Dualtron X Limited | First In The United States

OhManDan breaks down the Dualtron X Limited and a few Surprises as well. Speeds over 60mph on this Scooter and there’s more to come.

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Foreign Hey zootopians oh man Dan here welcome To scootopia yep you see it today we're Going to do an unboxing of the new 2022 Dualtron X limited it is here and oh man Dan is the first in the world to get the First Dualtron X limited and I'm bringing it To you Kevin bought the X and the X2 I Know what to expect so I saved us a lot Of time by going through that hour-long Dismantling in order to get to the Scooter and that I have two seats here One I have for the X one I have the X2 And then you're probably wondering what This is I'm gonna say this to the end and so We'll tell you why I'm wearing the Championship belt All right all right so let me put this Stuff down and then we'll Get into it all right so of course I Don't need this stuff right now because I already Took the boats and all that stuff out You'll see what I'm talking about When I take this box off all right I Already cut the bottom of the Box went Through it oh my goodness Until it's going to give you a hard time Than I already I went all the way to this stage get all The unboxing Did all the unbolting but I didn't pull

The cage off so let's just hope that the Cage comes off okay Um And I don't have to do no extra work Right here where your handlebar is You're gonna have Um three straps And And yeah the straps look like this And so you'll have three on this make Sure you cut only the strap be careful In what you're cutting all right just Cut the straps because if you cut wires And stuff then your scooter is not going To work all right Okay let's cross our finger all right so What I did is I unbolted you have a Screw and a nut And it's 10 of them five on this side And five on this side I just undid it From the bottom when I first got my First x i unscrewed every nut and bolt On the thing Um I just did it from the bottom and it Should just come It should just come right up Um from Just loosening and taking off the Box All right so let me Do it one more time yeah I know I did a long straps It looks like I've got the ones they Also take my belt off because I'm about To give you a chance to work again

What's holding this down over here Okay last time This right here hold it because it was Too tight on the other too tight on the Deck 100 all the straps Right here Well I left a boat right there Isn't that something I don't know One boat all right so We're gonna take a a station break and Then I'll come right back with all this Done yeah I'm excited I'm very excited Because now we didn't unbox this thing It's out you can see it the dualtron X Limited it is incredible I'm telling you I love this scooter it's 84 volts 60 amp Hours LG pack 21 700 sales and two 50 Amp uh Square wave controllers mini Motors by all means and you know I love That Harley-Davidson kind of Roar and uh You have a 25 inch long deck 14 inches Wide uh rubber silicone it's Amazing it's I mean the the improvements That they made on it is just incredible Um the The Handlebar 25 and a half Inches we still in that little but I Think they created some extensions that You can take this off and add a longer One so I think that's supposed to be Coming out next year Um it's got the drop down so you can Store easy the multi-switch is different Than most others where you used to have

An Eco button now it has your um Uh swag lights you turn off and on your Swag lights then you have your hazards Here and then you have an extremely loud Horn and then your lights of course you Control your lights from there Um okay you have a four by two inch uh Fully color LCD And it's now the I4 display no more I3 Display no more the little round thing Over here on the side Um it's four by two I knew it was going To be smaller than that six by three Um it's because it's got this huge bezel Around it Um but I'm still kind of learning how to Set these settings in it and everything Um it's kind of different so I'm Figuring it out Um you have a 12 volt 16 amp hour uh Pack inside the steering pole it has its Own charging port here on the steering Pole which is new Um it's a three pin Um a five amp charger and so you can Charge your uh steering pole separate From the actual scooter itself all right Um it's 192 Watt hours this pack here is 5040 Watt hours uh you have dual 2 000 Watt Motors front and back allowing you To Really maximize uh the power you know I'm anxious to see what kind of power it Has as well all right when we come

Around to the front you'll see that it Has a lit uh emblem uh you have 30 watt Headlight your running lamps just 30 Watts each so that's 90 watts of front Uh light power you have two 5 watt Auxiliary lamps in your deck uh so That's 9 000 lumens one thousand that's 10 000 lumens of front light and I'm Telling you I've taken out at night and It is a booger that thing is right all Right the uh The lights here in the rear on your foot Rest are are static they don't they Don't blink they don't go off and on They're not you know Swag but they are Good for visibility all right Um in the rear you have the red X for Your brain and then you have the yellow Uh which is your Turn signals uh your your spring rate Has been adjusted on your Um dual hydraulic coil springs now you Have 950 pounds per inch as opposed to a 750 pound per inch I'm believing that That's going to allow you to actually Get more load capacity than that 330 Pound load capacity uh So now the coils are are thicker more Robust so they don't bounce as much so That's going to make a difference in the Comfort of your ride you have the 13 by Three and a half inch tubeless pneumatic Tires uh Just amazing oh and the one thing that I

Thought was going to happen with the Brakes those four piston brakes guess What those hydraulic four piston brakes Are nut brakes I knew they were going to Be nut breaks because none have Different variants of their of their Brakes and when they said they were Coming out with a four piston I said That's probably going to be another Variant of the nut brake and that's Exactly what it is you have your heat Sinks here on the side where you see This red bar and you have heat sinks Underneath on the bottom you have a Different kickstand and it's adjustable I like it right there at that height Right there Um what else I think that's about it you know uh oh The seat you see that the seat that you Had previous works on this scooter as Well so you have to take off that plate There's a plate that comes here that Keeps you from put getting your foot Stuck in here Um with an x on it you just put that Plate back on there when you're not Rocking your seat when you put your seat On just take the plate off but look at This distance look at the the room you Have on here with your seat attached Incredible I love it love it love it Love it I can't wait to get it out test It out there and see what it does on the

Actual Road all right so that's it for This uh unboxing and this is the Dualtron X limit X limited 2022 man if You want yours you better get it now Because the things are selling out fast Oh man Dan is the first person in the World not just the United States who Actually got this scooter and so I'm Bringing it to you here a lot of you all Wanted to know what this is all about Well Motors has given me the Championship belt for purchasing 10 Scooters from them See what's up What's up guys what's up what's up daddy Oh man dad in the house you know what it Is this dude trying living it X limited Day Oh what is this Y'all better check this out scootopia 1010 scooters that the scooters Presented to by Royal Motors to Dan Beasley on in 10 scooters from World Motors Richardson You know Yeah that's good that's good hey I want To say thank you to World Motors this is A big surprise it feels good when I feel Like a champion and you know we're the Champions I'm good Champ is a good home at West Coast Scooters so I Feel Like A Champion with This build on and um

I ain't never seen nobody do nothing Like this in the belt it's a quality Made belt this thing is actually heavy If you've ever been to a boxing match And you held one of the Champions belt That's what this feels like Oh good Oh good shout out to every board motor Staff member you guys really rock I love The way to borrow motors do business and Then I mean This is a surprise I'm elated and I'm Never lost for words but I'm kind of Lost words Man that's it man and then on the day I Pick up the dude chart it's limited Wow go figure I will never forget this You know I'm gonna have to buy me one of Those Sports frames a little box frame Put it in there with a voro shirt That's what's so cool man hey so hang Out and get ready and check out this Dual Tron X Limited Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Isn't that cool all right I thought it Was really cool because I do so much for Other people and I was just really Um just taking aback uh by just a

Gesture alone you know doing something For me I've nobody's ever done anything For me other than like the members of my Church Um but Um but that's cool I'm excited so that's It I'm telling you make sure you Subscribe to my channel a lot of you Come here for information as a matter of Fact you count on schooltopia for your Facts and information and and you're Benefiting from this channel but you Won't subscribe smash that subscribe Button smash that subscribe button smash That subscribe button smash that Subscribe button all right and subscribe To my channel and that lets me know that You appreciate what I'm doing because I'm doing this especially for you I only Do this YouTube channel for you Consumers out there to keep you from Getting taken jipped lose your money all Of that show you what's out there Um buy it so you don't have to buy it And let you see what it does what it Doesn't do uh from me before you go and Waste your money on something that you Don't like all right so subscribe like And share my videos yes smash that like Button and also leave comments down Below I'm anxious to hear what you think About this new dualtron X limited and Make sure you tune in because we're Going to be doing First Impressions and

A lot of other things on this scooter uh As the days go by all right Old Man Dan How about I know you're fine cause you're just Like that But backwards

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