Gemini Fucare Dual Battery Step Thru E-Bike

It’s hard for bikes in this price range to get over 40 miles…well not with this! It’s also got great hill climb, hydraulic brakes and is very comfy.

Pick this bike up here:

Also sold in Canada

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Here’s some of the gear I use:
Helmet with tail light:
Knee/elbow pads:
Bike Light:
Riding Gloves:
Wrist Guards:
GoPro Hero 9:
DSLR Camera:
GoPro 10
QuadLock Bike Mount:

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Motorcycle Upgrades for Avid Riders

Motorcycling has always been among one of the most enjoyed and also complied with methods of entertainment for individuals from every age teams. No matter the caste, society or the shade of the skin, motorcycling is something that has bonded humanity for ages now.

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Our Review of the Comfort Seat Spyder Touring Seat From Can-Am

The following is an overview of the Can-Am Spyder Convenience Seat. If you are getting a Spyder touring seat then you’ll most definitely wish to review this post before you pay out any one of your hard-earned money on some other visiting seat.

How to Ship a Motorcycle Overseas From USA

A quick exactly how to guide on how to deliver a motorcycle from the USA to another nation. Covers topics from pick up to shipment.

5 Essential Reasons for Using Motorised Pushbikes

Ever taken into consideration abandoning your car and also utilizing motorised pushbikes rather? This article has the 5 crucial factors for doing so. Learn the cash you will certainly save in addition to all the practicalities …

Heading North on a Kawasaki KLR650s

What would you do offered the chance to ride your bike from Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska? It’s a 10 excursion and also not for the pale of heart, filled up will certainly plenty of experience.

The Best Motorcycle Roads in the Country

The American Motorcyclist Organization assembled their list of the leading 15 bike roadways in the USA. Some you would expect, others are unusual and probably you have actually never ever also come across. I’ll offer you my comments on the checklist too.

Second Chance to Ride a Can-Am Spyder

If you have not checked out a Can-Am Spyder yet, now may be the time to take an examination drive. It’s a three wheel roadster that is simple for any kind of cyclist (also a newbie) to pick up quickly. My experience with the machine was quite a renovation over earlier models.

Make Life An Adventure – On Two Wheels

If you’re actually right into journey, you ought to check into Journey touring (additionally recognized as overlanding). The concept is easy. Ride your motorcycle in position you’ve never been in the past, and make sure to consult the residents to get ready for your trip!

Buyers Guide to People Carrier Cars

People service provider vehicles, likewise called MPV’s as well as Minivans, do specifically what the name suggests – they transport as lots of people as feasible instead of the typical four or five seat vehicle. Increasingly, people providers are ending up being the vehicle of selection for families globally as well as also for companies moving personnel to and from the office, such as in numerous 3rd globe countries where the local transport system is inadequate. Many are 7-seaters or in many cases they even conveniently seat eight.

How Harley Davidson Has Revolutionized The World

Assume bikes and also the name “Harley Davidson” enters your mind. Harley Davidson is synonymous with top quality high quality motorbikes today.

A Simple Look at Kendon Trailers

Kendon Trailers have been readily available for fairly some time now as well as they have built up lots of fame from individuals around the world. These trailers have actually existed so long that there are numerous current and also enhanced versions that are available annually. Whenever you make a decision to travel somewhere close by or far, you can depend on a Kendon trailer to get your motorbike to the following location safely.

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