Segway MAX G2 Ride & Review: An Impressive Step Forward!

I thought it would be a long time until a scooter or series of scooters came along that could match news kqi line in terms of quality and features under a thousand dollars but Segway absolutely killed it this year and they proved me wrong the new Max G2 the successor to the insanely popular ninebot Max and Max g30lp is the exact step forward that the budget commuter class of scooters needs as I've done for previous videos in this series this is my writing review of the max G2 where I'll focus on the performance ride comfort and overall ride feel on a more practical level if you want a detailed breakdown of all the new features and Tech on the max G2 you can check out Paul of Rider guide's full review at the link in the description I work for Rider guide full time and they've loaned me this scooter for review here on Arcanine rides however this channel is not run by or associated with rider guide and all the content and opinions here are my own so let's talk about the max G2 there's so much to like here especially with it currently sitting under a thousand dollars for so long anything under a thousand bucks with suspension really didn't feel like it had suspension being mostly the small heavy low travel Forks on just the front of the scooter it felt like more of a marketing buzzword than an actual feature adding weight and not really improving ride comfort in any meaningful way that's why I loved and still love the new scooters that have come out over the past year they forego the suspension and in general avoid all the unnecessary marketing BS and deliver the most important things you want in a sub one thousand dollar scooter quality durability comfortable size and dimensions and great performance numbers I really didn't think that there was any good reason to put suspension on a thousand dollar 20 mile an hour scooter and then I rode the max G2 and segway's done it right the hydraulic suspension feels amazing and puts it leagues above the competition in terms of bump handling and General ride Comfort finding bounce between suspension size and the weight that that ad seems difficult but it's executed super well here just like the original Segway Max the max G2 is built super solidly and feels like it's made to take a lot of abuse the stem locks in place with very little Flex or play while still being easy to fold and unfold the bigger size and adult friendly geometry makes it super comfortable to ride even for me a six foot one Rider no hunching over just a relaxed riding position that makes it easy to ride long distances without fatigue the platform is a good size but I still favor the new kqi3 Max's riding platform because of the rear tail I really like having the tail as an option to rest my rear foot on as a way to switch up my riding position throughout longer rides the way the riding platform on the max G2 curves up and doesn't Jam right up against the rear fender is a nice change from the original Max though and you can kind of hang the back of your rear foot a bit if you want I love this type of scooter because it Blends what makes a scooter so convenient its size and weight with power and speed that gets you where you're going quickly and is actually fun to ride between this Channel and Rider guide I write a lot of insanely high powered electric scooters I've been testing the fastest electric scooter I've ever ridden For an upcoming review on Rider guide this whole past week yet this past weekend I still got on the max G2 and took it out for a ride and genuinely enjoyed myself I still thought yeah this is a zippy fun little scooter it has a top speed of about 22 miles an hour a decent kick of acceleration and it handles most Hills without issues it's ideal for a daily commuter because it's quick and capable while still being approachable for a beginner and it's also super low maintenance the pneumatic tires help with ride Comfort but are also tubeless and self-sealing meaning you don't have to worry about pinch flats and most puncture Flats there's nothing to have to regularly adjust or fret over just grab and go perfect for the majority of people who are getting an electric scooter for practical reasons the main thing I feel is lacking from a performance standpoint is the brakes all of segway's new entry slash commuter level scooters have very mellow braking and the max G2 only comes equipped with a front drum brake and then regen breaking from the rear motor I do think this is intentional on segway's part wanting breaking that is very approachable and making it basically impossible for Riders to lock up the wheels and a single drum brake is also much easier to maintain and adjust the downside is that in an emergency stopping time is pretty poor disc brakes have a much tighter tangibly Progressive feel to them that experience Riders want on their scooters even if it isn't fast that's something that the new kqi series does super well the Dual disc brakes on the kqi3 pro and Max are amazing they offer exceptional braking and really set the standard for me in this category of scooter the other small gripe I have is the low voltage of the max G2 Segway hides it pretty well on their product page and in their advertising but this is only a 36 volt scooter for most things this doesn't really matter it is less efficient than a 48 volt scooter but the place this affects you and me and the daily Rider is in the power fall off at the end of the battery for the last few miles of range the scooter slows down pretty significantly like around 10 miles an hour slower the upside is that this gets over 26 miles of range in the top speed mode which is awesome for the price so you really shouldn't be hitting that power fall off point too often if you are regularly getting to the end of the battery in a day then you should probably be riding something with more range or just driving even with a couple small hiccups the max G2 is one of the best scooters in this class and will fulfill the needs of the large majority of people looking to get a scooter the Best in Class suspension practical size from both a riding and carrying standpoint low maintenance design and fun yet approachable speed and power make the max G2 one of my favorite scooters of the year I love seeing things that push the industry forward and hopefully hydraulic suspension like this becomes the norm for these single motor commuter scooters thanks for riding along with me for my review of the Segway Max G2 let me know what scooters you want to see next down in the comments like this video If you enjoyed it subscribe if you want to see more like it and I'll see you in the next one foreign [Music] foreign

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