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This is the first I’ve seen different dashboard options and the lights are just cool! Setting that aside, it’s a quality scooter and one to consider in the $800 range.

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Foreign In the morning yeah today I got the Yokai neon Pro a little bit more than Your entry level scooter falls in the Same price range as the Segway Max it's Got a very smooth ride some cool looking Lights gonna tell you all about it first Starting with a speed test Change the speed of Moses double tap the Power button there's three modes walk Mode medium and high got about 90 Battery life this is emailed first this Is the walk mode as you'd expect not Even registering on my speed app on Medium that's 10 miles an hour 19 20 for High it bounces back and forth I've got about 80 battery life speed Mode 3 high speed mode in the app you Can switch it from a zero to a non-zero Start I do have it set to a zero start Here we go Pretty slow off the line Takes about 10 feet for it to really Ramp up but then it actually gets going Pretty good [Music] 16 17 slowly climbing up to 1920 There's 18 19. we'll call it quits there You know it's about two blocks to hit 90 Miles an hour [Music] Scooter has a hill coming ability up to 25 got a full battery on the highest Speed mode at the steepest point it gets

About 12 grade come around this corner And this is the steepest this is the Trickiest section here and it's kicking Butt 13 miles an hour about a three Block Long Hill and I'm here you could Definitely tackle something a lot Steeper than this if you're my weight [Music] As far as bricks go there's electronic In the front wheel disc in the back so Going 20 miles an hour three two one The main Gate's quick nice good skid Mark about uh 20 25 feet very controlled And smooth braking [Music] All right so first race test done app Recorded 18.39 miles with 543 feet Elevation gain and overall maybe had About 13 14 stops gonna charge it up and Do range test number two [Music] Thank you [Music] That wraps up race test too my app Recorded 15.96 miles was 743 elevation Gain which is about three miles less Than the first range test and exactly 200 feet elevation more than the first Range test if you wrote it just kind of Average you could get around 16 17 miles With around 400 feet elevation gain Foreign Guys we're going over the stats the Specs of the scooter uh it weighs 43

Pounds can carry right up to 220 pounds Has a one click folding mechanism just Pull that latch out folds down locks Into place just grab it by the stem Not too bad to carry around then to pull It back up just push it down Really simple and easy I like that Design has an integrated kickstand folds Into the frame as far as the looking Design looks pretty standard to a lot of Scooters in this price range Fender in The front and the rear no reflectors on Each side of the front wheel as far as The handlebar length a little bit narrow For my frame I wish there was another Two to three inches but the grips feel Nice they're stationary a little bit Large as well I like the stem hype I'm 511 and you know I can reach past the Grips about seven eight inches they say You can fit a rider up to six six I Think you'd be okay if you were that Tall the stem is angled back a little Bit not much there's still a lot of room Between the handlebars and my waist so If you hit a rough patch or if you want To go a little bit faster a little more Aggressive riding stance you got room to Crouch down to lower your center of Gravity to gain more stability setting Straight up a positions you in the Middle of the scooter so you got really Nice balance as far as balance goes guys Uh it's very smooth I can easily take my

Hand off the handlebars which is Quite a Feat for something this light very easy To manage to control I always like the Handling on something this light It's also a very quiet ride there's no Noise coming from the motor the only Vibrating or theme making noise is this Bell I like the deck seven inches wide I've got size 10 and a half shoe you Know putting a one in front of the other It goes up on that back wheel about six Seven inches but I don't ride like that My this is my normal riding stance and As far as that goes there's plenty of Room there got room to kind of move Around if you're Rider that puts their Feet side by side my shoes are hanging Out the side about three inches on both Sides and there is a silicone pad they Added it's textured so you do have some Grip it's on the front wheel there's a 350 watt nominal 700 watt Peak Motor and That's powered by an internal 48 volt 14.7 amp hour lithium car grade battery Which takes six hours to recharge it's Got two 10-inch Airfield tires which I've done pretty good for the trolls That I've taken this on not a lot of Vibration going on in the eyeballs I'm Gonna cross this Wood Bridge give you an Idea of how bumpy it is you can hear my Voice it's shaking and vibrating a Little bit let me do that one more time This is like the nastiest Bridge ever

And uh yeah you got a little bit of a Vibration in the in the voice but not Too bad and there's no suspension but Yet it's still a pretty comfortable ride Now this is definitely something you can Kind of rally around take off a curb Kind of a hard hit but everything Sounded pretty good let me do one more Of those three two one Yeah that's actually that's not really Well so along the handlebars again There's just one brake lever a flick Bell next to that Power button you press it once the Lights come on got a nice bright Headlights tail lights when you hit the Brake lever that tail light does Flash And there's some really cool ambient Lights on each side of the deck in the App you can change the color of those Lights there's a color wheel so you got A lot of options one of the cool things About the scooter that I haven't seen Before is you can change the display This is the technology display that's The classic and then they call this one Minimalism if you can see that very well Here's a different look at the different Display options you have this is the Home screen to the app so it gives you Battery life you can lock the scooter You can track it this is the track Button GPS ride history Diagnostics Going through all the checks battery

Information feedback ride settings but Again you can change the units turn the Cruise control on and off then you can Add an NFC key just tap it to the Dashboard we'll lock and unlock your Scooter and that's pretty much it with The app and everything on the handlebars Overall my favorite feature with the pro Has got to be the The Ride The Fill it's Got a smooth ride one of the best in This price range if you want to pick it Up I've got the link in the description Hit that like button before you go and Please subscribe for latest and electric Bike board and scooter reviews thanks For watching and I'll see you next time

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