Apollo Phantom Europe – Apollo Scooter Review 2022

When it comes to scooting in Europe, the Apollo Phantom is a fantastic choice. With a comprehensive feature set, this electric scooter is designed for urban and suburban environments. The features of this scooter are quite comprehensive and include a built-in 1000-lumen headlight, real turn signals, and more. Here’s a brief overview of the top features of the Apollo Phantom.


The Apollo Phantom is a high-end scooter that is built with high-quality components and plug-in features in the cockpit. It also features pneumatic tires mounted on split rims, which provide a balance between ease of maintenance and ride quality. It’s easy to maneuver and possesses a premium look. We rate this scooter as a luxury scooter, and we would definitely buy one again!


The founders of Apollo Scooter are two former L’Oreal employees who wanted to make urban transportation easier for everyone. They came together to create a company with a clear strategy and technology that the early scooter inventors could only dream of. It didn’t take long for the company to grow in size and quality. With the speed and range of their scooters, Apollo has a mission to make scooters the primary mode of transportation in cities.


Whether you want a scooter that turns sharply or one that can fit through narrow spaces, the new Apollo Phantom has many positive features. It also comes with an IP54 water resistance rating and an all-metal frame, including handlebars and stem. Designed with scooter riders in mind, the new Phantom offers excellent performance and build quality. To purchase this scooter, visit FluidFreeRide. They are the only seller of the genuine Apollo Phantom scooter.


In this review, I’ll go over the main features of the new Apollo Phantom European scooter. The most notable features are its 3.4-second 0 to 15mph acceleration, large deck, dual disc brakes, and superior thumb throttle. While the Phantom V1 was an all-new scooter, this updated version has even better build quality and commuter-friendly features. The Phantom V2 is also a quality all-rounder, with enough speed and performance to keep up with traffic, the highest quality tires available on a production scooter, rockin ergonomics, and a bright headlight.


When it comes to performance, the Apollo Phantom Europe has many things going for it. It features a proprietary suspension system that uses four springs, rather than two, for more dynamic travel and shock absorption. The tires on this scooter are specially designed for the Phantom. They are ultra-wide and air-filled for extra grip. They also have a seven-inch ground clearance and are ten inches in height.


The Warranty on the new Apollo Phantom Europe is an excellent option for the commuter who needs extra protection. It covers the scooter’s components as long as they’re under warranty. The warranty also covers the cost of shipping and labor in case of a breakdown. It also includes a 15-day no-questions-asked return period if the scooter breaks down. The scooter must be un-used when returned to the dealer, and the company will pay for shipping and handling.

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