Apollo Phantom Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Phantom Scooter review, you’ll learn about the features that make this e-scooter unique. Read on to discover the scooter’s Four-spring suspension, Dual-motor configuration, and Swingarm rear end. In addition, you’ll discover how regenerative braking improves ride quality. You’ll also learn about its many safety features, such as reversible lights and a lockable kickstand.

Four-spring suspension

The Apollo Phantom Scooter has a plug-in suspension system. It features pneumatic tires mounted on a split rim to deliver a good balance between ride quality and ease of maintenance. It also has a proprietary display with P-settings. The manual also includes information on safety and troubleshooting. Before riding, make sure the scooter is properly set up and that all the screws are tight. You should also check the tires’ air pressure before starting.

Quadruple motors

The Quadruple motors on the Apollo Phantom Scooter are a great way to give your ride an extra kick, while also saving on gas. The scooter’s unique design allows you to plug in components in the cockpit, and the split rims and pneumatic tires make maintenance easy. With such advanced technology, you can expect the Apollo Phantom to last for several years. Even better, the ride will be incredibly smooth, with no noticeable squeaks or jerks.

Swingarm rear end

The folding mechanism of the Apollo Phantom Scooter is reinforced for maximum stability. Its three independent safety mechanisms include a safety pin, a plastic latch, and an actual folding latch. The Phantom’s tyres are a great combination of stability and nimbleness, offering 3.25 inches of width and a diameter of ten inches. The tyre tread patterns provide a grippy surface for easy handling.

Regenerative braking

The new Apollo Phantom electric scooter features regenerative braking to help you stop when needed. It weighs 77 pounds (35 kilograms) and can easily be lifted into the trunk of your car. The new scooter features a large display, excellent lights package, and triple secure folding mechanism. The Apollo team worked hard to create a new electric scooter with every detail upgraded. This scooter is the ultimate in style, function, and performance.

Battery management system

The Apollo Phantom Scooter has a dual charging port and a proprietary HEX display in the center of its handlebars. The screen has undergone rigorous testing and comes with a wide range of functions and indicators. Using the HEX display, you can always check on the battery’s current status. The screen has all the expected indicators but has many unique functions as well. If you are looking for a scooter that will make your commute more convenient, this is the one for you.

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