Comparing NIU KQi E-Scooter Models! Which One is the Best Value?

okay we're here with all of the new kqi models all the way from the kqi1 pro which is new all the way up to the kqi3 max technically this isn't every single version of every single model in between this one and this one there should be the kqi 3 Sport and then there is a kqi1 sport model I don't have the one because I didn't really feel like I needed to review it it doesn't have a folding stem so it doesn't feel super practical even though it is the cheapest of the lineup and then the kqi 3 sport kind of has what do you call it middle child syndrome where it has the specs of the cheaper version but the body of this one so you're basically just paying for upgraded looks like 100 or 200 more I'll post the prices for all of these right now this is the current retail price but I know that there's lots of sales going on so I will link all of these down below and any information about sales going on so let's start with the kqi1 because it's actually the newest of the models and I'm going to go through and kind of show the differences and show where the value comes from uh in each upgrade so the kqi1 pro here is the smallest and lightest of the models it's also the only model that has the battery here rather than in the body of the scooter and it has a very similar cockpit to all of the models except when you turn it on there's no speedometer so all you get is these lights that show you your battery level that show you the speed you're going and I'll jump on it in a second and show you that but you'll notice with these higher models that you actually get a speedometer and a battery level bar and a mode bar which I don't really see why they couldn't have put that on this scooter but it makes sense I mean you want to add a value to the higher models the kqi1 also has the smallest wheels and the smallest riding platform and naturally is going to be kind of the most Bare Bones scooter I'll talk a little bit about performance in a second but it is the slowest and also has the least amount of range of all of these models which makes sense given that it is the bottom of the new line so it's pretty obvious from just standing next to it and then getting on it that the kqi1 is directed at a younger audience it just the handlebars are lower the deck is smaller it's very much this category of scooter that I'm sorry I see more of that feels like it's directed towards like uh middle to high school students and maybe college students that want something really small and don't care too much about power which makes a lot of sense because I'm seeing more and more parents getting their kids electric scooters to get around and so I think it's a good scooter but let me kind of show you some of the features on it and give you an idea of how it feels to ride as an adult Rider so as I mentioned you get a color bar on the right side that shows you uh your speed rather than like an actual speedometer so I don't know if it's very visible but it'll show green when I'm going slow and then as soon as I get any sort of pace it turns yellow and then once I get close to the top speed of 15 miles an hour then boom it turns red somewhere around like 12 miles an hour would be my guess I think it both makes sense and doesn't make sense at the same time because you want to make the higher model seem better and more valuable but also I think there's enough better about the kqi2 already that if you just had a normal speedometer on here I think I still would be recommending the kqi too it's not like the speedometer is like the make or break thing for the uh for the upgrade but like I said overall it's a very small scooter similar to The Wasp or the Segway E2 or the uh uh what other brands are coming out with smaller scooters you get the idea like it's a very just like tiny little scooter and as an adult Rider it's not something that I want to ride more than just a couple miles at a time that's not to say it's not a quality product and it's not cheaper enough than the kqi2 to justify not just upgrade to the kqi too so that leads me now to the kqi2 pro which is probably the best bang for the buck of the whole line you're kind of skirting that middle ground between the highest quality components and the most foot space and the kind of very small entry-level feel of the kqi1 you get a standard grip tape on this because it got chewed up from my move a little bit you don't have the foot tail of the kqi3 but you do get the same display and throttle and the same brake levers you only get the electronic braking plus the front drum brake similar to the kqi1 so breaking and kind of size wise this leans that direction but performance and cockpit lean to this direction and this one is on sale a lot I regularly see it under 500 dollars kqi1 retail is 500 so it seems to me to make a lot of sense to go for the kqi2 if you're an adult Rider kqi1 is okay if you're looking to buy for a kid or you're a smaller Rider so there's definitely a night and day difference between the kqi1 and kqi2 as far as getting on the scooter and riding you can tell that this was cater towards an adult you know have my feet feel a little bit more spread The Handlebar is a little taller and mostly you can feel the extra amount of zip that this scooter has it gets up to a top speed of I believe uh it's around 17 or 18 miles an hour it gets up to those higher speeds a lot quicker than the kqi1 and this is kind of if you've got five to six hundred dollars to spend on a scooter this is my recommendation not only within you know the kqi line but just in general I think this is still the best scooter at this price on the market especially considering there's a lot of time where you can get discount code you can get it for 470.

It just has a much more commuter feel it's got better range the I would say the ride Comfort is the one thing that doesn't have uh that isn't hugely different across the whole line there's no suspension and there's only a small bump up in wheel size across the whole line but for street riding and sidewalk riding I think that the tubeless pneumatic tires that they have on all the the scooters except the kikoi one might be two but the fact that they're two Bliss means that you get some of the cushion but you don't get as many of the issues with with flats and stuff so I said the kqi2 is the best bang for the buck but I think this is the best balance of price to Performance you don't get a huge jump of performance just straight up raw specs wise over the kqi2 but you get the larger riding platform you do get a little bump in top speed you get the new color options you get uh just overall you get what feels like more well-built well-rounded package at kind of the price point where I suggest people look for their first scooter at least adult Riders so with the kqi3 pro once again you're looking at a jump in performance but not as much of a jump as the kqi1 to kqi two uh this one I think you feel it the most in the acceleration this one has even more punch than the kqi too and I think you get a very slight upgrade in the top speed like two miles an hour to be fair though I think each model only jumps up about two miles an hour once you get to the top of the line that adds up but from each one the top speed feel isn't a humongous jump where you feel the biggest difference is in riding platform and just the overall build quality that's not to say the kqi2 or kqi1 is not built well because at their price they are the most well-built scooters but the kqi 3 Pro just it has just everything is just a notch above and the extra writing platform size and also rear deck tail give you way more options for how to position yourself and keeps you really comfortable and uh like on longer rides it also has a much more like solid planted feel on the ground while riding it doesn't hop around as much from little bumps and stuff it's got a more weighty solid adult scooter feel to it and then the kqi3 max is probably my favorite scooter under a thousand dollars the the new Segway G2 Max is it I don't think it's going to be under a thousand dollars once it actually comes out but pre-order is under a thousand dollars and that one has a little bit of an edge in the writing feel and kind of the app integration side of things but the kqi3 max is just like my go-to recommendation for an all-around uh fun uh like it takes all the boxes for both commuting and for recreational riding and it's kind of you get a jump up in performance that is worth the extra you know one to two hundred dollars in my opinion and I think it's the best looking of all the models I love the red accents here and it's just such a stable solid scooter that I love to ride and of all of these this is the one that if I'm just going to grab one of these to go out and ride around or to go do an errand I'm going to be grabbing the max because obviously like the bump in speed makes a lot of sense for getting to the destination quickly but it's not so fast that it feels like you need a bunch of extra suspension or anything like that the kqi3 max is a scooter that first off I absolutely love it is a ton of fun and it's obviously the fastest of all of them has the best brakes of all the models it crosses the line from practical commuter to recreational scooter like this this is going to appease a lot of people that that 22-23 mile an hour mark is kind of where people a lot of people start to go okay that's that's enough speed you know 50 mile an hour might not do it for you but if you get this one out of the gate with the different riding modes and the way you can customize it in the app you can work up to these top speeds and this is a really fun scooter to just take out and ride around if you if you have the money for the upgrade over the pro I think it's worth it but I also don't think you should feel too bad if the pro if getting the pro and saving a couple hundred dollars is more appealing to you so obviously this wasn't an in-depth look at every single scooter I have reviews of these three on my channel and uh this one I don't anticipate I'll be doing a full review of unless you guys really want to see one since generally my advice is to just go with the kqi2 if you're an adult writer but I did want to make this video to kind of showcase the new kqi1 and show how it Stacks up against the lineup because they actually kind of developed these in a weird order where the kqi3 was the first one and then the kqi2 and then the Max and then the kqi1 came out I don't know how they I don't know if that's the order they developed them in or if that's just the order they released them in North America in but it is interesting to see the choices they've made as each new one has been released and generally every release makes a lot of sense the kqi1 is just the one that does feel like it's very much made for uh kids and riders that are much smaller and just want a really simple cheap uh all-in-one kind of package thanks for watching this comparison of all the kqi scooters if you want to check out any of my reviews of these scooters they'll be linked down below or you can click one of these two boxes here

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