Rattan LM 750 60 sec review @rattan

Why Won’t It Start?

You love your motorcycle until the day you don’t. That day will come right after you crash a motorcycle badly or when you are already running late and the bike won’t start. You’ll kick and curse and quickly recap every unjust act that has ever happened to you when you were on the bike.

Motorcycle Frame Sliders

Insurance is a good thing. Whether it’s a full coverage policy or a cable locking your motorcycle to a pole in bad neighborhood, if buying or installing something reduces your anxiety then it is a good. To help ease your anxieties build a set of frame sliders to protect your motorcycle in the event of a low side to a parking lot tip over thanks to an errant driver.

What You Should Wear When Riding Your Motorcycle In The Rain

Riding in the rain is something that just about every rider will experience at least once in their lifetime. Sometimes you simply have no choice but to ride your motorcycle in the rain. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper rain gear.

Prepare for a Long Motorcycle Ride

It could have been a dream for a long time but now that I am in a position for a long motorcycle ride, I want to be ready, so I have to prepare myself both physically, mentally and be motorcycle equipped. Being middle aged and in a position that I can take off with my partner is a great feeling. Carefree for three months on a motorcycle is something that I actually dreamed of.

Installing New Motorcycle Handlebars

Whether you are looking to get more leverage, a better riding posture or looking to give your modern motorcycle a vintage look; installing handlebars is one of the easiest and most notable modifications you can do with $75 and 50 minutes. You will need basic hand tools. First, think about the goals of your ideal handlebars.

How To Get Your Motorcycle License – The Steps Involved

If you’re thinking about driving a motorcycle for the first time this year, you better think about whether or not you can legally do so first. In order to legally ride a motorcycle, you have to have either a motorcycle permit or a motorcycle license. Here are the options that you have for getting a motorcycle license.

Motorcycle Audio – Accessorize With A Helmet With Speakers

Motorcycle riders are very much interested in accessorizing their helmets. In fact, there are many options available in the market if you too are interested in this work. Having a simple helmet makes a person feel bored but at the same time if it is accessorized and many useful and functional accessories are added to it, they feel much better wearing it.

Do You Know Your Motorcycle Well Enough To Ride Safely?

Riding a motorcycle is something that not only requires certain skills and abilities that you normally wouldn’t use when driving a normal passenger vehicle, but also requires that you be very comfortable with your motorcycle and it’s components. Do you know your motorcycle well enough to ride it safely? Here are some things to consider.

The Motorbike Clothing Items That Everybody Needs

If you are just getting into the exciting world of bike riding then we are pretty sure that you will be both curious and interested in exactly what equipment you will need to stay safe and secure – aside from the bike itself, of course! And that’s why we are here to offer you our guide on which equipment is essential when getting into the wonderful world of motorbike riding.

Repairing Cracked Motorcycle Plastics

As if tipping over your motorcycle in a parking lot didn’t make you feel stupid enough, learning the plastics damaged in the 0 mph crash will cost hundreds of dollars to replace will reaffirm your belief in an unjust world. While repairing the ABS plastic found on motorcycle fairings is straightforward, the plastic tends to break at the weakest point and if the point was weak when it was new, the fixed plastic will be a patch.

Counter Intuitive Steering

To understand counter steering, remove the front wheel of a ten speed bicycle. Grab both ends of the axle and roll the tire across the ground fast enough to keep the wheel spinning. Now try to turn the wheel to the left.

Fixing a Motorcycle Flat Tire

At highway speeds it took Michael a few seconds to realize the rear tire was flat and he was riding straight into California’s Mojave Desert on a rim. Pulling off the freeway into a gas station, Michael looked at the rear tire and found a nail.

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