OFF-Roading with my Varla Eagle One Electric Scooter!!

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In this video I review the Varla Eagle One Electric Scooter. I demonstrate off-roading with the Varla Eagle one throughout video. The Varla E-Scooter goes up to 40mph with dual 1000w motors. I also show and demonstrate some Varla Eagle One accessories like the usb rechargeable front light and the handlebar bag. I think the Varla Eagle one is one of the best off road electric scooter you can get, especially if you put the off-road tires on it.

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[Music] Light I got Carrying case for the front so this Would be good for Oh there’s some serious sand Yeah that top light is really super Bright This is my new scooter this is the Varla Eagle One this thing has 1000 watts in The front 1000 watts in the back tool of 2000 Watts so Has hydraulic brakes on it which is good Very much needed for a scooter that goes 40 miles per hour does come with the key You turn that on and then you just hold Down the power button and it should turn On here so far I have 22 miles on it not Super experienced with it yet so we’re Going to be going slow because I do not Have any safety gear but you can change The mode you can see it’s in gear one if You press this again Three means it goes to a higher speed I Think one only allows you to go to like 15 miles per hour or three will like let You go up to 40 miles per hour it’s got Your single or dual which means if you Have it on single it’ll just be the Front tire if you have it on Dual it’ll Be the front and rear tire then it has Eco turbo so obviously Eco is if you Don’t want to accelerate super fast and Then if you press it again it’ll go Turbo which is basically it’s fastest

Speed it has a little bell on it here uh Not too aggressive but does the job I Guess it comes with four grip tapes I Put this colorful one on here but There’s also one that’s kind of like I Think like an American flag or whatever I think looks pretty sweet so I’ll Probably eventually put that one on here And this is where you rest your foot Because you definitely want one foot on This thing because this thing is torquey Has massive suspension on the front and Back got a little kickstand Keeps it seated pretty well I’m gonna go Try to ride a little bit on these dirt Roads here it does not have off-road Tires currently so I got to be pretty Careful [Applause] I’m not sure if it’s on fast mode or not We’ll find out Oh God [Music] [Applause] Super good Got some good suspension on it I can’t Even feel the bumps honestly These aren’t their off-road tires these Are more like their street tires but I Actually have some off-road tires coming So I should be able to carve it up a lot Better on these back roads once I get Those and I also have like a little Light coming and then like a little

Carrying pack to carry like my phone and Like simple things with I do kind of Have it on a fast mode right now so I Got to be a little careful when I get Moving but like I said you can turn it Down you can turn the torque down or the Top speed or whatever you want so it is Pretty safe this has a 330 weight Capacity so even if you’re in the 200 Pounds you should be able to carry like A backpack or something with you it does Have a light on it you just hold it down For a second and it shows a little light Thing and then you should be able to see The lights down there [Applause] And then you should be able to see my Brake lights let me go by so you can see The break [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] I think it’s low and off so supposedly That’s a pretty bright light and that’s Obviously with these you can also use The light down there so it should be uh Double light so that should be pretty Sweet that fully charged and then just Got my new little uh carrying case for The front so this would be good for I Mean water bottles I mean you could Bring a snack with you I mean almost this will fit probably

Almost anything I could actually fit my Drone in there dude this is a mavic 2 Pro yeah that’ll fit in there dude Perfect so you could take a drone with You also good for like a bike lock or Something like that this would be Perfect for like a bike lock water put Your gun in there I’m surprised that fit In there that’s crazy I know that’s cool I think it has the key just turn the key On Pull the power button Got a balance here and put it in mode Three which is the fastest allows you go The fastest still got a lot of bars 48 Miles on it so far Can’t wait to use this light at night Sometime [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Crazy how much this thing can off-road Like it probably looks like I’m going Pretty slow but I actually it says I’m Going 11 miles per hour but When you’re going through deep 12 miles per hour we’re going through a Deep brush like this off-roading it Feels like you’re really cruising Guys this is epic this is so fun

And this is when it’s overgrown in the Fall or early spring before all this Brush comes out here this would be so Fun to tear down these paths And this is all without the off-road Tires on it And it’s handled really well Only really deep sand seems to really Throw this thing off Otherwise I feel really safe on it oh Look at this so you can get over this Oh yeah Six What’s that bird [Music] Dude these things are impressive to be Able to go through this super overgrown Trail like this And a lot of it’s just like sand and Dirt just loose stuff Just plows right through it especially The all-wheel drive on the scooter just Makes it just go right through this Stuff I can’t imagine once I get those Off-road tires on this thing that’s Going to be sweet oh this is a real I’ve Never been over here but oh this is some Serious sand Yeah oh yeah Oh yeah we’re ain’t doing that I use sand to stop uh cars bro I can’t Go through that This is a little too uh deep of sand It just literally plows because the

Tires aren’t big enough well we found The limit of the e-scooter look how deep This sand is here and how loose look at That So the e-scooter is uh not good for this Super uh Low stuff because the tire just digs Right in and you can see it’s really low The tires on this but that is where uh Having an e-bike is good because it has Massive Tires So it can actually go Through this stuff [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] It’s supposed to be pretty bright so That plus these little lights on the Front there’s one on this side and then One on the other side so I want to see If I can see pretty good with those this Does charge separately so there’s like a Little USB spot on it but I have not Used it yet so it’s got like three modes On it we’re gonna try to ride this E-bike and e-scooter turn these lights On and see how they do These aren’t super bright lights but This new light on top well that’s Actually pretty bright lights it up Pretty good turn this bad boy on

Earth It’s just a little humid out here it’s Got some moisture on there So let’s see turn the light on on the Bottom There’s that I don’t know what my Phone’s gonna pick this up Yeah your phone films really good in the Dark Yeah that’s sick Yeah that bright that light is bright Dude Back Yeah that top light is really super Bright I’m glad you got it oh that’s bright Dude dude this top light makes a whole Different bro The other one you could barely get by Honestly I highly recommend this Farley Eagle One guys just think it’s sick you That uh Mach 2 or plus e-bike is really Sick too that thing’s more solid and uh Very fun to ride this is a little bit More torquey and obviously you got to Stand up so it’s a little bit more of a Workout but it’s got amazing suspension It just plows like right through Everything for off-roading obviously Like deep sand or something this is not Going to go well because it’ll bottom Out in deep sand whereas the e-bike has Tall tires so it’ll be able to handle Deep stuff like that

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