Apollo Scooter Review 2022

If you want to buy a new scooter, here are some options to consider: APOLLO Ghost, APOLLO City, Unagi Model One and Phantom. All of these scooters are made for both urban and rural use. If you are looking for a scooter with zippy acceleration, the Apollo Ghost is the best choice. During real-world tests, this scooter can accelerate from 0 to 15 mph in 3.1 seconds and 0 to 25 mph in 5.3 seconds. It also caters to those who are looking for a scooter with precise braking.

APOLLO Explore

The 2021 APOLLO Explore is a high-performance, long-range commuter scooter. This lightweight electric scooter has a 52V 18Ah Dynavolt battery, a 1000W motor, and three speed settings to suit your riding needs. The scooter has a range of up to 34 miles. If you want to travel more distance, you can increase the battery capacity or use the low-speed mode.


We started our APOLLO City Scooter review by discussing its performance. While the suspension system isn’t ideal for a rugged terrain, it manages to keep the Apollo City smooth and remarkably smooth. Unlike other scooters, the Apollo City does not require extra space on the handlebars. The brake levers are located in a convenient location, but we wish there were more. The brakes are also fairly responsive and offer a smooth application.


This Apollo Ghost scooter is the most advanced electric scooter to hit the market. Its zippy acceleration is one of its main draws. The Ghost scooter reaches a top speed of 34 mph and can accommodate riders up to 300 pounds. It is equipped with two mechanical disc brakes, offering varying stopping power and minimizing skidding. Another feature of the Ghost is the inclusion of an under-deck LED strip in sapphire blue. Combined with the Ghost scooter’s powerful motor, it provides ample power and range.

Unagi Model One

The Unagi Model One Apollo Scooter is a high-performance electric scooter, capable of accelerating to over 15 mph from a standing start. It’s also lightweight and folds in one easy click. The 500W motor is strong enough to propel you up to 17 mph. While it may seem like a big scooter, it’s actually designed for rolling city streets and flat urban areas.


The difference between the Apollo Ghost and the City Scooter is quite significant and the Ghost has some unique advantages over the City. The Ghost is a great scooter for new riders as well as experienced ones. Its dual 800-watt motors provide smooth acceleration and can be switched to aggressive mode for more powerful performance. The Ghost is also more affordable than its predecessor, the City, which starts at $249.

APOLLO City Pro vs APOLLO Ghost

The Apollo City has a number of features that separate it from the Ghost. For example, the City has a mobile app, is IP56 water resistant, and has sublime one-click folding. Both have excellent build quality, and both are capable of handling most conditions. However, the City is definitely the better choice for taller riders. If you are considering buying one of these electric scooters, here are a few things to consider.

APOLLO Ghost vs APOLLO Explore

The Apollo Ghost has a lot going for it. Its dual swingarm spring system allows you to ride on a variety of terrain, including the city. Its large pneumatic tyres can handle some trail riding, too. The handlebars are fat and angled, with 5.5 inches of ground clearance. The throttle is ergonomically designed and a trigger instead of a twist grip. The bike is also equipped with a reinforced footrest.

APOLLO Ghost vs APOLLO Ghost

The difference between the two electric scooters is quite minimal, but the key features that set them apart are the similar design, spacious deck, and hollow aluminum frame. This model also has additional fenders to increase its durability, and is fully foldable. In terms of price, the Ghost is more expensive than its counterpart, but it is still fully foldable and only weighs 64 pounds. It also supports 135 kg. Both scooters have dual spring suspension, which allows you to easily adjust for comfort.

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