SPORTY.. is an understatement! | WideWheel V7 Electric Scooter

You want a fun and slightly terrifying scooter.. this may be for you! It’s got one of the sportiest throttles I’ve seen. You’ll beat most riders of the line with this!

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Foreign [Music] Hey welcome back to the channel I'm Again in the mountains it is a beautiful Time of the year it is fall here in Utah This is the scenic byway it's a 35 mile Stretch from Payson Canyon to Nephi if Any guys are in Utah hit me up and I Will gladly come and ride this with you I've got the wide wheel V7 to say this Is a sporty scooter is an understatement This thing has got some crazy torque 60 Mile top speed dual motors tons of power Big old battery you're gonna break Everything down for you show you what it Can do first with a speed test Okay with a top speed of 60 miles per Hour you got to have a lot of power and This does it's got two 2800 watts Motors And that is powered by a 60 volt 32 amp Hour lithium battery now there's two Charging ports it only comes with one Charger which takes nine to ten hours There's three speed modes and again a Top speed of 55 to 60 miles per hour I'm Going to do single motor first on speed Mode one 20 miles per hour 2 is 37. And speedball 3 is also 37. all right so Single motor speed mode two and three Are the same they top out at 37 which is Pretty fast for a single motor for this Next test I'm gonna do dual motors speed Mode 3 with Eco turned on and that is

Topping out at 18 19 miles per hour okay Now it's dual motors turbo turned on Speed mode one that is 19. that's uh 39 For Speed mode two Oh 49. All right 49 miles an hour uh I did get A little bit nervous about 48.49 this Road's a little bit rough there's some Bumps and cracks I think if I had a Smoother Road and a little bit longer I Could have got that up over 50. as far As the wobbling uh very little speed Wobble I think it was mostly the road That was kind of freaking me out the Scooter actually is pretty stable at That speed I want to show you one more Thing uh with the speed in the P menu on Nine they're just setting from zero to 100 so you can limit the power output This is how fast the scooter goes I'll Just show you here real quick so I'm Going to set it to 50 power and do Another speed test with turbo speed mode Three yeah there's a substantial Difference in the takeoff and the top Speed That's like pretty much maxing out at 32 Miles an hour so I do like that feature With these dual motor scooters because You know you got kids you don't want Them to go 50 miles an hour The scooter does weigh 90 pounds so it's Got a lot of weight to it can carry a

Rider up to 330 pounds got a full charge On the scooter going to show you how Long it takes to hit 20 miles per hour All right so this is the soft start First speed mode 3 Turbo on whole Battery bars here we go just zero to Twenty Foreign That's still very fast So this is the soft start Okay they're pretty much identical Uh this thing just takes off it's it's Crazy I mean that is insanely fast let Me show you the takeoff on eco set the Eco button here this is speed mode three Dual motors Okay that there's a big difference there That's that's not bad and there's 18. all right uh if you guys don't like A super fast start hit that Eco on that Is definitely nice and friendly back to Turbo you're gonna do single motor on Speed mode three And that is the gentlest of them all as You would expect for a single motor And there's 20. as far as the throttle Sensitivity it's very sporty throttle uh There's a cruise control function on you Can turn on the P menu so you can't Cruise it at a certain speed too uh Going 11 if I hit it Once you release it it instantly cuts Out this is one of the most sporty Throttles I've seen in a while uh you

Want a you want a fun poppy Zippy Scooter this is it here we go Get it get it man that just goes now It's time to see how long the V7 can go It's got a range rating of 55 to 60 Miles getting a two race test one on Flat terrain riding at around 20 miles Per hour the second in Hillier terrain With a speed around 35 miles per hour [Music] The good stuff about it now I do like The coloring one of the prettier looking Scooters I've seen I like that kind of Deep red you got the swing arm Suspension look in the rear downhill Mountain bike style suspension look for The front for a high powered dual motor Scooter it's actually pretty short it's 50 by 12 by 51 inches so it only has a 50 inch length so it's more of like a Stubby and Tall type of a scooter Standing straight up there's only about Seven eight inches from the stem to my Waist there's not a lot of room to get Low and spread out I can stretch my arm Out well over a foot from the grips it's Looking like a short and stocky scooter You're gonna like this one down one Battery bar and I've gone 11.06 miles It's going 15 to 20 miles an hour pretty Easy to ride without uh you know with Only one hand the handlebars are you Know shaking moving around a little bit So not the most stable handling

Imbalance at faster speeds Going 30 here anal ducks are pretty good It's very easy to turn a slight move With your body and it reacts and Responds just right away so I'll just Call this very reactive handling now as Far as the noise though there's you know The only noise that's coming from those Tires the motors making the two Motors Make zero noise so very quiet I lost two Battery bars I've gone 22.59 miles well Diving is the cockpit the handlebars do Fold in half these are my least favorite Style of handlebars the holding piece Here just tends to get loose this one's Actually been pretty good I've gone over 40 miles and I haven't had to tighten it Yet and then of course the frame folds In half too and then the stem lowers as Well and the nice thing about this is That there's three positions for the Handlebars to lock in okay uh down to Two battery bars I've gone 33.95 miles But going back up to the handlebars Though they're not as long as I like for Something this powerful I would like to See another three or four inches there Are four screws that if you loosen you Can push the handlebars down or bring Them up a little bit higher I have them Set to about a 45 degree angle the grips Are my least favorite they're Wing Tipped but they're hard it's not really Comfortable and they do move around a

Little bit now as far as the handlebar Height I do have it set to the highest Position and that is plenty high enough For me I'm 511 standing straight up the Top of the handlebars hit about an inch Above my belly buttons they do have them Angled back towards the rear of the Scooter probably about 20 degrees off of 90. I wish they would have put those at A 90 degree angle you know push them Forward a little bit or extended the Deck I'm moving down to the deck it is Plenty wide and that's got to be 10 11 Inches wide but it is pretty narrow Especially for the power this thing has You got a big old powerful scooter with The crazy acceleration you got to have a Long wide deck below the deck there's 11 By 3 inch air filled all-terrain tires And those tires are beefy they're very Knobby it is a stiffer rubber I'm on This chip still row going up the canyon And it's going 25 miles an hour my eyes Do vibrate a little bit and last but not Least it is a full suspension scooter There's dual spring in the front and the Rear you know just bouncing on this There's got to be a good two three Inches to play all right range test one Is over and real quick before I tell you The stats the battery life is showing Two battery bars left and it just hit That second battery bar second to last Battery bar about two miles ago and it's

Dead so just know that uh it doesn't go All the way down that is not accurate uh The voltage readout is 51.7 so when it Gets close to that readout uh you got to Be close to your truck if you're not You're going to be calling for help Because I am like eight miles away from My truck so anyway the app recorded 37 Miles which is awesome with 2700 feet Elevation gain so anyway I'm gonna Charge it up again do range test number Two with much more elevation gain a lot More stop and go and faster speeds [Music] All right Okay range test number two is done my App recorded 29.66 miles with 4 847 feet Elevation gain this thing kick spots That's all I got to say riding it nice Riding it hard you're going to get a lot Of miles [Music] This is the rod that I chose for Off-road test got my brother up here and Uh hello it's uh we're like we're going In like two or three inches of just pure Powder and so we're about a half a mile And we decided to turn around just stand Like jump up on that right there Pretty bumpy coming up something like This got to be choosy on the type of Trail that you take this on hard packed Not a lot of rocks not a lot of ruts and You'd be fine I couldn't find a torque

Rating for the scooter but it is ready To climb a hill up to a 45 grade 25 Grade Hill it's about two blocks long The first half is paved the second half Is not got a full battery speed mode Three turbo dual motors here we go Gotta Lean Forward quite a bit because It is steep All right Here we go 16 miles 17 miles an hour Oh yeah it's it's a cake cake walk This is the gravel part oh man It's looking to Sliding a little bit Yeah oh my goodness holy crap Cheese Uh 13 miles an hour is as slow as I got And that that just that was Cakewalk for This our last test is a brake test it's Got dual hydraulic brakes and electric ABS braking I'm gonna show you how well They work okay so one thing to know the Right side controls the front brake I Just did a pop of Willy left side Controls the rear all right and slight Breaking very smooth no pulsating no Grinding no noises do heartbreak three Two one foreign That is steep not the most stable Breaking for a dual motor scooter but Above average let me walk you through The LCD screen and everything on the Handlebars on the left side you got the Lights [Music]

Below the lights as a horn Of course there's two keys Once you turn It on it shows the volts on the right Side is the LCD screen with the finger Style throttle pushing the end button Does nothing pushing the power button Switches through different readouts Holding them both together you can Access the P menu and you got nine Different piece settings in there and That's pretty much it the V7 has an IP67 Waterproof rating a six month warranty And free shipping in the lower 48. all Over all guys I thought the wide will is A solid scooter you can go very fast With very little speed wobble it's Actually my favorite feature about the Scooter you guys still got a ton of Lights for some night riding it's open It's spacious anyway if you want to pick It up I've got the link in the Description also check out my website Electric there you Can find all my reviews stored by price And capability hit that like button Before you go and please subscribe for Latest in the electric bike board and Scooter reviews thanks for watching and I'll see you next time Go go go go

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