Does the Segway GT2 “SuperScooter” Live Up to the Hype?

all right three two one go all right I finally got my hands on a Segway GT2 you guys have been asking for this for a long time I've been wanting to uh give one of these uh actual review for a long time so this GT2 comes from Rider guide uh the company that used to be electric scooter guide I work for them full time but they're letting me borrow any of the models that I want to do quick reviews of over here on Arcanine rides um I'm not gonna dive too much into the specifics of this scooter like the the little features and the components and that kind of stuff because I'll just link you uh Rider guides video on it since they dive into the details and stuff but I wanted to give more um riding Impressions because that's the kind of thing that is a lot more important to me I don't care as much about oh what cool little features does this have I want to know what it's like to actually ride the scooter so let's jump on it right now so one of the biggest things you notice right off the bat is how different the the cockpit is to other uh scooters in general and even scooters at this price everything's super integrated and there's honestly a lot of buttons like relatively um I personally think it's a little much like over here you can change from single motor to dual motor and I'm of the opinion that if you're buying a scooter at this price you don't need a single motor mode and dual motor is just as efficient with the battery as single motor so I don't know single motor mode doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me um the other thing is is that it has let's see it's got one two three four like five different riding modes so it's got a walk mode it's got a what what's that other mode eco mode sport mode and race mode and then it also has a park mode and you'll see when I come to a to a stop sign or something that it goes into park mode if the scooter stopped for even just a few seconds um and then initially you have to set the Mojo in and then if it goes back into park mode then you tap the power button once to take it out of Park mode so I've been riding in sport mode mostly um the reason for that is that sport mode has traction control and we've seen Segways new scooters do this um the GT2 or the G2 Max and the F2 Pro have traction control but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense on those scooters because they're single motor scooters whereas traction control here makes a lot of sense that if you're taking off in one of the wheels is slipping you take power away from that wheel and send it to the send it to the wheel that has traction you know usually the back wheel when you're taking off so I actually really like that and it's felt really nice you barely get any wheel spin but if you don't want the traction control they have a mode for that so let me bring it to a stop and put it into race mode now that I have a straight here so you click it down race mode it'll say track controls off and then you press this and that'll give you boost and that'll give you uh more acceleration I'm not sure if that increases the top speed or not but I know it does give a boost to the acceleration and I mean the scooter is so heavy that the front wheel doesn't even really um flip that much even with traction control off [Applause] and I mean obviously obviously this is a fast a fast scooter the acceleration is fantastic but it's not as uh at least right off the line like the first five ten miles an hour off the line it's not like neck snapping I think some of that has to do with the fact that it's a Twist throttle and twist throttles are typically something that I don't like on electric scooters um I don't think they they really work that well just because of the angle that you're at like you're so far over the bars that can be a little funky to twist your wrist that way but this isn't the whole uh handlebar like the whole grip isn't the accelerator which is nice so you kind of end up doing like a little you only really have to move like these two fingers to accelerate and obviously it's a fun scooter I mean you'd hope for four grand you'd get something that is super fast and super fun and it is surprised me disappointed me was the suspension I thought the suspension would be way beefier than this I thought I thought I'd be floating on this similar to like a Bernie like the Bernie models have insane travel on their suspension whereas even with me weighing over 200 pounds I feel like I can barely move this suspension and the rebound is cranked all the way to the slowest setting and it still feels like it rebounds a little quick I was uh I was riding on the like there's a big wide sidewalk by my house that's a trail and I was uh I was honestly a little disappointed with how it feels like there it's surprisingly bouncy like it just feels like it should be eating up those bumps more for how much space the the suspension takes up I mean the front suspension is so big that the the stem has to fold like in the middle like in the middle of it I mean it's like like two and a half feet tall when folded down it's a little absurd honestly I think what what I want to see more of from from this scooter is like when you have these big what are they 11 inch wheels 12 inch wheels I want to see more uh more Kush I want to feel like I can just floor it over anything like any sort of bump or obstacle so you see after a couple seconds there it went into Park so now when I go I'll have to tap this button oh luckily it does turn on the boost mode again okay I was afraid I was gonna have to hit boost again if I wanted boost that's at least nice the display is surprisingly visible the clear display is such a funky such a funky choice but it's cool I mean it's super cool so other than the suspension though I mean this thing is humongous this is a huge scooter it's big and wide and it feels really planted on the ground it's a very confidence inspiring scooter [Music] it honestly makes me a little disappointed and sad that it doesn't go faster because it feels like it should be able to like should be able to hand it handle it that does seem to be a little bit of a trend over the past years like making these insanely fast accelerating scooters but giving them like 42 mile an hour top speeds um this one displays up to 47 is the highest I've seen but uh I think it's displaying about five miles an hour faster than it's actually going I think the the the the tested top speed the the artificial like testing gear uh put it around 42.

so I mean that really it should be plenty of speed for anybody and it is but at the same time you look at the MSRP or whatever and it's four thousand dollars and you would like to see maybe 50 miles an hour you know you might as well it pulls so hard the thing just the thing goes it's got a touch of delay I think to just prevent full-on head snap and or maybe that's just the delay in the twist but once it pulls it pulls another thing I did want to point out is that right now it is I think 3 300 on sale and I think as you're getting closer down to 3 000 it becomes a lot more justifiable they made something so unique with this scooter it's honestly it's it's like a work of art it really is a beautiful amazing scooter and you can't discount that [Music] but when you get down to the nitty-gritty I find myself wanting just a little bit more you know a little bit more on the suspension side a little bit more of a little bit more speed a little less delay in that throttle this one does 42 I think wait can we race yeah we can race all right you want to do it on that yeah you guys are on surrounds yeah nice foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] s nice that was an expensive huh so couldn't quite keep up with the uh with the surrounds but I mean pretty decent All Things Considered they seemed impressed this GT2 is insanely stable at speed which is something I really really like you would hope given the size that feels super solid and rock rock stable okay here's a zero to top speed pull with the Wind so this should be basically as fast as it can go oh ready three oh there we go boost three two one you can see the uh you can feel the top speed fall off already with this not being a uh 60 Volt or higher scooter I think it's a 52 volt scooter which is something that uh Segway is gonna cross all of their models it's go really low on voltage so you notice a significant drop off in top speed by the end of the battery before I was seeing indicated top speeds of like 47 and now full pull with this is with the wind it's only showing 43.

So I'm already capped under 40 miles an hour with half the battery remaining also it's pretty obvious just from using it that uh it's not a sine wave controller it's clearly Square wave because it doesn't have the the subtlety and throttle control that a sine wave controller would have I think if you wanted a oh I think I think if you want it a little less aggressive acceleration you couldn't do that manually yourself I mean it I mean Once you turn that even a little bit it kicks in you would need to put it into a lower setting which I don't know after everything they did on this scooter why not put in a sine wave controller the other thing I like is with the traction control and sport mode it actually makes it a great dirt Rider to the correct wheel so you don't slide and flip around and as is to be expected it has really great breaks um they're actually surprisingly um like they're not grabby until the very end they have a very Progressive feel to them even more than than usual they've got the really thick uh discs and they're they feel almost mushy at with lower pressure but then you can really lock them in and they don't really lock up as hard but still bring you to a stopper in really really good time okay so to wrap up all my ramblings into a concise thesis statement the GT2 is an insanely fun scooter it's super solid it's confidence inspiring but I think at the price the retail price of four thousand dollars Falls a little short on the speed side it falls a little short on the suspension side and it's absurdly unportable I mean this thing is 100 pound brick that you have to haul around getting it up the stairs getting into a car I'd rather go something that has similar you know similar top speed and similar acceleration specs that's a little bit more portable and you're starting to see scooters at this level performance wise that are smaller and more compact and I think this is a hard sell if you ever using your car to haul your scooter around I think it's cool it's eye-catching worth four thousand and worth 3 300 it's current sale maybe I think if you are going to get one and you like them then I think Now's the Time to get one thirty three hundred dollars I think closer to 3 000 is a reasonable price for this scooter but I can't imagine Segways making very much money on that this had to have cost an absurd amount of money for them to develop so I very much doubt we're going to see anything lower than that in the future foreign [Music]

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