compare this one to as far as performance goes uh acceleration wise only the Nami Bernie 2 max comes close to this in terms of acceleration I'm just talking about how much I love the Nami Klima in a recent video and how fast that accelerates and this beats it to 30 by a full second so this is sub a real sub for second zero to Thirty which is absolutely stupid and I will 100 show you guys that uh the only other thing I want to point out before we actually take off and ride a little faster is how insanely solidly built this scooter is it's like a tank like I hear people say like this scooter tries to kill you and I I get that like it feel performance wise it feels like it's trying to kill you but at the very least you have such a solid platform and such just like all the components and the wide handlebars Everything feels so solid that it's confidence inspiring like you feel confident going those crazy speeds and you feel like it's not it's gonna kill you because of the performance not because it's gonna fall apart on you you know at 50 miles an hour so anyway enough enough chatter let's go saying I cannot get this thing to not wheel spin it so fast there's 63.

really afraid to grab the brakes too hard because the regen's on I I meant to turn that off before I went uh the the regen is a little grabby very careful and I might need to start getting lower when I break I'm trying not to get too low because it kind of obscures the view of the the GoPro but I mean what can I say about this this is this leads up to every expectation I had I I hadn't really uh I think I'd done one short little loop on this but I'd never really pulled hard on it like that until today and it is just so addicting it's absurd the one thing I will say is that I'm really surprised that there's not hydraulic dampening like there's not uh you don't have adjustable suspension here you've got the like the Dual uh the Dual stem design which is you know it feels super solid and it's super uh stable and stuff but I think for suspension I well I don't think I know I prefer the Bernie 2 max that you can dial that so soft and with such a gentle rebound that on sections like that where you're pulling at 60 miles an hour and you hit a little dip or something you don't it doesn't feel like bouncy and that's kind of my only complaint about this is that like I feel like this and also the GT2 and stuff the performance is so insane but if the suspension is a little too reboundy then you can get caught in kind of like like uh you can get caught in the feedback loop where it's bouncing and it's unstable and luckily this is such a stable scooter that like if you do get a little rebounding a little wobbly it'll it'll correct itself pretty pretty well I will say I do think the suspension is better than the the GT2 which is funny because the GT2 has rebound adjustment but even when I had that thing dialed all the way to the slowest rebound it still felt uh it still felt quite bouncy this hat this feels like it has more travel than the GT2 but I would have really loved to see more control over how the suspension feels the throttle feels nice it's I'm pretty sure it's sine wave so you get you get pretty good control in these top mode though it pulls so hard that like even when you want Little adjustments it's like go go go but you can still tell that it's sine wave you can get a nice smooth acceleration curve if you want it the uh the platform is super super roomy I mean I can spread my legs really really wide and get a really stable position got the little uh the the metal frame that extends out over the fender so you can really put your foot way way far back I've heard a lot of criticisms of this scooter you know how unportable it is and I think that's a really valid thing because there are times where you do want to stick it in a car however I found this easier to to move around than the Segway GT2 because how flat it folds the it pivots out front and kicks the front wheel out and so I was actually able to slide it in through the trunk of my Jetta with the back seats down and that was way easier than trying to finagle the GT2 in sideways along the back along the uh the back seats the other thing that surprised me was how complex the folding mechanism is there's a number of fail safes there's three fail safes you've got a pin a little Tab and then to fully uh fold it down there's a little latch on the other side of the mechanism that you have to like pop out or whatever so like they really did not want this thing folding on you or failing at 60 miles an hour which is awesome as annoying as it is to fold down you care I care much more about it being stable and there being no chance of anything failing at speed it also means that you don't get the like the Pivot Point at the uh like at the bottom of the stem so you don't have to worry about any sort of flex like it's locked in there super stable any movement you get is because of the suspension which is exactly what you want to see yeah that that uh that regen breaking it's just a little aggressive that's much better okay I think I fixed the electronic braking yeah that's way better that's the that's the lowest electronic braking level brakes now from the electronic just to not overheat the discs so this does only have road tires on it but I mean I can't not off-road with this bank this thing is this thing's just it's just begging to be off-roaded with so you know we'll deal with the uh we'll deal with the street tires but I think with off-road tires this thing would be the best off-road scooter on the market yeah just there's just a little bit too much wheel spin that you can you can hear it just puts down an absurd amount of power yeah foreign could do anything off-road it's got the suspension for it it's got the build for it like I have no uh I have no doubt that this can handle whatever sort of like impacts and bumps that might come off while off-roading it goes so fast even with the road tires I'm hesitant to go too fast uh sliding out would be extremely painful but it's got the nice wide handlebars I mean these have to be the widest handlebars I've ever seen come standard on a scooter maybe the nami's maybe the Nomis are as wide I don't think so they like fill up the whole frame of GoPro all right let's see if we can find something a little rougher test this out on a little rockier let's see with all the Shadows nice yeah with uh with the off-road tires this thing is would be absurd I feel a little bit more confident uh leaning into turns and that kind of stuff man on good pavement it's honestly buttery smooth up to the top speeds let's see if we can get a pole a zero to Thirty pole with the Wind here we go zero miles an hour I'll tell you when we've hit 30.

one two three go oh man so much with the 30. [Applause] spend no that was that was a wheel spin I was trying not to lean too far forward so I could try and capture with the GoPro okay but uh let me do one more you could see that I don't know if you can see that but there is a skid line of wheel spin for like the first 30 feet so awesome ready three two one go so I mean that's stupid fun this is stupid stupid life-threatening fun and that's what's that's what's so great about scooters like this you feel vulnerable you feel human again foreign take a moment to go yeah I could die on this thing and I love that why would you not love that okay gotta stretch a road let's see if we can do a 60 mile an hour pole here I still have some ham mer red light oh no green light curving so I mean this really is like if you want something that will blow your mind and you'll never get sick of riding and you don't want to spend a fortune on a wee pad or Ryan or good or you know do whatever the process is for even purchasing one of those then I mean this is as this is as good as it gets without uh without jumping up to Bernie too money getting one of these is a lot like buying a sports car right if you borrow if you buy a Porsche 911 you're probably never going to take it up to its top speeds you're probably never going to you know unless you're loaded take it to a track and actually put it down on a track and like see what it's capable of but you buy it like knowing that it can you know you buy this knowing that it can do 60 miles an hour even if you know you don't really ever do that [Music]

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