This a quick review of The HIBOY MAX3 Eclectic Scooter. this is a repost of a previous review, but edited down. Thanks for watching!


Hiboy MAX3 Electric Scooter, 350W Motor 10″ Pneumatic Off Road Tires Up to 17 Miles & 18.6 MPH, Adult Electric Scooter for Commute and Travel


Brand Hiboy
Color Black
Number of Wheels 2
Wheel Size 10 Inches
Wheel Type Pneumatic
Item Weight 40 Pounds
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brake Style Rear Braking

Upgrade your travel: Features powerful 350W rear motor, Hiboy MAX3 electric scooters can reach to 18 mph and 15% hill grade, travel up to 17 miles. 3 ride modes help you maximize range and control the proper speed for any skill level.
Wider 10-inch off-road pneumatic tires: Features self-healing tires, the dual-density tires are wider and inflated with air that can withstand multiple punctures (less than 6mm in diameter) without tire deflation prevents a potential tire replacement with better safety.
Reliable and durable frame: Using a durable metal frame, Hiboy built the MAX3 scooter reliable and with a wider deck to make the rider stay balanced on a wide and stable platform and max load of 220 lbs.
Comfortable and safe riding: Equipped with a wider deck and 10-inch fat pneumatic tires ensure max comfort, even on speed bumps or rough surfaces. The headlight and brake light make you see and be seen at night. The dual mechanical disc braking and e-braking system ensure braking safety.
Take it anywhere: The scooter has a portable folding design and can be put in compact space like a car truck. It’s also easy to carry and bring into the metro station, elevator, etc.

Basic Tips on Motorcycle Safety, How to Try, Buy, Check Condition and Enjoy Your Biker Lifestyle

Here are a few of the basic ideas to assist with your selection of motorbike. This has come from my half a century of bike experience. I am a retired bike auto mechanic and have owned motorcycle sales as well as repair work companies in the past as well as still ride to this day.

Four Reasons to Join a Local Motorcycle Club

When you think that riding a bike is rather liberating, you can expand that feeling by joining a motorbike club. Why not share your interest with like-minded travelers? There are numerous reasons to sign up with a bicycle rider’s club, including companionship, meeting brand-new people, and also sharing the exact same rate of interests.

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Motorbike

There is little question that it can be a whole lot of enjoyable to be able to have your very own motorcycle as well as drive it down the public roads without a treatment in the world, but at the same time before you obtain to enjoy what this example really feels like you will need to take the time to take into consideration the kind of motorbike that you purchase really thoroughly. With every one of the various motorcycles that are out there available for sale, it is particularly a great concept to explore multiple alternatives as well as also do some fundamental study into motorcycle brands …

What You Need to Know About Rubber Compound on Motorcycle Tires

Rubber utilized for your tires is an intricate blend of approximately 200 chemicals, both all-natural and synthetic rubbers. Carbon black as a filler and also a host of various other ingredients like sulfur to set the rubber and also anti-oxidants to stop damages from UV light. Silica is used as a filler to improve tire grasp throughout wet climate. It additionally adds to improved performance during such times.

The Different Types of Kawasaki Motorcycle

Kawasaki are known for being just one of the globe’s leading motorbike makers. Not just do the bikes look impressive, but they have efficiency, comfort, dependability and also security functions that are unrivaled.

Loud Motorcycle Exhausts: A Nuisance or a Protective Measure?

The aftermarket uses both loud as well as quiet exhausts. So the following time you shop, you must make inquiries from your supplier if you can swap from being loud to silent depending on your atmosphere.

Looking To Increase Your Motorcycle Luggage Capacity?

Motorbike bags not just supply storage room yet they do add visual worth to your bike. While some bike brands have their very own customized bags, like Harley Davidson, most do not. Right here are some standards if you are looking for general objective motorcycle luggage.

One Wheeled Motorbikes – I Want One

A good friend of mine revealed me a cool video clip he saw on YouTube and it blew my mind. It was a video clip of a person named Chris Hoffman, inventor of RYNO Motors, riding a one rolled motorbike (His development). Chris identified a method to develop a self harmonizing, ecological friendly, Segway-like car with much better ability to move, improved storage space abilities, and way cooler looking that the Segway. About 5 years back, his child was playing a computer game display as well as asked him to construct the make believe unicycle she saw on display. Five years later on, RYNO electric motors is about to introduce sales, approximated to strike market in January 2013.

One Wheeled Motorbikes – The Advantages

I needed to do a double take the very first time I became aware of these remarkable one wheeled motorbikes from RYNO electric motors.

Think Different For A Modified Look Of Your Bike

Assuming out of the box is the newest mantra that is gripping the globe as well as both young and old alike are captured up in this frenzy. Going off the track has ended up being the in thing. Doing this allows a person or a company to stand apart in the crowd.

How Easy Is It To Maintain Your Tires?

Tire maintenance makes certain long life of your tires, and also it is directly proportional to its performance. Tires that are well cared for will certainly serve you for longer as well as their performance will certainly be magnificent when compared to tires that are not serviced regularly.

Why You Should Use Winter Motorcycle Tires During Winter

Winter months motorbike tires are studded and also hence attack well right into the snow. Usage of winter tires stops hydroplaning as a result guarantees your safety and security on the road. The other element that you need to inspect is the tire inflation.

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