Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit – Scooter Review 2022

If you’re looking for an upgrade kit to the Apollo Phantom V2, you should read this article. We’ll cover the Quadruple spring suspension system, Water resistance rating, and customizable components. But if you’re already familiar with the model, you may be wondering which upgrades you can get. If you’re not sure what to look for, keep reading! We’ll walk you through what you need to know to make the right decision.

Quadruple spring suspension system

The Apollo Phantom’s revolutionary quadruple spring suspension system offers dynamic travel and improved shock absorption. It is great for both city streets and light off-road terrain. The scooter is equipped with dual disc brakes and a top-of-the-line lighting package. Its ultra-wide tires are designed to protect against large and small vibrations, while its IP54 water-resistance helps you avoid slipping.

The front support of the Apollo Phantom is adjustable, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. It also features a fold-down stem that lies over the kickplate. The hook on the rear support is designed to be close enough to the kickplate to make it easy to attach and detached without damaging the HEX display. Its adjustable spring tension allows riders to customize the feel of their ride according to their weight, style, and track conditions.

Water resistance rating

The Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter has IP54 Water Resistance certification. While it is not completely waterproof, the scooter is protected from dust, splashes of water, and the elements from all directions. Despite its IP54 water resistance rating, the electric scooter should not be washed in a driveway or ridden in the rain. However, the scooter can withstand water from all angles. Water resistant vehicles are safer than non-waterproof ones.

The Apollo Phantom scooter is made from an aluminum alloy frame and a reliable folding mechanism. Its rubberized surface makes it more resistant to water. It is also IP54 water-resistant, meaning that it can withstand light rain, occasional puddles, and even electrical damage. While riding in the rain, be sure to dry the scooter thoroughly after each session. You can even purchase a waterproof charger for the scooter to protect it from puddles and other elements.

Feature of the footrest

The folding mechanism on the Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit is an excellent option for scooters that require a lot of space. The fold-in-half mechanism is secured with a single locking ring and reinforced safety pin. It’s smooth and reliable, and eliminates any flex in the stem when unfolding or folding the footrest. A handy hook is integrated into the fold-in-half mechanism. The footrest is narrow enough for one-handed use, and the cutout makes a good handhold for transferring the scooter into a trunk. The plastic locking ring on the footrest keeps the stem from unlatching from the deck.

A second important feature is the footrest. This part of the Phantom V2 is designed to be comfortable to sit on. It is shaped like a footrest and features a hook that locks to the footrest when folded. It also has a holder for a bag. The handlebars also feature standard bike braking levers. It is also compatible with most Apollo Phantom accessories.

Customizable components

The upgrade kit contains a number of new and improved features for the Apollo Phantom V2. These upgrades include an upgraded Hex display, ergonomic throttle, reinforced kickstand, front plastic cover tray, safety folding ring, and an ABS plastic formula. The upgrade kit also includes a quick connector and mode button. The Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit can also be used with the standard brake version of the vehicle.

As you may have guessed, Apollo is constantly tweaking the Phantom to create the ultimate electric scooter. The company has taken rider feedback into consideration and incorporated changes to the throttle to make it more responsive and eliminate dead space. As a result, the throttle is now 25% faster than before and is more responsive. These improvements have made the Apollo Phantom V2 one of the most complete scooters on the market.

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