OhManDan is EXCITED to say… “It’s That Time Again”

EVERY Year, for 20yrs we will GiveAway an OhManDan Edition Premium Power Beast Scooter – Value $3000 to $10,000.


If you’re not VERIFIABLY Subscribed (Meaning: You’re Account is not PRIVATE) then SUBSCRIBE Today Scootopians, so that you’re eligible to WiN. Keep your eyes and ears open for the Announcement on November 23, 2022

Foreign Dan here I know you hear the excitement In my voice because yes it's that time Of year again it is Thanksgiving and Christmas time you know Every year old man Dan gives away one of His power Beast premium scooters and This year you can win one of these Scooters Look at that rocking the pmts you gotta Rock pmts on on um performing scooters But I'm telling you One of these can be yours but you must Be subscribed to my channel if you're Not subscribed to zootopia by Old Man Dan you will not qualify to win one of These B scooters all right so make sure You jump on over to YouTube go to Scootopia by Old Man Dan and smash that Subscribe button so that you can qualify When we give away these scooters because When the year comes and you're not Qualified It's too late you can't get it that year But if you smash that quality if you Smash that button that subscribe button When it comes up again then you qualify So smash that button jump over smash That subscribe button subscribe to my Channel And uh make sure you jump over to the Website so you can learn all the rules Qualifications everything about this Particular contest that we do every

Single year every year we kick it off on November 23rd and we give away the Scooter on December 23rd of every year I'll be giving away 20 power B scooters Uh one every year for 20 years okay and So It's an amazing amazing thing these Scooters value from 3500 all the way up To ten thousand dollars that you can win And we're giving away one of these Scooters this year the announcement will Be coming up soon so this is just a Preview so you all can start subscribing Get over and subscribe it's the only way You win that's why I talk about Subscription so much because we give Away some very valuable gifts It's my way of showing my appreciation To my loyal fans who subscribe to my Channel and support Old Man Dan and all The things that I do for this community Uh and not paid by anybody I literally Invest my time energy skill knowledge And money into this Industry and so I appreciate those People who subscribe and support what I Do In a way of showing my appreciation is Giving you all Valuable gifts I'm talking about some Nice gifts and this is just one of them All right giving away a power B scooter Signed an autographed by Yours Truly Old Man Dan and present it every year just

Before Christmas what an amazing gift Somebody's gonna be so blessed all right This old man Dan I'm out make sure you Smash that subscribe button like share My videos and Comment down below about what you think About my free giveaway every year all Right and don't be on there talking About giving me one for free go to the Go to the West Coast website and learn what the Rules qualifications are all right and Then just comply to that and you can be A very blessed winner of one of these Very expensive premium scooters all Right love you guys talk to you later Old Man Dan I'm out foreign

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