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Not only does the 7S look good, it rides good and has got some decent power for hills and a nice range

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Hey guys welcome back to the channel Today I've got saved 7s from propella There's been a lot of chatter a lot of Talk I've seen a bunch of other YouTubers review this bike so excited to See what it can do let's get started With the speed test All right so as far as power goes got a 250 watt nominal 400 watt peak of fang Motor in that rear wheel and that's Powered by a 36 volt 250 watt hour Battery that can be removed and takes 2.5 hours for a recharge there's five Pedal assist levels no throttle and a Top speed of 18.5 miles per hour just Want to give you guys an idea of how Hard it is to Pedal without any power This is the type of bike where you could You could do a few miles without any Power and be just fine all right well Casually pedaling on pedal assist level One eight miles an hour two is eleven Three is fourteen four is 16 and 5 is 19. and then if I really start cranking The pedals I'm on the seventh gear I can Get it up to 22. as far as the pedal assist Sensitivity casually pedaling going 18 Miles an hour if I stop about a half a Second before the power kicks off on the Seventh gear going 17 16 17 if I start There's one just over one revolution Before the power comes back on on Smaller Hills you know I'll start to

Feel some resistance I got to help it up A little bit but on the flats just with My normal Cadence the bike's doing all The work Wow There's not a lot of weight to the bike Only 37 pounds but it can't carry a Rider up to 240 pounds let's see how Long it takes to hit 18 miles per hour So I got close to a full battery pedal Says five gear one here I go let's see When this power kicks in there's oh half A revolution and it comes on so very Reactive from a standstill It's overall it's a pretty gentle Acceleration there's you know 18 right There so 18 miles an hour within a half A block Time to see how far the 7s can go it's Got a range rooting of 20 to 40 miles Gonna do two range tests first with the Easy riding not a lot of stop and go the Second one and more hilly terrain with a Bunch of stop and go Foreign To tell you about the bike all the specs Features things like that out of the box You get the charger the quick release For the front wheel some Nico pedals you Do have to add the saddle to the seat Post and then the handlebars which took Me about 25-30 minutes to assemble not Too bad and now I really like the Coloring you got the blue rims with the

Blue on the grips with the blue and the Seat with the blue on the battery it's Actually a pretty cool looking bike oh It's my first battery bar I've hit 5.64 Miles it is nicely bounced as you can See no hands on the handlebars I am Pedaling if I stop Start again oh it's a little a little Abrupt very stable you know 18 to 20 Miles per hour there's almost 30. And it's just it's just Glides super Smooth and then as far as handling There's there's not a lot of weight to The bike it's skinny it's narrow and so Handling is friendly very easy to manage Control a little movement to one side or The other and it just respawns and Reacts two battery bars missing and I've Gone 8.83 miles I've got a small hill Here pedals this level five you can hear That motor It does pulsate a little bit the steeper The hill the lighter that gets It doesn't sound the best I'm not gonna Lie down to my last battery bar and I've Hit 13.21 miles and still averaging About 18 miles per hour as far as Geometry and the size of the bike it's 69 inches long has a 20 inch standover Height and a 23 inch reach it can fit a Rider 5.2 up to 6'4 as most you guys Know I'm 511 it's a little bit big for The bike to be honest the posture this Gives you is your typical road bike

Posture where you're leaning over my Yield my back's about a 45 degree angle Diving into the cockpit there's Zoom Alloy handlebars good length for the Size of the bike I like the grips good Size that's like the size of grip that I Like on the right side there's a Shimano Ulta shifter going up is one at a time One to seven coming down I can do about Three gears with one push of the thumb Seven to one and that is match the Shimano Altus derailler the saddle is Something you would expect for a road Bike it's long skinny and quite hard and To adjust it you do have to have an Allen wrench below that you got CST Expedium puncher resistant 700c by 35 Tires and they've slapped those onto Some anodized blue Alloy 700c rims which Are pretty cool that's like my favorite By the bike that's it for range test Number one my app recorded 15.50 miles With 500 feet elevation gain gonna Charge it back up do range test number Two This beautiful days Well if that's not the prettiest thing I've seen in a while lightly raining Beautiful River Fall colors Oh look at that this is gorgeous Okay second race test is done the bike Still had power even though it wasn't Showing a battery bar it was still going And this time I got 16.32 miles with 870

Feet elevation gain anyways I can go 15 16 miles with easier hard riding in About a thousand feet elevation gain There's no Hill rating for the 7s but The motor does produce 32 newton meters Of torque okay I got a small hill this Is probably six seven percent grade I've Got about 85 90 battery life in the Highest pedal assist level I'm 185 and Tackle that hill at 13 miles per hour so It's actually got some fairly good power For climbing and now it's time to test Out the Dual disc brakes this is the Brake test now first thing the right Side controls the rear left side Controls the front hard brake three two One Oh that back wheel was skidding a bunch Now you do have to put a lot of pressure In the levers for that hard braking so You got to squeeze them hard but lightly Braking no pulsating no grinding pretty Smooth brakes let me run you through the LCD screen and control pad and all that There's three buttons here power button Up and down of course that changes the Pedal assist level just tap the power Button to stroke the different readouts Hold down the two buttons to enter the P Menu you can change the time and then That is going to be the screen Brightness there's three levels there And then you can also change from Kilometers to miles per hour and that's

It The 7s has an ip65 waterproof rating a One-year warranty and free shipping in The lower 48. well guys typically I'm Not a fan of row bikes but this one Wasn't that bad the handlebars are Elevated a little bit more so I didn't Have to lean over as far feet was a Little bit above average for comfort and The range wasn't bad at all if you want To pick it up I've got the link in the Description also be sure to check out my Website electric There you can find all my reviews sorted By price and capability hit that like Button before you go and please Subscribe for the latest electric bike Board and scooter reviews thanks for Watching and I'll see you next time Okay

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