Apollo Phantom Accessories – Scooter Review 2022

Among the many features that make the Apollo Phantom stand out in the crowd is its excellent accessory kit. Included in this kit are 8 Allen keys and corresponding tools, an air pump, an air valve extender, and two new inner tubes and brake pads. The Apollo Phantom is a comfortable scooter to ride, making it the ideal choice for urban use or less demanding off-road riding. It isn’t a good choice for rough, rock-strewn routes, however.


The Fast Apollo Phantom Scooter will redefine your riding experience. Unlike many other e-scooters on the market, this electric scooter is packed with top-of-the-line upgrades. Its attention to detail sets it apart from other models. The upgraded controllers and throttle make the ride much smoother. Other features include a reinforced neck and kickstand, a bright LCD display, and a tougher kickstand.


The Apollo Phantom has a wide variety of advanced features for a high-quality riding experience. The ergonomic hand grips are similar to the Ghost’s, but they lack the stylistic cutouts. Instead, they feature flared edges that curve inwards toward the driver. These grips are where the Phantom’s goodies are hidden, including a HEX display panel. This unique panel is designed specifically for Apollo and is part of the next-generation status of this scooter.

Build quality

The build quality of the new Apollo Ghost is impressive. This electric scooter is built to withstand varied terrains and rough roads and feels solid underfoot. Its triple secure folding mechanism is also a great feature, and it features a quadruple spring suspension system, which uses four springs instead of two, to provide dynamic travel and superior shock damping capabilities. Moreover, the Apollo Ghost is available for $1,599 USD or $1,749 CAD.


A durable folding mechanism is an essential feature of the Apollo Phantom, so that you can ride it with confidence anywhere you go. The folding mechanism is reinforced with three independent safety mechanisms, including a plastic latch, safety pin, and actual folding latch. The tyres on the Apollo Phantom provide three inches of width and ten inches of diameter, achieving a perfect balance between stability and nimbleness. Their tread patterns help them maintain traction on any surface and offer superior grip.


The new Apollo Phantom electric scooter is the company’s premier offering. Replacing the Apollo Pro series, the Phantom is the product of a year’s worth of development and customer feedback. With four different models, the Phantom is a step up from its predecessor. The new model is built to improve urban mobility. Listed below are some of the accessories that will make your new Apollo Phantom stand out. To find out how much these items will cost in 2022, read on to find out.

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