I’m Sold… | Apollo Air Electric Scooter

Apollo has a history of making quality scooters, they’ve achieved that with the Air! I’ll break it all down for you and show ya what it can do.

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Foreign Guys I got the Apollo air it's got Plenty of power lightweight suspension Nice air fill tires all the things You're looking for and a nice Comfortable ride so let me show you what I can do starting off with a speed test All right speed mode one is pretty much Walk mode three miles per hour Speed two is eight and then speed three Is 19 miles an hour one of the better Filling scooters at this speed I can Easily take my hand off the handlebars If you want the crews just tap the power Button three times then hold the Throttle down for a few seconds release It and you're cruising Foreign Got a full charge on the scooter you do Have to kick start it a little bit here We go It's the highest speed mode Slowly climbing 16 17 0 to 15 pretty Quick and then 15 to 19 is fairly slow Scooter's ready to climb up to a 10 gray I got a full charge on the scooter in The highest speed mode down to four Slowing down but that was actually the Trickiest part 185 pound Rider 10 grade Hill block long that is pretty good Foreign You got two different ways to break There's a lever on the left side that Controls the front drum brake then a

Regen brake which is identical to the Throttle on the right side and that Controls the electric rear brake so Topping this scooter out just with the Lever first three two one Hard as I can pull it the wheel did not Skid and I stopped in about 10 feet and Now just the rejam break three two one A lot slower nice and smooth though that Is not jerky at all it did take three Times as long to stop with just this and When you use it you can see some lights Light up here how much charge is going Back into the battery and now using both The drum brake and the electric brake Three two one Yeah still about the same distance it Took me with just the drum brake Now wrapped up the first race test my App record of 15.15 miles with 230 feet Elevation gain and the scooter was just About dead it's gonna charge up again to Do range test number two Thank you All right so race test number two is Complete this time I got 11.11 miles With 367 feet elevation gain if you're Around my weight of 185 pounds you can Expect anywhere from 12 to 13 miles with 300 feet elevation gain all right guys As far as specs look designed first two Full coverage fenders it does collapse Locking mechanism out in the fronts and Then there's a lever that pulls out from

The just by the LCD screen locks the Back of the scooter then you can just Grab it by the stem haul it around not Too bad it weighs 38 pounds can carry a Rider up to 220 pounds as far as the Handlebar width very long for the you Know for the frame of the scooter kind Of gripping out of v shape so you got Some airflow underneath the armpits Which I like grips are nice filling They're stationary kind of smaller There's a lot of space between my waist And the handlebars cockpit area is very Open so if you're a bigger Rider you Feel comfortable in something like this Handlebar height I can reach past the Grips about five six inches so if you're You know six two six three I think it'd Be okay you wouldn't have to lean over To grab the grips and the space here too Allows you to get down get lows and one Of my favorite features about the Scooters just how easy it is to manage And control just super lightweight I Mean they call this the air for a reason This is the easiest scooter to Bunny Hop That I've ever tried moving down to the Deck it is kind of v-shaped I got a size Tend to have shoes and putting them one In front of the other it does go back on The fender about five six inches I like That the motor is in the rear it just Protects it and that is a 500 watt motor It's got an internal battery 36 volt 15

Amp hour lithium takes five to seven Hours for a recharge up at the front end Of the rear you have a 10 inch air fill Tire so Tire quality is actually really Nice here on the sidewalk lines I can Fill them but my eyes aren't vibrating At all and there's about a three inch Curb Actually he just Glides up that nice and Easy and then you got a front fork Suspension there's about an inch to an Inch and a half of travel Sounds really good the air has an ip54 Waterproof rating a one-year warranty And free shipping in the lower 48. oh GG's coming to give the loves oh you Want to go for a scooter ride oh boy I think you were gonna do it all right Guys my favorite feature with the Apollo Air has got to be the ride it is one of The smoothest rides for a scooter in This price range thanks for watching and I'll see you next time 99

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