One of the Best Sub-$2000 E-Scooters on the Market? #electricscooters

this 45 mph electric scooter is one of my favorites under $2,000 and that's because it's loaded with features that you usually see on scooters Above This price things like the PMT racing tires 72 volt battery LG battery sales hydraulic damping suspension nut brand hydraulic disc brakes sinewave controllers full color display and a quiet solid 7,000 grade aluminum body this is fast smooth riding and fun and I've been super impressed with it in my testing with spring riding season right around the corner Max fun is actually offering their 10 pro scooter for a crazy $400 off you won't be able to get a scooter this good for the $1,800 price that this is at and if you want to see more about this scooter you can also check out my full review

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