The Best Electric Scooters of 2023! #electricscooter

here are my top five electric scooters released in 2023 number five my choice for teens and smaller Riders is the segue E2 plus no one does quality entry-level scooters like Segway if you're looking for a good gift or a good first scooter for yourself while staying on a tight budget this is the scooter for you number four for an ultra light luxury scooter that you can pick up with one hand the new kqi Air is for you it weighs 26 lbs and is made of carbon fiber with a top speed of 20 mph and some of the best design on the market number three the max fun 10 Pro is one of the best value high-speed dual motor electric scooters available the feature list is act 72 volt LG battery hydraulic suspension hydraulic disc brakes PMT racing tires sinewave controllers full color display 43 mph top speed and a 5sec 0 to 30 number two vla's updated Eagle 1 2.0 offers a fast fun off-road capable 40 mph scooter that is tough to match at the price point this is a great place to look for your first dual motor scooter and number one the Nami CA is unmatched in these suspension and acceleration departments at the price this is a stupidly fast comfortable sporty 43 mph electric scooter that is my new all-time favorite all these scooters can be found in my bio

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