Apollo Scooter Review 2022

The release date of the new model for the Apollo Phantom is not yet known, but we will try to predict it. The scooter will come with plug-in components and pneumatic tires mounted on split rims for best balance between ease of maintenance and ride quality. The review will also discuss the price and construction of the scooter. The product is expected to be released sometime in 2022. Here are some facts about the model:


The price of Apollo Phantom 2022 depends on many factors, including its features and specifications. For one, it weighs only 77 pounds, and it features a fully folding frame. Moreover, it can support payloads of up to 136 kilograms or 300 pounds. However, it is not yet available for sale, and you will need to place your order in advance. The model you select will cost $2,099 USD for a 52-volt version and $2,599 for the 60-volt model.


The impressive power of the Apollo Phantom is the result of many structural changes, including the multi-layered aluminium stem, custom-grip handles, and split rims. The overall construction is well-finished, and the Phantom is the culmination of three different designs. During each stage, the design was tested to refine and upgrade its strengths and weaknesses. This process resulted in the most well-rounded electric scooter on the market.


Compared to other electric scooters, the Apollo Phantom has excellent braking and steering performance. Its folding mechanism is precise and consistent, resulting in a smooth ride. Most electric scooters have single-layer aluminum tubes, but the Phantom’s neck is made of two layers. This construction allows it to withstand a lot of pressure and is especially good for light off-roading and high speeds. Apollo also prides itself on the folding mechanism. If the mechanism is weak, there is a risk of the stem wobbling or the vehicle folding in on you.


The Apollo Phantom is the latest electric scooter to be released by Apollo. The brand developed this electric scooter from scratch, which few brands would consider. While it may have some shortcomings, Apollo has addressed the main complaints of users with the new model. For instance, the throttle is now made from a high-quality Hall sensor, making it 25% more responsive than its predecessor. The display has been improved, too, with a two-times faster refresh rate and a 67% brighter light.

Regenerative braking

The Apollo Phantom comes with a powerful hydraulic and mechanical braking system. Users can adjust the level of braking force and apply the brakes on either the front or rear wheels at the same time. The brake discs are 160mm in diameter, which means you can expect more power and braking power. The pedals on the Apollo Phantom can also be adjusted to suit individual preferences. If you’re looking for the best balance of efficiency and control, the Apollo Phantom is a good choice.

Deck design

The deck design of the Apollo Phantom 2022 is very sleek and modern. It’s reminiscent of the Apollo Air Pro, but is even more sleek and elegant. Its handlebars and deck are integrated with integrated lighting and a fully folding frame. At 77 pounds, this scooter is very lightweight, but has a high payload capacity of 136 kilograms or 300 lbs. The deck has an anti-skid surface that is made from grippy rubber and features concentric semi-circles, much like the ripples of a stone splashed into a pond.

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