Apollo Scooter Review 2022

You may have read many reviews on the Apollo Scooter and are wondering what the latest model offers. Let’s take a look at its Build and Ride quality to help you make an informed decision. In addition, we’ll look at the top speed and mileage to help you decide which one is best for you. We’ll also cover its Safety features and mileage. In addition, you’ll find out what the customer has to say about this scooter.

Ride quality

The Apollo Explore scooter offers excellent ride quality and a variety of features. Although it is not a performance scooter, it is still equipped with enough lights to navigate urban environments and light rain. Its IP54 water resistance rating means that it can even survive rides in shallow puddles. It is not an off-roader, however, and you should avoid riding it on dirt and wet surfaces. However, you can always use it to get around your neighborhood.

Although the Apollo City may not be the best scooter to ride on rough roads, it has decent suspension. This scooter is fitted with dual springs on the rear wheel for a smoother ride, and the front wheel is fitted with an adjustable suspension. The overall build quality is excellent, making the Apollo City a comfortable scooter to ride on rough surfaces. However, it is not a great option for riding in the mountains. It is not recommended for a beginner because the suspension system will irritate your ankles.

Build quality

The build quality of the new Apollo Scooter 2022 is excellent, with features such as regenerative hand braking and dual disc brakes. You can choose between a 52V or 60V model, which costs $2,099 USD or $1,749 CAD. While we do not recommend purchasing a used Apollo scooter, we can give you some tips for maintaining the scooter. Here are a few tips:

The deck is built sturdily and has a formidable form. The kickstand retracts into a cavity under the deck, which prevents it from being swiped or bumped against curbside. The battery charging port is hidden inside the deck, with a lid to protect it from rain. The inflated tyres add comfort and convenience. The rider will also appreciate the cruise control feature, which lets him turn around without having to wait until it charges.

Top speed

You’ve probably heard of the new electric scooters. But have you ever wondered what makes them so good? Apollo Scooters are among the most popular electric scooters available on the market today. Its high-powered dual motors allow it to reach a top speed of 55 mph or 61 km/h. These scooters are designed to tackle different terrains, including steep hills and rough roads. In order to make your riding experience as safe as possible, Apollo offers dual-spring suspension for a comfortable ride.

The Apollo Ghost comes with high-visibility deck lighting, a dedicated footrest, aluminum fenders, and key lock ignition. The Ghost’s cable-operated disc brakes are surprisingly strong for a scooter. Because they’re cable-operated, the Ghost brakes feel aggressive and require a lower lever pressure. They’re effective until 95% of their power, so it’s difficult to pull them up for the last 5%.


The Apollo Scooter 2022 has impressive real-world mileage, beating out 67% of its weight-class peers and 80% of similarly-priced commuter-style scooters. While the company does not publish its exact mileage figures, they do boast an impressive warranty period. You can get repairs and service for your scooter for a fee of around $100, but don’t expect to save money because the company doesn’t mark up their prices.

The Apollo Scooter 2022 offers a range of over 18 miles, which is 50% longer than its Standard counterpart. As a result, this scooter is the best of its class for price. The manufacturer offers a variety of different models, including the Apollo Air Pro, which is a top customer pick. The ES-2022 is priced between $799 and $1,499, and comes with a warranty worth several hundred dollars.

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