Is the New Apollo Pro Actually Worth $4000?

the Apollo Pro is one of the most exciting scooters of the year and I absolutely had to get my hands on the awesome chrome finish version that Rider guide has so thanks to them for loaning it to me as you may know by now I work for writer guide full time but Arcanine rides is my own channel where I give my own opinions and all my content is my own be sure to check out Paul's Deep dive into this scooter on writer guide's Channel after this video I'll link that down below in the description I normally do mini reviews like this unscripted focusing on ride Comfort General scooter feel and performance because that's typically what I value the most in a scooter and that's how my review of the Apollo Pro started and then I ended up talking about a lot more things than I was initially planning and it honestly was a lot of unstructured rambling more than usual at least plus all the footage was corrupted most likely from the GoPro overheating and glitching out during my ride so rather than re-record this review unscripted I wrote a fully scripted review to make sure my thoughts were concise and logical so what do I really think about the Apollo Pro well for a moment let's pretend that it has no price tag and just take the scooter at face value it's honestly an amazing scooter and I've Loved riding it Apollo has really made something special here not just from a design standpoint though it is probably the best looking scooter on the market the pro is genuinely great to ride it's fast stable comfortable the geometry is good the riding platform is huge with a nice deck tail the front suspension feels amazing the big tires make all the little bumps just go away and it handles well and feels Nimble doesn't have the big bulky plow through everything feel and look of the Segway GT2 still looks and feels and folds down like you would expect a scooter to the acceleration is quick but not overwhelming it has a decent top speed and it's stable at those top speeds its weakest point from a writing perspective is the drum brakes the regen breaking lever on the left is enough in most situations for speed adjustment but I really wish it came with more aggressive hydraulic disc brakes for quick stops you can't lock up the brakes no matter how hard you pull on the levers and while that may be good for beginner Riders this isn't a beginner scooter the braking distance just isn't short enough in my opinion however I get why they went with drum brakes they're easy to maintain and the Sleek discless look they offer really matches the Scooter's Aesthetics and for most braking situations they are fine but overall from a writing standpoint this is just about everything you could want from a scooter and I've immensely enjoyed testing it okay now let's add the four thousand dollar price tag into the mix is it really worth four thousand dollars well my short answer is I have yet to ride an electric scooter that I'd pay four thousand dollars out of my own pocket to own however there's nothing wrong with paying a premium for a luxury scooter the big issue that most people seem to have with this scooter is the performance numbers you tend to expect crazy top speeds and lightning fast acceleration times at this price and that was my perspective on it initially as well but riding the pro has actually changed my perspective a bit and made me realize that paying for a one-of-a-kind reliable high quality do-it-all beautifully designed technology-rich scooter is something that makes a lot of sense depending on what you're shopping for in the automotive Market there are performance and luxury cars that sit in the same price range and some people don't want or need the crazy performance numbers a Rolls-Royce Phantom is a fast car and it doesn't lack that performance punch but it focuses on comfort and presentation over raw performance numbers now I wouldn't necessarily call the Apollo Pro the Rolls-Royce of electric scooters but you see what I'm saying with this parallel I personally would never go into a dealership with four hundred thousand dollars and start by looking at a Rolls-Royce however if you force me into one and let me drive it around really soak it in you could probably make a solid case that that's where my money should go so it is with the Apollo Pro on paper the price tag isn't intimidating but after writing one around for the past few weeks I get it I really do and that's not something I thought I would say for a lot of people they see the scooter and go well that has everything I want performance wise it looks amazing and offers a lot of features that I want well that's who this scooter is for but Mitchell I hear you protest you criticize the GT2 for not going faster how's that different from the Apollo Pro well I thought about this and I realized that I wanted more speed out of the GT2 because the size weight and acceleration suggests that it's designed to go faster than 43 miles an hour and it just doesn't imagine buying an expensive sports car with a 3 second 0-60 and then the car has a hard speed cap at 100 miles an hour yeah you don't always need to go 100 miles an hour but why does it stop at that speed if it has such fast acceleration the GT2 rockets off the line and then slams into the speed cap while it feels like it has so much more to give it's too bulky and heavy to be anything but a performance scooter the Apollo Pro however isn't trying to be a sports scooter it feels like 40 miles an hour is the speed it was meant to go and it also maintains a level of portability that the GT2 just doesn't have the other thing that the scooter got me thinking about is innovation in the scooter industry as someone who eats sleeps and breathes electric scooters anything that breaks the mold and pushes scooter Tech forward is a win in my book The GT2 falls into that same category that's why ultimately I can't be too mad at the prices of these quote unquote super scooters anything that's a change from the parts bin OEM scooters that have the same styling and components as scooters five years ago is a win for consumers the Apollo Pro is a scooter that is designed to either replace a car or be kind of an end game scooter that you splurge on knowing that you probably don't have to buy any other scooter for a very long time the pro does everything that you would ever need a scooter to do while still being a scooter that you can fold up properly and slide into your car or store out of the way it's won my heart over and at a slightly lower price this could be one of my favorite scooters ever the Indiegogo pre-sale price is 3 500 and that might just be the discount that it needs for people on the fence to justify buying it if you want the best bang for the buck performance for the price though and you don't care about any of the extra features and the design of the pro then the wolf King GT Pro and upcoming wolf King GTR are going to be your best friends I did a ride and review of the GT Pro so check that out it'll be linked on the end card that pops up at the end of this ride I'm Mitchell with Arcanine rides enjoy the rest of my ride out on the Apollo Pro and I'll see in the next one thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right [Music]

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