HiBoy S2 Max Electric Scooter Review – Ninebot Killer?

HiBoy S2 Max Electric Scooter Review
Recently HiBoy sent me another scooter to review and I was excited to try this one out.
The HiBioy S2 Max has a large deck, decent sized battery and a 500 Watt motor that was able to propel me to about 20mph/32 KPH around my city navigating smaller hills with ease. I found the geometry of the scooter to be excellent and the height of the handlebars comfortable for my large 6′ frame. After riding it for these past few days I think it would be an excellent scooter for commuting or cruising around the city. It doesn’t have suspension but does have large 10″ air filled tires which I found quite comfortable.

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00:00 HiBoy S2 Max Intro
00:30 Specifications
01:33 Folding & Power
02:38 Braking Test
03:20 What Tim doesn’t like
03:50 What Tim Likes
04:45 Range Expectations
05:28 Geometry
05:50 Conclusion

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