Apollo Scooter Review 2021

If you are looking for an efficient and powerful scooter for commuter use, you might want to consider the 2021 APOLLO Explore. This advanced commuter scooter is small, lightweight, and features a 1000-watt motor with 52V 18Ah Dynavolt batteries. It features three speed settings and can travel up to 34 miles. We will look at some of the benefits of the Apollo Explore scooter, as well as its features and how you can choose which one best suits your needs.

High-efficiency brushless 1000W motor

The high-efficiency brushless 1000W motor on the Apollo Explore Scooter offers the rider a smooth ride with a powerful performance. This model features coloured LED lights and a kick start system for easy starting and stopping. The scooter has a 52V 18Ah Dynavolt battery, and its 10″ tires are designed for maximum traction. The scooter’s features make it a great choice for city riding.

The new Apollo Explore Scooter comes with a large battery and a fast charger upgrade. It also features a high-efficiency brushless 1000W motor with a peak output of 1400W. Other impressive features of the Apollo Explore include two high-performance disc brakes and an electric re-generation brake. The scooter’s average braking distance is eight feet. Its high-efficiency brushless motor and electric re-gen brakes also offer excellent stopping power.

Pneumatic tyres

When buying a scooter, you should pay attention to the type of tyres. You can choose between solid rubber or pneumatic tyres. Generally, the pneumatic tires are better for slippery conditions, because they mold to the surface and increase traction. However, there are downsides to air-filled tires, such as punctures. If you plan to use your scooter for commuting, it’s a good idea to choose one with solid rubber tyres.

The Apollo Explore is quiet for a small scooter, and its handlebars are adjustable. One disadvantage of folding handlebars is that they tend to loosen during long journeys, but they are easy to tighten. Aside from that, Apollo scooters are generally well-built and have sturdy construction. As a result, they’re very comfortable to ride. Moreover, you can choose between self-branded seats and a white one, if you prefer.

Advanced commuter design

The Advanced Commuter Design for Apollo Explore Scooter offers two unique riding experiences. First, you can use the brake lever bells that prevent the scooter from rolling backwards, and second, you can use the reverse-current electric regenerative hand brake to slow down the scooter while recharging the battery. In addition, the bike has a range of about 34 miles and can handle up to 5 miles of travel on a single charge.

The advanced commuter design of the Apollo Explore Scooter was inspired by Asian scooter lines. While these scooters were good, the Asian manufacturers had subpar infrastructure and logistics. In addition, their after-sales service was not up to par. But the team at Apollo saw a gap in the market and decided to do something about it. While the Apollo scooters are good, they still fall short in a number of areas.

Two-year warranty

The Apollo Explore Scooter comes with a two-year warranty. The warranty is for manufacturing defects, and covers shipping costs as well. However, it doesn’t cover normal wear and tear components, which are covered for a price of parts and labor. If you’re a semi-handy owner, most wear and tear issues can be fixed by yourself. If not, the two-year warranty is a nice bonus.

The quality of the Apollo Explore is excellent, and this is reflected in the two-year warranty. Though there are some known issues with the scooter, these are small and minor. Some of these problems include the front wheel swaying, fenders that get too shaky or even break apart. But if you’re a novice rider, you won’t have any problems with the Explore because it has a two-year warranty.

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