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This is the second bike I’ve reviewed from these guys and have really liked each one, they’re big, fast and comfortable and now they’ve got some cool accessories. This kit allows you to use the bikes battery or the sun, to power an inverter to plug in computers, fridges, lights, the list goes on.

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Hey guys and welcome back to the channel I'm up in the mountains I've got the Mock wheel Basalt this is a Powerhouse Bike big old frame big old battery big Old motor it's more than just your Standard Fat Bike it's got some cool Stuff to it and I'm going to show you What all that is first speed test Okay so as far as power you got a 750 Watt brushless motor in that rear wheel And that's powered by a 48 volt 20 amp Hour Samsung battery that can be removed Has a battery level readout and takes Six hours to recharge there's three or Five pedal assist levels so you have two Options a half twist throttle on the Right side and a top speed of 28 miles Per hour in the event settings on the Second page you can change the riding Modes you can set the bike to only work With the throttle only the pedal assist Or a combination of both all right for This test I've got a full battery and Right now I'm on pedal assist level zero On the first gear so no power and on Zero the throttle doesn't work either And it is pretty hard to ride without Any power pedal says level one nine two Is fourteen three is eighteen four is 22 And 5 is 28. and then if I really start Cranking the pedals let's see if I can Get this up over 30. In Hey come on there's 30. I got a half

Twist throttle on the right side so Throttle only let's see how fast I can Get going on that and that's going to Top out at 27 miles per hour and that Doesn't depend on the pedal assist level So one one through five it gives you Full power you'll hit that 27 mile per Hour mark all right so then in the Settings You can go to the speed limiter it is Set to 61 miles per hour as you just saw It will not get that speed it will not Hit 61. but I want to show you how fast It can go on pedal assist level 5 when I Set it to just you know 20 miles per Hour see if we can actually hit 20. Speed limiter set to 20 pedal assist Level five and I'm gonna get the same Speed as I did with the limiter set to 61 to the highest level So let me see if that has an effect with The throttle it might just that might Only apply to the throttle so I'll test That out here we go throttle only okay So that only applies to the throttle it Is topping out now at 18 miles per hour All right then as far as the pedal Assist sensitivity so I'm in the seventh Gear on the pedal assist level five And just casually pedaling 70 rpm The type of bike where it does Everything for you Increase my Up to 75 between 75 and 80 to actually

Fill any resistance in the cranks So as long as you keep those pedals Turning you're going to have power the Bike does 100 of the work And then on the seventh gear just going Around 20 miles per hour if I stop Pedaling instantly cuts out which is Nice if I re-engage there's one just Over one revolution before the power Comes back on Now as far as the throttle sensitivity So there's about a half an inch of play Before it kicks in And pretty easy to maintain a certain Speed Just cruising at 15 miles per hour if I Release it cuts off right away if I Re-engage Oh that's that's very reactive that Comes comes on right away too overall I Like the reactive time the response time Of pedal assist and the throttle that's Much faster than an average bike in this Price range this is one of the heavier Bikes in this class at 79 pounds but has A huge carrying capacity at 450 pounds I'm 185 want to see how long it's going To take me to hit 20 miles per hour this Is the acceleration test There's an intensity setting in the menu Levels one through five and so I've got It set to the first position for this First acceleration test got a full Battery gear one pedal assist level five

Here we go oh half Revolution comes on Nice and gentle though Starting to build up Almost a 20. there we go oh I like that I mean there's you know there's certain People that like a slow acceleration if You're one of those people set that to Level one that is very user friendly and Just a nice gentle start all right now I'm going to switch this up to level Five here we go Oh that is much much faster That's what I like there's 20. so that Was uh for big and bulky bike that Actually gets up to 20 miles per hour Pretty quick that was you know half a Block if that and I'm curious to see if That's going to have the same effect for The throttle so this is five first and Then I'll switch it to one So here is Full Throttle A level five I actually got a faster acceleration With pedal assist And there's 20 it's about a block to 20. Straight throttle intensity level one Oh yeah that's much much slower so That's cool that affects the pedal Assist and the throttle it's time to see How long this thing can go it's got a Range rating of 60 to 80 miles gonna do Two range tests one with easy riding as You guys know the second with harder Riding a lot more elevation gain and a

Lot more stop and go I'm on the race that's going to tell you All about the bike first off it comes With two fenders rear one is Pre-installed the front one is not Instruction manual two keys a pump extra Brake pads some screws a couple wrenches Another tool and some zip ties comes in Two colors blue and gray as far as a Clean and tidy look a bunch of wires up Front but it is all wrapped then it goes Internal at the top of the down tube There's a pretty large rear rack and it Mounts in the front for a front rack These guys have a bunch of accessories Baskets for each of the racks all the Stuff you need to pick one of these up As far as balance as you can see this Thing just stays right up I'm pedaling Here I'm gonna stop pedaling power cuts Off nice and smooth begin pedaling Comes on nice and smooth very easy to Ride without any hands and then at some Higher speeds there's 26. let's go for 30. I just that's gliding very nice yeah You slightly turn a little bit and the Bike just comes right back up the center That's what you want to fill at 32 miles An hour coming around the corner as far As noise I'm climbing right now about a Seven eight percent grade and it kind of Has that pulsating sort of noise not my Favorite motor noise Kind of changes as I'm coming over the

Hills here's a flash section and that Noise just completely stops so it does Start to hum at you when you're when You're climbing now like I mentioned Before this is one of the bigger frame Fat bikes that I reviewed it's got a 79 Inch length a 50 inch wheelbase a 28 Inch standover height and a 24 inch Reach it can fit a rider from five five Up to six four the posture this gives You is more of a aggressive a mountain Bike type of a posture my back is about A 35 to 40 degree angle there's actually A lot of space between the handlebars And my waist the cockpit area which I'll Talk about later you do sit up a little Bit higher on this got a lot of Clearance on probably another inch to Inch and a half higher than most bikes In this price range which is just a Little bit different of a running Experience a little bit higher off the Ground this is the type of bike where it Makes you feel you can just tromp off Into the weeds [Music] All right so we'll dive into the cockpit Handlebar Lane is 28 inches it's a Mountain bike style handlebar sticks Down in the middle got about maybe a Half inch rise on them you know what I'm Gripping them my arms are angled out Like a b so I got some good airflow a Lot of space in the cockpit area I got a

Huge stem about a four inch stem and Then the handlebars also adjust moving On to the grips it's a stitched leather Grip wingtips they are stationary and Kind of bigger more of a commuter grip On the right side there's a SAS Seven-speed Shimano index shifter going Up is one at a time coming back down Seven to one with one push and that is Matched with attorney derailleur next There's a comfort leather saddle it's Nice filling and quite comfortable then You got chewing 26 by 4 inch puncture Resistant tires pretty good Quality Tire I'm not really getting a lot of those Smaller vibrations then you got 110 Millimeter adjustable and lockout front Fork suspension now you combine that With a nice saddle for page draw riding It's very nice and smooth [Applause] The first range test my app recorded Over 30 miles with almost 2 000 feet Elevation gain uh Robin I got back to my Truck the bike showed two battery bars Left and the two before that seem to go Pretty quick within about mile and a Half to two miles so I'm thinking if I Would have taken it until the battery Died I probably could have got around 34 Or 35 miles which is pretty awesome so Anyway gonna charge it back up and do Range test number two [Music]

Love respect kindness and joy [Music] [Applause] [Music] It's good Foreign Recap first race test 30 miles with 2 000 feet elevation gain and there's two Battery bars left on the bike so really I probably could have got around 33 34 Miles this range test I got 26.12 miles With 3849 feet elevation the bike's Pretty much dead there's one battery bar Showing but the power was almost Completely out so anyway now you know What it can do [Music] All right so as far as off-road first Thing I noticed was just a lack of power For steeped inclines I'd recommend Keeping this on a nice flat area nice Flat Road anything over uh seven eight Percent grade it starts to go pretty Slow I want to take this on a single Track e-bike rated Trail French is too Big kind of tricky to manage around Those sharper corners and turns and then With the suspension I did a really good Job of hitting some of these bigger Bumps and potholes definitely a bike you Can take out and explore the terrain the Country with I couldn't find a hill Rating for the basalt but the motor does Produce 90 newton meters of torque I got

A 50 grade Hill already climbing it's About two blocks long And uh bike's doing 11 miles per hour Now We're not to the trickiest part yet this Is building up to it I'm on the second Gear pedal assist level five got a full Battery too down to eight and this is The 50 grade I'm gonna see if the bike is Able to do all the work I've really Lowered my Cadence down that's actually Pretty good Six miles an hour I can feel resistance In the cranks it's doing better than I Thought for such a heavy bike And coming up over the top Past the uh the steepest Parts nine Miles an hour and there you go and now It's time to test out the tektro HD Hydraulic disc brakes coming down the Same Hill I just went up for the hill Test okay first thing about the brakes The right side controls the rear left Side the front they do have motor Cutoffs so Full Throttle but hit the Brake cuts the motor off it doesn't take A lot of pressure a lot of force to Engage the brakes coming down the hill Light braking no pulsating nice and Smooth three two one Nice and controlled actually surprised How well it stops from being so heavy And on a downhill and going 26 miles an

Hour so breaking thumbs up let me run You through the LCD screening control Pad so pretty small screen you know About from corner to corner two and a Half inches maybe three uh this is the Highest brightness level there's three Different levels to choose from not the Brightest screen I've seen but Definitely can see it in a sunny day as I'm having today on the left side is Control panel power button up down for The pedal assist lights Foreign [Music] At the end there's a horn Access the menu hold down the both Arrows at the same time for a few Seconds and that will take you to this Screen where you can change the Brightness again there's three levels The units Startup mode which is like safe and Non-safe mode I'm not sure exactly what That is and then reset the tripodometer And then if you want to access the Advanced menu you hold down both up and Down and the headlight button for you Know four or five seconds and this is Where the speed limiter is at Power Assisted gear where you can choose Between three and five levels voltage Level wheel diameter riding modes Intensity setting and factory reset and That's it as water resistant has a two

Year warranty and free shipping in the Lower 48. well guys my favorite feature With the mock wheel has got to be the Stability and just how monstrous and big And how high you are off the grounds if You're looking to go through the brush The bush you got to put this on your Radar this is the bike that could handle Something like that it's got good power It's got a good long range if you want To pick it up I've got the link in the Description also be sure to check out my Website electric There you can find all my reviews sorted By pricing capability hit that like Button before you go and please Subscribe to the latest and electric Bike board and scooter reviews thanks For watching and I'll see you next time Foreign

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