Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrades

In this Apollo Phantom V2 review, you’ll discover what makes this electric scooter stand out from the crowd. From forged aluminum to its double reinforced stem and single-piece metal handlebars, the new scooter was crafted for the ultimate riding experience. It also features the largest electric scooter display, an impressive lights package, and a triple secure folding mechanism, among many other upgrades.

Quadruple spring suspension system

The folding mechanism of the Apollo Phantom is extremely durable. The aluminum tubes are fabricated with two layers for strength and stability. The stem is double reinforced to prevent wobble, which is the leading cause of structural weakness in scooters. The locking mechanism and safety pin are also secure. The Apollo Phantom is a comfortable scooter to ride, but it’s not ideal for off-road riding.

Comfort is another of the best things about the Apollo Phantom. The Quadruple spring suspension system significantly increases comfort. The patented suspension system utilizes four springs instead of two, which significantly improves shock dampening and dynamic travel. Its beefy pneumatic tires cushion the big and small vibrations, and their textured tread keeps the Phantom stable.

Rubberized, reduced dead-zone thumb throttle

The rubberized, reduced dead-zone thumb throttle on the Apollo Phantom V2 is one of the many improvements to the Phantom. The Phantom’s throttle has a dead zone at the beginning of travel, and a refractory period of about 14 millimeters. This is not unusual in a throttle, but this one is significantly smaller. In addition to being lighter, the throttle is 25 percent more responsive. Moreover, the new throttle offers a wider range of travel.

The thumb throttle is located on the right side of the key-start ignition and is more ergonomic than most traditional throttles. The thumb throttle does not require a lot of effort to hold down, which makes it much easier to control. It also feels more natural and comfortable. A key-lock ignition deters theft. While it is not essential for the Phantom to be stolen, the key-lock ignition is a safety feature.

IP54 ingress protection rating

With an IP54 ingress protection rating, the Odyssey Phantom is water resistant. This rating means that it is not completely waterproof, but it can handle light rain and the occasional puddle. However, this rating does not mean that the scooter is completely impregnable, and water damage to the electronic components could occur. If you plan on using the scooter in the rain, you should consider other protective measures such as a rain cover.

The Phantom’s tyres are 3.25 inches wide, which gives you more grip on the road. The extra-wide tyres also provide greater control on turns. The rider will experience an extra-wide feel thanks to the 7.1 inches (18 cm) of ground clearance. These tyres will also offer a better level of comfort than those found on many other scooters.

Powerful 600W motor

The new, more powerful, and longer-lasting Powerful 600W motor on Apollo Phantom V2, coupled with a high-quality frame and plug-in components in the cockpit, makes the new scooter a perfect fit for new and experienced drone riders alike. Its compact and lightweight design also makes it easy to transport, and the new upgraded suspension system provides superior ride quality while still providing ease of maintenance.

The new, improved Phantom V2 offers a greater range and speed than ever before, allowing it to travel up to 31 miles at top speeds, and 50 kilometers in eco mode. It is the perfect choice for long-range exploring or daily commuters alike. The powerful 600W motor is complemented by dual high-efficiency brushless motors that produce continuous 1200W of power each. The dual 25-amp controllers give the Phantom V2 the best acceleration in the Apollo lineup, and provide the highest instantaneous power.

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