Is the Varla Eagle One Right for You?! | E-Scooter Review & Data!

The Varla Eagle One,, made a name for itself with a good priced, dual-motor e-scooter that comes with some nice extra’s. A tried and true platform brings some fun and excitement to all of it’s potential uses; whether commuting, running errands, racing your friends, or just casual rides.

Specifications Measured by Electron Surfer
Reviewer Height/Weight: 5’10”(178cm), 175 lbs (79kg)
Make: Varla
Model: Eagle One
MSRP: $1,699
Warranty: 12 & 24 months
Motor: 1,000 watt, dual
Controller Output: 2x25amp
Display: QS-S4 Color LCD
Battery: 52v/18.2ah = 946.4 watt hours, Unlabeled cells
Charger Output and Recharge Time: (1.7 amps 6+ hrs)
Tires: 10 inch w/ tubes
Suspension: Dual single spring, adjustable
Brakes: Zoom Hydraulic w/140mm rotor
Water Resistance: Not Listed
Weight limit: 330 lbs (149.7 kg)
Advertised Weight: 77 lbs (34.9 kg)
Measured Weight: 69.8 lbs (31.7 kg)
Unfolded Length (LxWxH): 51x25x50 in (1295x635x1270 mm)
Folded Length: 51 in (1295 mm)
Deck Height: 9 in (229 mm)
Deck Clearance: 6.5 in (165 mm)
Deck (length x width): 19 X 9 in (483 X 229mm)
Handlebars from deck: 40 in (1016 mm)
Handlebar Rotation: 90Β°+
Handlebar Width: 25 in (635 mm)

Advertised Range: to 40 mi (to 64 km)
Observed Range: to 29.9 mi (to 48 km)
Advertised Top Speed: 40 mph (64 kph)
Observed Top Speed: 34 mph (55 kph)
Advertised Hill Climb: 30%
Tested Hill Climb: 8Β°/14%

Tools I Use Frequently:
T-Handle Allen Keys:
Rechargeable Pump:

Gear I Wear
πŸ§₯Cool Weather Jacket: , Code ES15 saves 15%.
β›‘Bike Helmet:
β›‘Scooter/Skate Helmet:

Camera Gear:
My 360 Camera:
Camera with GPS Overlay:
Sweet Main Camera:
Voice Recorder:
Lapel Mic:
Mic Wind Blocker:

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Close Look
2:25 Top Speed
4:45 Performance
5:00 American River
5:17 Ride Feel
6:55 Offroad
8:30 Range

Okay you guys today we’re going to be Reviewing the varla eagle one e-scooter Watch i just got this in i want to say Thank you to varla for sending out the Eagle one And i’m gonna get this unboxing and get A good look at it let’s go Yeah yeah You guys i didn’t record me putting Anything together because really there Was nothing to put together You came with a multi-tool so you can Tighten a few things down ready to go Right out of the box the most i had to Do was charge the scooter up gave me a Choice of several different Rip cages you got your instructions that Came with it and with a couple little Stickers one other thing it also came With the extra inner tube just in case So i thought that was pretty cool it Came with an ac charge brick the sweet Thing is it can accept two different Chargers so if you purchase the second Charger it would accept that to make it Charge a little faster So Over the show The best part is it’s big enough to hold Me The suspension was incredible i mean i Couldn’t believe it i’m 239 pounds and I’m bouncing on this thing like a Trampoline

It held me the whole way through But it’s small enough to fit right in The back of my jeep So one of the cool features of this is It can fold down All you have to do is loosen these two Clips here And the whole handlebar setup folds down So you can fit this into your vehicle Just loosen the clips Like so Bring that up And fold that back And it folds in half just like that it’s That simple And now all we have to do is just load It in the back Excuse the way i’m loading this guys i’m On a steep hill and i’m holding the door With my head gotta do what i gotta do Almost forgot Bringing the blue ready so we can charge It up This is the best part The quick and easy setup No matter where you go It only take a matter of seconds to get This thing up and running All you got to do Is flip up the handlebars Lock them Down first You’re last Let’s go

[Music] The varla eagle one is bone quiet you Can’t hear anything excellent suspension I can’t believe is holding me up like This There’s plenty of room on the deck for My feet so i can get comfortable i’m a Wide guy and i take a lot of space Clearly but there was no problem with That here It didn’t take very long to get used to I was comfortable immediately Even though it had small wheels they had A lot of grip I always felt confident like the wheels Really had my back So i kind of pushed the limits here and There I felt great i mean this was incredible It doesn’t look like it but the barley Eagle one can turn on a dime Before i get too happy let’s test those Breaks If i cannot stop Then this whole thing is a wash I’m a big guy this is a little scooter And these brakes have to work This thing gets pretty fast if you Wanted to having great brakes is Critical on the scooter’s size and they Pass with flying colors Everywhere i went people stopped me and Asked me questions about the varla eagle One everybody wanted to know

What is it Where did i get it how much does it cost How fast can i get them I was blown away by how interested Everybody was in the varla eagle one I really wanted to take this off-road to Really give it a real test And i mean i’ll put this thing through The ringer It would have been much better if i had Some off-road tires other than that it Was great There’s those excellent breaks again That’s enough off-roading for now i Think it’s time for a speed test buckle Up buttercup don’t listen to these People ricky you’re a winner you got the Gift always remember If you ain’t first You’re last Now is there anyone out there who wants To go fast Anybody i want to go fast [Music] First Baby I’ve never seen a driver who wants to Win more than this guy i can get used to This thing if you ain’t first You’re last All right here’s our starting point mode Three Here we go and go [Music]

Now i dare you to try to pick out which Frame Is turbo boost and which frame did i Screwed up It’s gonna be hard to tell [Music] [Music] This thing is incredible i got it for 37 Miles an hour No problem [Music] If you ain’t first Your last Like super fast Let’s get out of here Don’t ready And that’s it I’m done for the day and it’s as easy as Wrapping it back up and putting it back In the jeep as this [Music] All right you guys i hope you enjoyed The video i had a blast making it i want To say thank you to varna for sending me Out the varla eagle one i Love this thing i just love it so you Guys if you want to save some money you Can use my code which is lead 50 l e a d 50. it’s going to be in the first pin Comment and it’s going to be in the Description box below if you have any Questions please comment below and i’m Gonna do my best to answer them there is Gonna be a part two to this video

Because there’s so much more that i have To show you and tell you about this Product it’s incredible so Everybody thank you for watching the Video live farmer 73 I love you Be safe and i’m out I’d like you to do me a favor i want you To tell all your friends about me what Are you I’m a land farmer [Applause]

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