Apollo Ludicrous Scooter Review 2022

After researching the features of the Apollo Ludicrous electric scooter, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons. The Apollo Pro Ludicrous is equipped with a companion app that turns your phone into a display. While the app is currently only compatible with iOS 13, Apollo promises to release an Android version in the future. The app is also handy for keeping track of riding stats, and allows you to customise torque, max power output, and braking resistance. You can also use the companion app to fine-tune the features on your PC by connecting it to your Apollo scooter via USB.


The Apollo Pro Ludicrous features a companion app that converts your phone into a display. It is currently compatible with iOS 13, but the company has promised to release a version for Android. The app allows you to track your riding stats and customise your ride by changing the torque, max power output, braking resistance, and more. You can also fine-tune these features on a PC, by connecting it via USB.


The Apollo Ludicrous combines power, style, and durability. It features dual 10-inch tube-filled pneumatic tires and a split rim design, allowing easy tire replacements. The wheels and tires are designed for smooth riding on good to moderate terrain. You can also get winter tires, and repair or replace worn out tires. The Ludicrous’ deck features griptape detailing, and measures 19 inches long and nine inches wide. The red accents make the Ludicrous look sleek and heavy duty.


The price of the Apollo Ludicrous Scooter 2022 is $2,399, and the company has also released an electric version of the same scooter, the Apollo Pro Ludicrous. Designed for advanced riders, the Apollo Pro Ludicrous has the same quality and customization features as the previous models. It also features a battery that lasts up to four hours, which is a great benefit for the money.


The warranty on the Apollo Ludicrous – and other similar models – is twelve months, and covers the parts and labor costs for the first year, and an additional 12 months, if necessary. While you are under warranty, you should adhere to the weight load limits and maintain proper maintenance of the scooter. Parts and labor, as well as any other wearable items, are not covered by the warranty.


The suspension on the new Apollo Pro Ludicrous offers supreme ride comfort. It ranks among the top scooters in terms of ride quality, thanks to the dual spring shock absorbers and swingarm suspension. These are tuned to maximize comfort, stability, and safety. The lightweight, high-performance Apollo Ludicrous also features an integrated handlebar with heavy-duty grips and controls.


The Lights on Apollo Ludicrous – Our Review of the 2022 Model


The Apollo Pro Ludicrous is a high-performance e-scooter with an advanced cockpit and dual thumb controls. Its impressive feature set includes a waterproof IP56 rating, triple suspension system, in-app controls, and self-healing tyres. But, what makes the Apollo Ludicrous special? There are some important details that you must know before you buy.

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