Apollo Phantom Tire Pressure – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Phantom Tire Pressure – VS XP 50 psi comparison, we’ll take a look at how well these tires perform on our test bike. These tires have a TOUVT brand and measure 10.0 inches in diameter, with a 3 inch width. Their profile is ideal for sporty riding, with quick vertical steering and slow, stable steering while leaning over. Moreover, the tires’ traction is good at any lean angle. We recommend running the tires at 45 psi, since 50 psi feels like overinflated.


If you’re tired of relying on manual tires and want to go for the ultimate experience, consider upgrading to pneumatic tires on the Apollo Phantom. The pneumatic tires mounted on split rims provide the ultimate balance between ride quality and ease of maintenance. You can upgrade to the V2 throttle if you’re a Phantom owner. This kit will save you time and money while improving the performance of your vehicle.

Top speed

The Apollo Phantom is an electric scooter that will make your daily commute a breeze. This scooter uses Dynavolt cells, which are well-known in electric motorcycles and Apollo products. This product offers an excellent balance of ease of use and ride quality. The brakes are smooth and the throttle is responsive. This scooter is also built with quality construction, so you can expect a smooth ride no matter what your level of expertise.


The Apollo Phantom offers a balanced balance between speed and comfort, as it has a 20-inch width and 8.5-inch length. The Apollo Phantom’s pneumatic tires mounted on split rims make them easy to maintain. The recommended tire pressure of 50 psi feels excessive, but can be run at 45 psi for optimal comfort. If you are unsure of how to gauge tire pressure, watch this video for a quick guide.


The Apollo Phantom is a compact electric scooter with a plug-in cockpit and pneumatic tires mounted on split rims. These features offer an exceptional combination of ride quality, convenience, and ease of maintenance. The scooter is equipped with a range estimator, which displays the remaining miles of range. The display is easy to read and operate with one hand. Its high-visibility display also features 20 settings that you can customize.


The Apollo Phantom is a folding scooter with 10 inches diameter and 3 inches wide tires. It has the ideal profile for sporty riding, offering fast steering while vertical and stable leaning over. Its tread pattern provides a smooth, grippy surface, while the plug-in components in the cockpit make maintenance a breeze. The recommended pressure is 50 psi, which is too high and feels like over-inflation. Luckily, you can run these tires at 45 psi and get the same level of performance.

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