Part 1: Hiboy Titan All Terrain Scooter – Somewhere Between Fantastic and Phenominal!

I am NOT a “Scooter Guy”. If you watch enough reviews you’ll realize there are definitely Scooter Guys who analyze scooter performance like a science. But I am not that guy. I am an outdoor enthusiast who grew up bombing through the woods on my mountain bikes and through the streets on my motorcycles. I know what’s fun…I know what performs…and I know what’s practical. And I DEFINITELY know all 3 are the case with the Highboy Titan. A well outfitted rugged off road scooter that is a few features away from All-Mountain capability. Offering extreme fun and the ability to get to places I otherwise would struggle, or not even bother going to, this is a PERFECT option for someone in the rural or suburban setting, cabin or cottage owner, or someone looking for a rugged urban cruiser.

Want your own Hiboy Titan??

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