Is Varla’s New Cheap Scooter Any Good? Varla Wasp Review

varla's new entry-level scooter the varlo WASP is here and I figured I would give you guys a look into what it's like to open this up since this will be a lot of people's uh first scooter as it is a entry-level scooter I think it's 600 so I'm just gonna quickly give you an idea of what it's like to receive the package and open it up and then we'll jump on it and I'll give you my review [Music] thank you so obviously this is going to be a nice small compact scooter kind of what you expected the price nice okay just folds up in locks it looks like we just have some handlebars to install so let's do that [Music] [Music] so the only thing I had to do to set it up was these two bolts right here set up the handlebars and then you're good to go so just quickly uh look at what you get with the scooter you get your owner's manual you get your charger you get a pump like extender so that tells me that these are pneumatic tires I was curious if they were going to go solid or pneumatic you got your tool and then Bolts Plus an extra one here in case you need it so yeah that's it super straightforward but kind of everything you would want so I don't know how well it comes across on camera but this is a very small scooter like it's not very tall the handlebars are really really low it's really like short and the platform there's not a ton of platform space so like as far as I understand it is supposed to be an adult scooter but it definitely has a very like kid scooter feel to it so I'm curious how on longer rides that's going to feel and if it's going to feel just like way too small to reasonably use if you're taller I'm six foot one um so I'm a little bit on the taller side so if you're similar to my height you can kind of make a decision on whether or not this is a good choice for you before I take off on this let's do a quick look at the handlebar section itself um you've got the power button here which is kind of an unusual spot it's normally this is normally where the headlight button is and then you actually have turn signals on here and then you have your horn thumb throttle it's not zero start but that's not really expected and then the display is actually really nice and bright looks like you just get speed odometer battery and then I think that's supposed to be the light button but I'm actually not sure oh yeah there we go oh that's the oh that's the mode button okay sweet kind of hold it down another interesting thing is that it has so one has turn signals that's like really rare to see on a scooter at this price but then they also have like the bar ends that light up they're not they're literally not visible at all during the day but maybe if you're riding it at night that's something that was useful for you you get one brake lever here oh look and it lights up when you're braking that's kind of cool and so you get one disc brake in the back and then presumably you get regen breaking in the front um but I'll test that when I jump on it the other unique feature that stands out to me is you saw in the unboxing how it unfolds how it pivots right here rather than just the stem folding down okay so I am officially gonna take it for its first ride I have it in the highest speed mode I'm also going to be tracking my range on this I charged it all the way to full before I took it out so this will also be kind of a range test too and I'll give you the results at the end I'm really really curious to see if this is going to be able to do 10 miles I'm kind of expecting somewhere in that range 8 to 10 miles in the highest speed mode and if it does better than that then I'll be really impressed so take it off [Applause] okay yeah it's not a it's not slow it's about what you expect at the price um I've actually been riding a number of kind of uh of scooters right around this price lately since I'm reviewing some other ones from like turbo ant and go tracks and I obviously reviewed the kqi2 from new uh so I think it has a single well it's for sure single motor it's I think it's 350 watt front motor and it feels about like what it says as I predicted it does like actually getting on it feels it feels very low and very small um my feet are quite close together but at the same time it doesn't feel how do I put it like overly small right like I'm like okay if I needed to go a few miles as a last minute commute and I wanted something really small and Light like this this will get that done like I live on the first floor and I had to carry this down and it was like almost comically light like how easy it was to just like pick it up by the handlebars and like walk it down the steps I know that's definitely like a priority for some people for me it's not as much a priority because it's only one flight of stairs I have to do and most of my scooters and bikes are in a storage unit and I don't really care too much about how heavy they are or how big they are um but for someone that like has a priority on that this is like it's a very small and very light scooter it also makes me wonder if they did that intentionally because I think buying scooters around this price for younger kids is uh is a popular thing to do I've had I have had multiple relatives reach out to me and say hey what scooters would you recommend at this price point for my kids and so far this one seems to be a really good candidate for that as far as being a really good adult scooter and so far it's kind of hard to definitively say my mind is naturally going to compare this to the Neo kqi2 Pro which at as low as 450 dollars is just like it's I think it's gonna be a long time before anything comes close to that for an adult electric scooter at this price yeah let's see it says we're doing 15.

so that must mean that this is capped at 15.5 miles an hour which is again about what you expect um the turbulent X7 the pro and the max I think both do 18 and a half miles an hour as well as the go tracks models I think it's the G3 and the G4 that are around this price so speed wise uh it's about what you expect stability wise it actually feels pretty good I think it has a tiny bit of suspension rear suspension but uh like with the Highboy S2 Pro that has some rear suspension it's the same thing where it's like how much do you really feel it it feels more like they put it on there just as like a marketing bullet point to be like oh it has rear suspension I think if you're going to put suspension on just a single spot like on a single wheel it should be in the front I think that does way more for scooter ride comfort then suspension in the rear one upside of it being kind of a smaller scooter is it does feel really Nimble it's so light and small that like darting around feels really really good this this would be a good option for if you like if on your commute you maybe need to use a section of sidewalk because there's no bike lane and you need to go nice and slow with with other pedestrians or whatever so like I said earlier it does have pneumatic tires but I don't know I mean when you're going these speeds and with the scooter this small like the difference between solid and pneumatic tires is so so no inconsequential like it's not like putting pneumatic tires magically makes this like a super cushy smooth ride like at this price and at the size like you expect the ride to be a little excuse me you expect the ride to be a little rough and obviously it is like maybe there's some small advantage on like small gravel like this but I did check and it has solid or I mean uh yeah solid rims there's no split rim on this which means that if you get a flat tire which I assume they're tubed I'll check that I'll put it up on the screen now if I'm wrong um but I assume they're tubed and I say it every single time but if you've never had to change a tubed tire flat on a solid Rim like on an entry level scooter like this you'll never want to do it again you'll like you never want to do it in the first place and I'm a little surprised that they didn't go solid Tire because like I feel like Varla has been really in tune with the pulse of what people want like when they went from like they released the eagle one obviously and that was uh that was manufactured by Titan so that wasn't their own design but then the Pegasus was their own design and right out of the gates they went with solid tires and I think that was from feedback from customers that wanted something that was like a reliable Commuter or dual motor commuter but that you didn't have to worry about Flats so I'm a little surprised that they didn't go with solid tires because for me if I'm spending six hundred dollars like that's or less that's very much entry level like that's that's like I just want to get a taste of scooters and I think you want it to be as low maintenance and simple as possible you want it to be something that you don't have to think about like it sits in the corner the times you need to use it you grab it because it's nice and light and small and easy to use you don't have to worry about flats or anything like that and that's what I'm so adamant about this level of scooter having solid tires if you get a flat the average person is the Scooter's just going to end up sitting there unless you absolutely rely upon it but most of the time it's just going to sit in the corner with a flat tire especially if you buy this for a kid right like if you get a flat tire the kit is not going to be like oh yeah I'll go ahead and change that flat it's going to have to be the parents that are going to do it and it's going to be low priority and so the best advice I have is that if you do go with this is make sure you keep the tire pressure really high that's a really simple thing you can do to help prevent Flats it'll help prevent pinch flats and also to a certain extent puncture flats and then obviously be aware of where you're riding but focusing back up on the the general feel of the scooter like I actually don't have as much of a problem with it as I thought like I said the smaller the smaller size is not much of an issue as I thought it would be like 15 miles an hour you're not even really worrying about like having like taller handlebars I think if once you start getting up towards 20 or 25 then the lower handlebars start to make it like start to be a problem I don't think there's anything wrong with this scooter as maybe a high schooler or a middle schooler that wants to ride to school or maybe a college student that needs something that can fold up really small and light and they can take on campus and they don't have to like they don't have a really long ride to campus but and the other thing is is that because this is only single motor you're going to have issues with how uh how well it climbs Hills so that's another thing to keep in mind I've always been I don't know it's just been really adamant about like if you want something that can do everything you need to do for a commute or react recreational ride you should go something dual motor so if you're shopping around and you have a really strict budget I think this is a decent one to consider but otherwise you should start looking at close to a thousand dollar scooters like Varla has the Varla Pegasus which is like eleven twelve hundred dollars and you get a ton of performance and dual motors and solid Tire options and it's going to be something that's going to last longer you're going to have more fun with like this is very much just like entry level bare minimum strict budget type scooter take a break up here and I'll do a like a folding demonstration and I'll show you how light this thing is and talk about any other features that I missed I'm gonna do a couple quick breaking tests here let me get it up to 15 mile an hour okay 15 and break that was maybe about 15 feet so to fold this up it's actually really easy you just there's a pin over here I'll show a close-up of it you just pull on that and then you can just put your foot right here and push down and it'll fold down so it's just kind of like this boom and then it clicks in down here boom easy and then to undo it you just press down on the fender pop it up and then when you're folding it up you need to make sure you pull that same pin out so it doesn't get stuck on it and then you can let the pin the safety pin back in and you're good nice and solid also as I said it's like super super light I I don't know the exact specs on it I think it's uh like less than 30 pounds if not around 30 pounds and I mean it's it's like almost comically light all the weight is even up here back here is like next to zero weight so we're eight miles in last battery bar so I figured would be a good time to give kind of my conclusion you know my my general thought and I I think I've kind of got my point across pretty well but this is a solid 600 scooter that does exactly what it promises you know you you spending less than six hundred dollars there's a certain level of expectations you need to have and this delivers on those expectations I don't think it necessarily delivers above expectations or anything crazy unique but I think it does a good job of giving exactly what you want and for the people that will be able to get the most use out of this as a last mile Commuter or as a first scooter for a child this gives this gives you what you want you'll get your money's worth easily if you're looking for something to maybe dip your toes into the water and see if you like scooters without a huge amount of commitment again this is a good option and uh I I haven't found any glaring flaws with it you know I ride a lot of scooters like dozens and dozens of scooters I I do have this channel I work full time for electric scooter guides so it's I'm on scooters constantly every single day and so it doesn't take a long time for me to get a good idea of if a scooter is good or not and this this it's a solid small compact light little scooter and you get exactly what you paid for so if you're considering it if you like Varla if you like the ads you saw if you are you know looking for something for a kid I think this is a great way to go okay so a GPS tracked range of 10.8 miles uh so yeah I mean that's about what I expected I actually thought the top end would be like 10 to 12.

so it exceeded my expectations actually.

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