Fastest Scooter In The World? | Varla Eagle 1 Electric Scooter Review

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This is an updated review of the barlow Eagle one electric scooter we originally Reviewed this scooter last year and gave It a solid rating based on its Performance and reliability today i Wanted to let you all know how the Scooter is holding up a year later talk About varla’s big second anniversary Sell of the eagle one where you can get 150 discount using a code below and go Over the main aspects of this amazing Electric scooter We have reviewed a lot of electric Scooters in this channel over the years And i can say without any hesitations The varla eagle one is the best scooter So far let me tell you why Number one the motor majority of the Electric scooters we see in the market Today have 500 watt motors at max and Hardly any of those scooters offer dual Motor capabilities The varla eagle one has 1 000 watt dual Motor with a peak power of impressive 3200 watt that is an insane amount of Power for an electric scooter that is Why the varla eagle one can conquer Hills even greater than 30 degrees Without a second thought number two the Speed Barla eagle 1 can reach speeds of 40 Miles per hour you can keep up with the Traffic flow while riding on the main Street on many places around the world

With that type of speed this is very Comparable to much higher end electric Scooters like the dual turn compact Which is priced at over 2500 You might be thinking well the eagle one Does cost seventeen hundred dollars but If you compare with other high Performing scooters in the market today You’ll quickly find that the varla eagle One is priced much lower in its class Plus with the second anniversary sell Using my coupon code below you can snag This scooter with 150 discount Number three the range Varla eagle one comes with a 52 volt 18.2 amp hour lithium ion battery that Is the largest power and capacity Battery we have tested on any electric Scooters in this channel the 52 volt Battery not only adequately powered the Hungry 2000 watt motors the larger Capacity also means you don’t have to Charge as often varla claims that you Can get 40 miles per charge and that Really depends on multiple factors i was Consistently able to get anywhere from 30 to 35 miles in various speed modes Even during the winter time and rainy Days i haven’t noticed any battery Degradation in almost a year of me Riding with the varela eagle one in Addition to the amazing battery Configuration you also get dual charging Ports to plug in two chargers at the

Same time to charge twice as fast Number four the frame barla eagle one Has a durable frame made out of aluminum Forged alloy and is mostly metal this is Built like a tank so the scooter is Quite heavy at around 80 pounds but the Design makes the scooter very stable Even in high speeds this scooter Features the biggest size deck i have Ever tested on any scooters spanning at 21.6 inches in length and 9.1 inches in Width this large deck is comparable with Much higher priced electric scooters At 51.2 inches height this is one of the Tallest scooter you can find on the Market today the 25.5 inches handlebar Are also the longest handlebars out of All the e-scooters we have reviewed in This channel to top it off barla added a Dedicated heavy duty foot rest typically This area is covered by the wheel so we See fenders instead of a dedicated foot Trace so having that dedicated foot race Means you also get a larger deck space At all times Number five the suspension Varna eagle one has the best suspension Out of all the other electric scooters We have tested in this channel even Better than the cabo mantis 10. This scooter features dual spring Suspension on the back and the front Which combined with swing arms make your Ride amazingly smooth

The smooth suspension in addition to the Lars 10 inch pneumatic tires make this a Scooter versatile for all terrains Let’s talk a little bit about varla Varla is a very new company and has only Been selling scooters since mid-2020 but Quickly became a household name for Electric scooter enthusiasts their Scooters like the varla eagle one rank On top choice list for many popular Medias such as electric electric scooter Review forbes and cnet they make their Scooter so reliable that they don’t Break even when you push their limits However if you do run into any issues They’re quick to fix You can just read user stories in their Website and i personally have heard from Many of my subscribers about their quick Customer service they receive from varla Their warranty is very clear on their Website and offer two years of warranty On all major components you can just go Into the review section of the varla’s Website and you can see reviews all the Five-star reviews that you see it is Amazing user stories they all talk very Very highly about their scooters and i Have personally you know attest to that That after riding the varla eagle one Pushing it limit for a year now it is Still holding up strong it’s still a Very thrilling experience it still goes Super fast as soon as i press on the

Throttle it offers so many options i can Do dual motor a single motor this is Just an amazing scooter and i hope to Continuously ride my varla eagle one for Years and years Overall the varla eagle one is again one Of the best electric scooter you can Find on the market today not just for Regular commutes but also for thrilling Off-road experiences If you have a longer commute bumpy roads Need to pass through hills or just want To get to your destination quicker Barla eagle one checks all those boxes A lot of my friends and families have Purchased the varla eagle one after Trying mine and having a great writing Experience with it this scooter is fun Practical and versatile If you are going to check this scooter Out please use the link in the Description below and don’t forget to Include the discount code that will do It for today’s video we hope to review Other electric scooters from varla in The future and might bring updated Reviews like this of the barla eagle one Thank you for your time today we’ll be Back with another electric mobility Video in the near future

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