I Crashed My Electric Scooter: A Dumb Mistake

oh so I crashed pretty bad on a scooter for the first time in almost 3 years and Not only was it totally preventable but it's almost comical how early into my ride I was foreshadowing this crash let me show you what I mean and then I'll show you how I crashed and what I learned from it so hopefully you don't copy my mistake in your own writing first off this was my first ride out on a new scooter I was testing the Vmax vx2 Pro I like to record and commentate my first rides in case I noticed anything interesting that I want to mention in the review but just listen to my initial commentary about the scooter because I was fully aware of how I might crash on this thing this thing is quick for a single motor scooter this is starting to Edge into speeds where you'd like a little bit of suspension you'd like disc brakes at least front and rear brakes of some kind not just a front brake plus electronic braking in the back it definitely feels solid which is like the most important thing even even kind of a bumpy ride is manageable if you feel like the scooter is built well oh it's definitely starting to Edge into too fast for its own good territory at these speeds it's an aggressive little scooter it's fun but I definitely don't feel completely comfortable at the top speeds without suspension that's a bumps got a really Hold On Tight this thing threatens to kick you off with just about any bump so clearly I was hyper aware of how fast this thing goes and how going the top speeds over all these bumps really isn't advisable so it really shouldn't have been a surprise when coming back through that same section of path this happened oh so you may have noticed what happened but I'll back it up again first off I was going way too fast through a section that I knew was bumpy and a bit sketchy then you can see me reaching for the brake levers here to slow down a bit for the turn which was the thing that I was focused on and I obviously didn't keep a good grip of the handlebars causing me to lose them when I hit the bump I hit a few bumps during my ride that almost yanked the handlebars out of my hands like that and I remember thinking that I needed to control my speed better through bumpy sections but no I got a little overconfident and cocky here's the aftermath of the crash okay here's the damage uh this hand got the most beat up this one okay I slammed my knees pretty good and my elbow but I think over but I think overall I'm okay I just it's just frustrating I haven't freaking I haven't freaking crashed like that in a long time I'm overall okay but I do have a bit of road rash and a couple swollen knees here's the damage on the scooter like just breake lovers other than that it's I mean oh let's see we got some Skid skidding action on the side here kickstand hit I think I think everything else is okay though I mean this is a pretty solidly built uh scooter I can't imagine that there'd be any issues but I'll jump on it here and see if it's okay it's funny how I was like the whole time I was riding I was like oh dang like got to be careful like even the smallest I literally even said the smallest bump could send me over here and sure enough like not heeding my own advice dang man it's been a while since I've done that my last crash was on the high boy Titan and that scooter uh technically had suspension but it felt like it didn't and the handlebars were super upright and and I went over it's another case of just because you can go that fast doesn't mean you should which is something I've literally uh said in videos before so on my last crash um I I went over the bars kind of like that but um I was wearing a full face and it was a good thing because I hit face first on that one I really went over the bars got lucky this time I'm only wearing a half helmet and uh luckily I crashed in a way where I didn't smack my jaw into the ground but I just kind of I don't know I just didn't anticipate this scooter going that fast it really is a powerful scooter to not have any suspension also I just need to ride it more conservatively bend my knees a little better I feel like I had my knees bent pretty well cuz I was going over those other bumps but just in case of bad timing not anticipating a bump properly so I might as well take a few lessons out of this one obviously when you're uh going over bumps you need to watch your speed you need to know what your scooter is capable of and uh I needed to probably have my knees bent more than they were um especially with no suspension your legs can act as a great form of suspension but uh you have to use them properly it's funny it just feels like one of those things that like every time I come home from a ride and I haven't crashed I haven't been hit by a car it always feels like a a mini Miracle with the amount of hours that I'm spending out on electric scooters and electric bikes like I mean multiple hours almost every single day of my life so it feels like you know eventually I'm I'm Bound to You Know do something dumb like that get just a little too complacent a little too comfortable and uh be punished for it and then hopefully you guys can learn from you know my dumb mistakes that I make over the course of all my years of riding and hopefully be able to take that uh be able to take those lessons and uh not make those mistakes yourself so I will still be doing a full review of this scooter I'm not going to let my crash affect my review of it I already had uh most of my thoughts nailed down so everything I say in that video will be a reflection of you know how I feel about the scooter not about me making a dumb mistake and crashing so yeah get subscribed to see that review uh I'll link my other crash if you want to watch that one um and yeah I actually did technically crash very early on in the life of the channel but it was a very mild mild crash I don't even think I scraped anything um so this has really been my uh you know second actual legitimate crash where I've actually hurt myself so all things considered I think that's a pretty good track record anyway thanks for watching and I will see you in the next [Music] one

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