Apollo Scooter Review 2022

If you’re considering an Apollo scooter, you might be wondering about the price, suspension adjustments, dual disc brakes, and more. In this Apollo Ghost review, we’ll take a look at what these features mean to the price and the scooter’s overall performance. We’ll also look at the annoyances. So, let’s get started. Before we start the review, let’s look at some of the best scooter features of the Apollo Ghost.


The brakes on the new Apollo Ghost are responsive and have variable strength levers, giving it a surprising amount of bite despite not being hydraulic. The Ghost’s levers feel aggressive and take less lever pressure to release the anchor than other models do, but the braking power remains mediocre until you reach 95% braking power. You may find yourself slamming the brake levers to stop yourself before reaching the final 5% of the power.

suspension adjustments

The suspension system on the new Apollo Ghost is B-class, which is good, but not great, and can affect how well it balances and feels on bumpy terrain. The tires, however, are ten-inch pneumatics that offer good damping. Air-filled tires are more likely to flat, and the split-rim design makes it easy to change inner tubes. The deck is 18.2 inches wide and nine inches deep, and it includes a grooved footrest near the back fender to facilitate a wider forward stance.

dual disc brakes

The dual disc brakes on the new Apollo Ghost 2022 electric bike are a nice addition, reducing the risk of a collision. The Ghost comes standard with a QS-S4 display, trigger throttle, and Eco/Turbo mode buttons. The cockpit has high-quality features, but could use some originality. The hand grips on the Ghost are also well-made. The lights are mounted low and opaque, but they work well.


The Apollo Ghost electric scooter is a striking display of craftsmanship. Built with forged aluminium frame and a black colour scheme, it is sleek and not at all tank-like. Its keyed ignition and collapsible handlebars are also notable features. Its overall design is swagger-inducing and makes it an ideal scooter for urban environments.

fold and lock mechanism

The Fold and lock mechanism on Apollo Ghost Scooters is one of the best features of this electric scooter. Its dual 1000W motors are able to accelerate to 25km/h in 3.1 seconds. Moreover, the Ghost is very light, only 29kg. In addition, the folding mechanism comes with a key lock ignition. This makes folding and storing your scooter a breeze. But, you should know that folding mechanisms on electric scooters are not as reliable as the ones found in bicycles.

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