Apollo Phantom Ludicrous – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

In this Apollo Phantom Ludicrous – Apollo Sco-ter Review 2022, we’ll explore the dual throttle and dual spring suspension systems. As an added bonus, we’ll look at how well these systems work. And we’ll look at some of the other features of the Phantom, including its high-end look. All in all, this is an impressive scooter, but you need to keep these tips in mind to get the most out of it.

Dual spring suspension

The folding mechanism on the Apollo Phantom is one of the most impressive features in a scooter. It is equipped with a claw-like hook that pulls the stem flush against the base of the folding platform. The handlebar and stem are also secured with a safety pin to prevent them from folding in on the rider. The HEX display panel, which is unique to the Phantom, is another impressive feature. It was created by Apollo specifically for the Phantom and is a hallmark of its next-gen status.

Another great feature of the new Apollo scooter is its revolutionary suspension system. While some scooters may boast a longer range or a higher speed, the Apollo Phantom is a masterwork of innovation. The suspension system is the most advanced in the scooter industry. The Apollo Phantom is capable of reaching fifteen mph in 1.6 seconds, which is impressive for its class. The brakes are smooth, the throttle works easily, and the balance is exceptional. The Apollo Phantom is an excellent choice for a beginner who wants to make the transition from single motor scooters to an electric mobility scooter.

The dual spring suspension system is a great way to make this electric scooter ride as smooth as possible. The high quality of the dual springs on the Phantom prevent the rider from feeling any vibrations as they travel. The battery life is also excellent, with many hours of riding time. As with all Apollo scooters, you can adjust the suspension system to fit your needs.

Dual throttle

To set up your Dual throttle Apollo Phantom Ludicrous Scooters, first make sure you have all of the required parts. This scooter will come with a set-up guide and charger box. Once you have your parts, you can attach the handlebars to the stem. After the handlebars are attached, you can turn the key to turn the scooter on and off. You can also remove the key if you do not want to use it.

Its Stormcore 100D controller delivers up to 100 A of current at 84V, which is more than enough to power two motors. The Ludicrous also comes with a built-in Bluetooth radio, which connects to a custom Stormcore app. This controller is based on the VESC Project, which is open-source hardware and firmware for high-performance electric motors. Electric skateboard builders will recognize VESC Project’s open-source hardware and firmware.

Despite the Apollo Pro Ludicrous’ IP54 water-resistance rating, it’s easy to forget that the dual throttle version has a much longer battery life than the regular model. The high-quality materials used for the frame and fork make for a durable escooter that’s comfortable to ride. Moreover, the handles are forged aluminium, and the stem has double reinforcements for maximum strength.

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