Kaabo Mantis King GT vs Nami Klima: Battle of the Best!

today we're looking at the Cabo mantis King GT and the Nami Klima and we're going to do a ride comparison with these I'm not going to dive super deep into the individual components and like really look at everything with a magnifying glass because my full review of vinami Klima is up on writer guide's Channel where I work full time and then I also have a writing review on this channel of that one and then the majority of this review of this comparison will be riding this uh the the Mantis and comparing it to the Nami in terms of ride Comfort but I do want to quickly look at just some obvious differences in terms of geometry and size and that kind of stuff I also need to mention that both of these are on loan from Rider guide and they're letting me borrow any scooters I want from them as long as I point you guys towards their full reviews so Paul does the review of the Mantis and Paul obviously is an expert and the Nami Klima review is my own review so go check those out the link will be down below in the description so really quickly component wise you look at these two and it's really obvious why this is such an easy comparison these are both kind of light heavyweight performance Focus scooters that keep the cockpit really simple they both have this thumb a throttle with the The Dead Zone I don't hate The Dead Zone as much as other people do maybe just because I've been using it so much so the big thing geometry wise to point out is the height difference the Nami Klima is a good inch inch and a half taller off the ground than the Mantis and um you'll also see that the springs the shocks on the clima especially the back one the back one's quite a bit larger than the Mantis with the front ones being a little bit more comparable there's the Mantis there's the clima so the claima should have the advantage here it's a newer scooter um I'm sure it's been in development for a really long time and it wouldn't surprise me at all if uh Michael Shaw the uh the designer the the owner of Nami took a lot of his inspiration and a lot of his design ideas from this scooter because they really feel very similar and have very similar performance numbers I'll get into ride feel and performance and all that stuff when I jump on the scooters so let's not delay any longer I'm gonna jump on the Mantis King GT for this comparison because I just barely did a full ride and review of this Cleveland I have a lot more time with the claima so it'll be easy for me to jump on the Mantis and tell you what is different about it and kind of give you my final thoughts on how they compare so even without comparing it side by side it's obvious when you get on it that this is a little bit lower to the ground and the handlebars are a little bit lower as well they're not uh they're not crazy low but it would be nice if they were just a touch taller for me I'm six foot one so just from the little time I've ridden this it's obvious that this scooter and the claima share a lot of DNA the throttle is the same it has a similar top speed it has very similar acceleration numbers I think this is about a half a second slower up to 30 miles an hour then the clima but it's not slow by any means I will say that this feels like it does have a slightly different acceleration curve I feel like it doesn't have the same initial pull that the clima has mind you it's not it's nothing to sneeze at still an absurd scooter the other thing is that you can definitely feel the difference in height from the ground the claima has definitely a little bit more travel on the suspension and I dare say at high speed it's a little more stable than the Mantis foreign I found myself feeling a little bit more wobbly with the Mantis than with the crema also don't mind the uh the screen it is broken I forgot to tape it down like I did with the wolf kitten GT which is also broken the other thing is is that these brakes also feel really good I do think the Logan brakes have a bit of an advantage I definitely give the edge towards the clima in the breaking area as well My overall impression of this compared to the clima as I ride as I ride the Mantis is that the claimler is kind of the natural next progression of this scooter of the compact you know 43 mile an hour top speed uh like performance scooter this scooter feels amazing the hydraulic suspension is really really nice I mean if I hadn't ridden the claima first I would get on the scooter and go oh like why can't all suspension be like this and I really feel like Nami has dialed in suspension feel on their electric scooter super super well I know this has preload adjustment but I am just stock the stock shocks I am bottoming them out a lot more easily than the clima I'm 215 pounds I reduced or I slowed down the rebound a little bit and they they rebounded a good speed it doesn't have a bouncy feel except when I bought them the Springs out so I think a little bit of preload would also help with the way these uh shocks feel as far as space on the riding platform and overall like riding position they feel very similar uh with just the clima with the with the taller handlebars being a little bit more confidence inspiring for me the nice part about taller handlebars is that they back me off of the front wheel and uh make sure I'm not putting too much of my weight over the front wheel I do feel like I'm a little more forward on this scooter than I would be on the clima so this has the uh the knobby tires on it so I figured I'd give this a run off-road as well I've not off-roaded with the clima mostly just because it has those street tires and I don't want to chew those up too much um the claima definitely feels uh like a street scooter as well as well as this but you know what I said why not right I do a lot of off-roading with uh scooters like this so [Applause] [Music] when you're off-roading you put a lot more pressure on the stand and handlebars uh just naturally and now that I'm actually off-road I'm feeling I'm feeling the uh the Mantis Stan stem wobble a lot more I don't think this is recommended or ideal for this scooter um you know but I mean it's holding up completely fine oh this is all this screen is falling apart so the uh screen is falling off so I'm gonna I'm gonna wrap up my thoughts about this um this is a great scooter I have no problems with this scooter the way I see it though is that the clima does everything that this does just a tiny bit better I'm not going to say the claima is some huge step up from the the Mantis King GT but it is a newer scooter and you would hope that there would be a progression and so with the claim of being the newer scooter it has a newer more Cutting Edge feel it's got a little bit of an advantage in that acceleration bite and overall acceleration to 30 miles an hour it's got a little bit of a taller floatier plush feel and um overall it feels to me just a little bit more solid the overall the overall geometry and size and everything about the clima just feels better to me and it is a little heavier and uh the claima does have does come standard with the street tires rather than the knobby tires uh but other than those two things I can't really find a whole lot that I like more about this scooter than the clima so there you go there's my thoughts I'm gonna get home before this uh screen completely falls off the scooter onto the ground thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one [Music] please

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