Apollo Scooter Return Policy – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

If you are interested in buying a new scooter, you may be wondering about the Apollo Scooter Return Policy. This article will tell you about this policy, and discuss some of the pros and cons of the scooter, including the warranty, safety features, and real world mileage. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

Real-world mileage

While you might be wondering what your electric scooter’s real-world mileage is, this review will reveal the true answer. With its impressive real-world mileage, the Apollo City 2022 easily beats 67% of its price range and 82% of comparable commuter-style scooters. This impressive real-world mileage is backed by an efficient battery management system and an engineered to provide peak performance for years to come.

The braking performance of the Apollo Ghost is top-notch, thanks to the dual disc brakes. Regenerative hand braking is another feature that enables the scooter to decelerate smoothly, while charging the battery. In addition, the Apollo Ghost has a top-tier safety rating. Even if it’s not the best in class, it’s still well-built. Apollo Scooters stand by their product, and they have the best customer support in the industry.

Safety features

The safety features of the new Apollo scooter are among the top reasons to consider purchasing one. With an impressive top speed, long range, super responsive braking and easy maintenance, the Apollo scooter will definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd. Apollo scooters are designed with safety in mind, with the founders of the company calling themselves scooter geeks. This self-proclaimed geek has designed an incredible scooter that is built to last. Its durability and robust design have caused quite a stir amongst scooter enthusiasts.

The Ghost has a key-start ignition system and a voltmeter. The handlebars can be folded, but the folds can be wobbly and loose. To ensure safety, Apollo has fitted the Ghost with a central coupler that is secure and stiff. A central coupler means that the scooter does not move when the rider is seated. It also keeps the scooter from tipping over while in motion.


The Apollo Scooter, a high-end electric scooter, will be available to the public in 2022. It will cost $1,499. The full list price will be around $2,100, or PS1,200. You can pre-order one at the Apollo website or from authorized retailers. The price is currently discounted to $1,299, but you can also find it for $1,799 from dealers in Australia and the UK.

While the basic model costs $1,499, the Apollo City Pro 2022 costs $1,799. The Pro version is equipped with a dual 500-watt motor for better acceleration and torque. It also has a beefier battery and higher payload capacity. The Pro version, on the other hand, is heavier than the basic model. However, the additional cost makes the Pro version an even more attractive option. The Pro version also comes with a faster top speed and a higher top load capacity.


If you own an Apollo scooter, you can take advantage of the 12 months limited warranty. If anything goes wrong with your scooter, you can contact Apollo to have the problem fixed. If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, the company will send you spare parts or repair instructions. However, you will have to pay the shipping costs and the labor, unless the problem is caused by the fault of the scooter itself. The warranty covers motor failure, stem failure, and suspension problems.

The Apollo Air comes with upgraded features like front drum brakes and dual suspension. It has an impressive 18-mile range, which is 50% longer than the standard version. This scooter is a customer favorite in the mid-price range. It is durable and has the highest suspension of any entry-level scooter. If you are concerned about safety, you may opt to purchase the Apollo Air Pro. However, be prepared to spend more money if you are not sure whether the scooter is for you.

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